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the first harvest salad saute extravaganza from our own organic square foot garden! a radish was ripe for the picking, as well as some arugula leaves. we plucked, we sliced, we even sautéed the radish leaves in some sesame oil and shoyu (use the whole plant when possible) and we ate! well, more like nibbled because it was a wee salad. but it was delicious and there will be more to come in the coming days and weeks. yay, yummy, healthy, home-grown food!

  • louisiana mei

    aww that organic radish looks so adorable and could totally pass off for a oddish in pokemon~
    it would be so awesome to to have an organic garden in my home but we live in an apartment :(

    coincidentally, i am listening to the click five as i am typing this pstclickfivetocometosingaporepst

  • Aunt Peggy

    You guys are so fucking radish!! I was going to say you’re WEIRD, but I like your use of the term radish………sort of rad!! HA!! You are weird, there’s no getting around it!!! ♥ ♥ ♥