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spent most of the day in a knitting factory in downtown LA helping out and being an extra in a Click Five music video (joey is the drummer). it’s going to be so good and it’s for an amazing cause! i can’t wait to post the finished product. there were old friends on set including Gonzalo Amat who was the DP on Taking 5, AJ Tesler our friend who’s produced a bunch of stuff i’ve worked on, my old friend Jonathan Gonda (in the video below), and my mom and cousins!

some behind the scenes and very random videos…

full band photo via @benromans

  • http://flickr.com/photos/louisianamei ana mei

    GAH that looks like such an interesting video! i wish i couldve been an extra, but alas! i live on the other side of the world
    oh! did you try that app i suggested? i saw it in instyle and thought that you might like it.
    ps: do you want an invite to rockmelt? it’s this really cool browser. i have one more invite and i thought you might like to give it a go! let me know~

    • mr. kate

      cool, i dont know what it is but I’ll check it out ; )

  • Liz

    Love! Great pics – such an interesting location. xo

  • Eina


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