adrian grenier is nuts for mr. kate

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handsome devil Adrian Grenier of Entourage and Drive Me Crazy fame (come on, don’t tell me you didn’t love that movie!) in the Mr. Kate (unisex) Nut Necklace – he actually wears it all the time on Entourage so keep an eye peeled when watching those syndicated re-runs!

Adrian is also an environmental activist and talented filmmaker – check out his latest documentary Teenage Paparazzo.

  • Maku_g

    yes!!! you were his publicist´s assistant on the show!!!

    • kate

      i was indeedy ; )

      • Sinafalaki

        is that the bronze or the silver necklace? Thanks

        • Anonymous

          it’s the silver. : ) kate

          • Craigjardes

            Which one does he wear now? Its sort of a ring, but it maybe a ‘c’ shape???

  • ana mei

    every mr.kate customer is extremely good looking heh heh

  • Jon

    Does this necklace hold up well with chlorine? Also, do you provide discounts on the silver.. it used to be $82 but now its 118!

    • Anonymous

      Hello Jon, this necklace will hold up well in chlorine, as it is solid .925 sterling silver. With extensive exposure to chemicals, the cotton cord may have to be replaced in around 1 year’s time.
      The price of sterling has gone up exponentially and our prices must reflect market cost. We do have sales from time to time, so stay tuned!