don’t let me go

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The Click Five’s new video for Don’t Let Me Go – they shot it here in LA a while back and i posted some photos and behind the scenes videos here. the video is for MTV Exit which is an organization that works to raise awareness and eradicate human trafficking all over but primarily in Southeast Asia. human trafficking is a huge issue worldwide, as expressed in the video. Joey (drummer) produced the video along with our friend AJ Tesler and old Taking 5 buddy Gonzalo Amat was the DP! – watch the video, it’s beautiful and moving and hey, you may spot me and my mom in there too!

  • kaylynn

    they did an amazinggggg job!

  • Jordyn

    such an amazing video! when i saw you in it i literally said “Kate!” out loud lol

  • Hannah

    It’s absolutely beautiful. It really is a great song and the video really does leave an impact. Amazing job!
    I’m actually trying to put together a fundraiser for victims of trafficking.

  • ana mei

    ahh i saw this the other day! it’s an amazing video with a wonderful message. quite a few of my friends who watched the video said that they teared up. cant wait for them to come back here :< (I HOPE YOU COME ALONG AS WELL, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!)

  • Cmichelle92

    this is such an AMAZING video!!! Great job Guys!

  • RobbieD

    You and your mom look so cute! Hats off to Joey for a great production job! :o)