DIY: doily table runner

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amongst all the screams and slime of Halloween (which i love too – obvi), i thought i’d post a DIY for something uber pretty! so in that vein, here is a DIY for a doily table runner! i’ve seen it floating around wedding blogs but it is totally adaptable for your everyday home decor. i might have to try this on my long dining table!

What You Need:

  • crocheted doilies – shop for them at flea markets, thrift stores, craft stores and Etsy has a bunch too under ‘vintage’.
  • needle
  • thread – white, off white or beige to match your doilies

Do It:

  1. lay your doilies out on a large flat surface in an uneven line – they’ll end up being naturally uneven because of the different shapes. place the large doilies first.
  2. fill in the gaps and overlay the smaller doilies until you like the shape of your runner.
  3. with your needle and thread simply stitch the doilies together using a whip stitch. - the good thing is you can always use a seam ripper to separate your doilies again and use them for something else!

photos via Emmaline Bride