DIY clip on bow tie

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clip-on bow ties are a really fun way to spruce up any look. you could wear them:

  • the traditional way with a cute collared shirt
  • pin one on jacket lapel
  • wear it on your shoe
  • clip it to a chain and wear as a necklace
  • wear it in your hair

so many options!

the steps are pretty well outlined in the video but please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Susanna27

    Love the nail polish! What is it?

  • Maria Perez

    cute! i <3 it!

  • Jackie Marshall

    Cant wait to try this with the middle strip in a neon contrast! Thanks.

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  • Jacinda Cote

    I missed the size of the red bow tie? How long was it?? THanks!! AWESOME tutorial! :)