DIYable: leopard print

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i posted this on Hello Giggles this past week and wanted to post it here too because i love these DIYable leopard shorts! i did a similar DIY before using acrylic paint here! i found these mustard beauties during one of my mad pinning rampages – you can follow my boards here. i want to wear these shorts this Spring, paired with a soft white tee and black boots!


  1. get a pair of denim cut-off shorts from the thrift store. you can always make your own from a pair of old jeans.
  2. dye them a mustard yellow color with fabric dye or just leave them as is.
  3. paint on leopard spots sporadically using fabric paint or markers in black and dark tan.

and in case you’re unsure how to hand-paint leopard spots, i created this How-to Draw Leopard Spots Diagram

use this diagram to paint leopard spots on whatever you want! a lampshade, a headband, a pair of boots, bag, scarf, etc!…

photos via the-vine.tumblr, knitordie.tumblr, dsw, UrbanOG, and Amazon

  • mtilley98

    Where did you get these shorts?

  • LEOPARD_Rawwwr!


  • @shoetopia

    Absolutely adorabbbbbble!!!

  • Tiff

    I think maybe you should show some pictures about/show what the leopard/cheetah print, to help people who are just looking for instructions/pics, so people like me! :)

  • allyson powell

    Hi Mr. Kate….Love your blog and ideas and your comprehensive instructions! I have a question though about the shorts pic above with the white background, is that fabric paint or acrylic paint as a base, and then the leopard/cheetah spots were added? Also after painting denim material will it be washable? Thanks so much for all of the inspiration and helping to keep the cogs in my brain moving!!