astroturf done right

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when astrotuf is acceptable!…

synthetic green grass, also known as Astroturf, commonly gets a bad rap.  invented in the 1960s, astroturf was created as a way to cut the costs of laying down natural grass.  most of the time, people use it to replace grass fields so they can conserve water and perform less upkeep.  but astroturf doesn’t only have to be for football fields!

i am going to show you how astroturf is really not that bad.  these are examples of how astroturf can go right, and add character to whatever space you decide to apply it.

the above photo is from Synlawn – a kind up classy astroturf manufacturer.

below: this outdoor patio in Red Hook, Brooklyn used a long and skinny piece of astroturf and they lined it with real green plants.

in brooklyn, the Zen of Making  visited a rooftop with a small patch of astroturf to do yoga, or whatever else you want to do!

in Copenhagen, Denmark, Hotel FOX gave artists permission to remodel rooms inside the hotel.   this room was inspired by the story of Heidi by Johanna Spyr.  love the fake painted wood, mountains and of course, the astroturf.

- smiley

photos via:

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