DIYable: top hat lighting

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i have an obsession with top hats lately, you’ll see more evidence of this later. i love their structure but also their playfulness. these top hat pendant lights are rad! and so easy to DIY!

Prep It!:

  • top hat – you can buy them online ($7 to $60) or at flea markets, costume stores, etc. you could also use bowler hats too!
  • lighting cord kits ($6 to $12)
  • screw hooks
  • optional: lamp base with a screw top lamp shade bracket
  • sharp utensil to poke a hole in the hat


  1. use your sharp object to poke a hole in your top hat, large enough for the plug side of the cord kit to feed through – a slit should do nicely.
  2. feed your cord through starting with the plug, it should stop when it reaches the bulb apparatus **make sure the bulb is not too close to the top or side of the hat for fire safety.
  3. hang your cord and pendant light from a screw hook that you screw in the ceiling. you might want to use another screw hook to swag the cord over closer to the wall to run down to the plug.
  4. optional: for the top hat lamp, 1) use a great lamp base that you already have or from the thrift store that has a lampshade bracket with a screw top. 2) poke a hole in your hat large enough for the screw top to fit through, then fasten it with the knob that screws onto the screw top and keeps the hat in place.

if you wanted to go top hat crazy, you could also get this amazing top hat ice bucket from Graham and Green! – they also sell top hat pendant lights for around $200

photos via: Sears, Apartment Therapy, Graham and Green,,,

  • Sarahcutie22

    Too cool! :)

  • Christine Tai

     will it burn the hat?!

  • Francesco D’Agostino

    It ‘a wonderful idea, they’re great!

  • Debbie Powdrill

    Like you, I too LOVE hats and have a pretty good and unusual collection. I have a bowler hat and this is a fantastic idea which I am going to do. I love inovative and bizzare ways of using things. Congratulations on this fantastic idea. Love it!!!!!!!!

  • ofweek

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  • jdawson2402

    Hello. Love this idea and keen to try to make one myself (probably a standing table / floor lamp rather than a hanging pendant). However I’m curious if and how you line the insides of the hats to reflect heat and light. The images and products available to buy all seem to have a gold lining.

  • TexasG

    The pictures look like you have some type of metallic liner in the hats. Is that to protect the hat from the heat of the lamp, diffuse the light, or just a trick of the picture? I’m very excited to try this in my home, but I want to make sure that it will be safe.