cracker phone case and DIY decoden update

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i’m so busy but i couldn’t help myself and had to make a new DIY Decoden phone cover last night. i had so many Kawaii (cute) supplies laying around and so i just made a catch-all cover with all kind of random sh*t!

it is hideous and delicious all at the same time! how about that cracker?

check out the original DIY video and post here!

DIY tip: make sure you use 100% silicone when making your decoden things, it works the best.

  • Maria

    The cracker is my favorite!

  • Amber Wong

    Omg….I followed your first tutorial, and my phone case came out cute. But when I saw this post, I HAD to do it all over again. I love how the 100% silicone looks! In my opinion, it’s a lot better than the other one. Thanks for posting this! ^_^ 

  • Mr. Kate

    why did tess stick her m finga