dream pad of the moment: guadalajara

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guadalajara based architecture firm Hernandez Silva Arquitectos  have reworked this incredible 1970s-style apartment into a sleek and modern living space.  red appears to be the defining color throughout the apartment and it’s moderate use gives the space the perfect balance.

the main goal was to respect the romantic sense of the building, while adding personal touches that make it feel more contemporary. i love the mountain-scape decal on the living room wall!

oddly enough, the most interesting feature of the penthouse is the bathroom.  originally there were supposed to be two elevators running through the building and both could be accessed from the center of the apartment.  however, only one was installed – leaving a completely empty and abandoned elevator shaft.  this is where the architects stepped in and turned that shaft into a perfectly functional bathroom!

the glass floor gives you a window into what lies 15 stories below – if you’re afraid of heights it probably wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience.  i personally love it but i have a feeling this would freak a lot of people out.  what do you think?

- smiley

photos by: Carlos Díaz Corona; via HomeDsgn

  • AdrianMinotti

    I grew up just outside of Guadalajara, I LOVE this city and the same goes for this apartment. Very good vibe!

    • mrkate

      Awesome! I’d love to visit sometime! thanks for your comment! xx