DIYable: silk flower wallpaper

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i LOVE this idea! i’ve been wanting to find a fun DIY to do with silk flowers! often, when i’m at the crafts store, i stare at those silk flowers and think, “there has to be something chic to do with you!” this vertical stripe, silk flower, wall decor would be fantastic for a statement wall in your home.

silk flowers are a more kind and eco friendly choice because the working conditions of the flower industry are unregulated (read more here), and real flowers are transported by air freight which, is a huge contributor to green house gases (read more here). of course, real flowers are real, and smell good, etc. so if you can find “whole trade” or “fair trade” flowers, those are a good choice for bouquets… but for decorating, how about some silk ones!?

DO IT!: this silk flower wallpaper/wall decor is so rad! all you would need is a bunch of silk flowers from your local craft store and some masking tape! then just tape them in vertical lines. i love that they used masking tape in this room because it makes it seem like the flowers are specimens and like an art installment.

image via Tensta konsthall

  • Katie Mack

    Ummm…I love this. I want this. But what about the dusting involved? Frankly, I wouldn’t dust this. But then I’d turn it into a wall of “ooooooh, please dust this!” This would end bad for me.

  • percentblog

    Wow! This is amazing! I’d love to do it the kitchen wall I’m currently staring at, the boy would likely view it as too girly though…

  • SilkFlowers_com

    Absolutely love this idea! Also, thanks for reading our blog and sharing! 

  • Stalarow Michelle

    just moved into a new pad in Brooklyn…thanks for wonderful idea!