DIY hair bow bun tutorial

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i love wearing my hair like this and it’s so easy to do! watch the bow-torial video above because it’s not bow-ring!… “oh bow she didn’t!”…that’s some “bowshit!”

you can create a messy bow by not brushing your hair and making it looser – like in some of the pics. or you can do a more refined bow bun, if you have straight hair or brush it smooth before you get bow-ey.


  1. gather all of your hair on the top of your head and start a ponytail with an elastic.
  2. loop your hair through the elastic and on the last pull through, don’t pull your hair all the way through and instead create a loop, leaving the tail of your hair (the ends) pointing toward your forehead.
  3. divide your loop into two halves
  4. take the ends/tail of your hair and fold it back through the space in your two looped halves, creating the center ‘knot’ part of the bow and secure the ends in the elastic behind the bow in the back of your head.
  5. fluff up your bow by spreading out the loops and gently tugging them tighter like you would cinch a ponytail tighter and voila!

Bowdeo Drive Outfit:

  • Bow-ring: Le Cadeau (shop it here!)
  • pants BDG from Urban Outfitters
  • shoes Jessica Simpson
  • tank – thrifted
  • leopard top – Nasty Gal
  • jacket – Karen Kane Casino Jacket

Oh Bow She Didn’t – Club Outfit:

  • shoes – Shiekh
  • shorts – Pins and Needles
  • top – ASOS
  • denim shirt – BDG  at Urban Outfitters
  • turquoise necklace – So Good

  • Jordy

    I had no idea it was that easy!!

    • mrkate

      i know! it’s so easy! xx

  • Ashley McIntosh

    Hilarious bloopers

    • mrkate

      haha love me some bloopers ; ) ..thanks! xx

  • Diana

    this be some bowshit! 

    • mrkate


  • stef

    Nice! Ü

    • mrkate

      thanks! xx

  • Celine :)

    Hey Mr. Kate ! :)) I always put my hair into a clean,simple bun but it makes me look old for my age. Then I saw the “Bow Bun” video and tried it out :) . But I can’t put my hair into a high ponytail . So I can’t make the bow bun :( . Can people still see the bow even though it’s not that high? And to you have any tips to make my buns kinda messy? :) Coz’ I can’t seem to do it as pretty as you do it. And lastly, my hair is black so I can’t seem to notice the bun. Please help me :(  =)) Thanks Mr. kate ! 😀

  • amandiee

    thats some bow sheet 😛 lol this bow bun saved my life today! Thanks Mr.Kate :)

    • mrkate

      you’re welcome! thank you for your comment! xx

  • Marialuciamartinez

    Its awesome!! I tried it last night perfect:) thanks lov it❤

    • mrkate

      yaaay! so glad it works for you! thanks for your comment ; )

  • kelli

    Amazing! You explained it really well & it’s super cute (:
    Haha, and funny video too! Thanks so much! <3

    • mrkate

      thank you! hope it worked for you! xx

  • mine

    super duper :) i ll try to do it with my curly hair :)

    • mrkate

      it works with curly hair! mine is curly! xx

  • Bri
    • mrkate

      Looks so good! Elegant! Stunning! xx

  • Danielle Enns

    Love this! Did it over on my blog at
    So cute, and would love to see more quick and easy hair tutorials that work great on curly girls. 

    • mrkate

      Cool! Love it! I’ll work on more hair tuts. Thanks for your comment! xx

  • Flo ♥

    Thank you for this one! I have seen one in a magazine but it was very hard to understand, now I can make one by myself.
    I have seen a lot of your videos on youtube and I like them very mutch!
    My sister askjked: why does she call herself mr kate?
    does that have a special reason?

    Bye bye, flo

  • tiny

    how adorable i wore this bow at my friends b-day.1 of her friends said she saw this look on lady Gaga(when i saw this look i thought u had to tie ur hair LOLZ)

    • mrkate

      haha nice! so glad it worked out! thanks for your comment! xx

  • pretty_ME!


    • mrkate

      thank you!!

  • destiny

    mrkate u said ur jacket was chanel es on ur list of clothes it says it’s from karen kane ?

    • mrkate

      oh no it’s Chanel-esque meaning it’s sort of mock Chanel but yes, it’s made by Karen Kane. xx!

  • Holly

    this is such a cute hairstyle, I’ve always wanted to know how to do this style but i never thought it was this easy!!! Just one question is there a way to make my bows slightly messy so it’s not to quirky to wear out.

    • mrkate

      try making your hair wavy or curly first before you put it up in the bow – the texture will make the bow look more messy. hope that helps! XO!

  • Amaya

    When I did it , it turned out low and flat . How do I add a little umph to it ??

    • mrkate

      If you have straight hair, try teasing your ponytail to create more oomph before you loop it through to create the bow shape. Also try using a dry shampoo to add grit that will keep the tease in your hair longer. Finish with a little lightweight hairspray and it should work! xoxo

      • Amaya

        Thanks SOOO much

      • Amaya

        Thanks SOOO much

  • julie

    im not sure i have long hair and it doesn’t really work…

  • chevy

    leave your hair out at night and in the morning it will be messy like mr kate showed u. then it will add the ‘i dont give a shit but i still have styles’ look 😀

  • chevy

    mr kate can u do a tutorial on DIY ear rings? i dont mind what earings just some cute ideas for home made ones if u have any ideas 😀 thanks heaps XX

  • chevy


  • chevy

    mr kate? i have long hair and can never get my hair to stay up!! is there any possible way i can still do it?