DIY wire wrapped vases

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Wire is made of metal and thus adds a wonderful, metallic bling to anything around which you wrap it! I chose to wrap it around a basic vase, juice bottle and wine decanter to create a unified and Grecian-inspired look. Watch the video above for the easy tutorial and get to wrappin’! You can wire wrap some vases or candles or lamp bases or your boyfriend!

Prep it:

  • aluminum wire – shop it at the crafts store
  • glass vase
  • pliers
  • wire cutters
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  1. wrap the wire around the most narrow part of the vase
  2. cut the ends, leave 2 tails as long as you want
  3. twist the 2 ends together to secure the wrap to the vase
  4. coil the ends with your pliers or fingers, creating a spiral effect
  5. press them down so they lay down the vase or wherever you want the spiral to be featured

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  • Valentina Duracinsky

    How lovely! what a beautiful idea!


  • Charlothe Pedersen

    I’m going to wrap my boyfriend for sure!! thanks 😉