DIY pom pom backpack

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The next installment of our DIY Backpack series is a whimsical one, something Dr. Seuss would be fond of and makes me giggle with glee…pom poms! I like to wear pom poms in my hair, on sweaters, and hats so #whynot on your backpack too!? Interpret this DIY on your jean jacket or other purse or bag if you’re not in need of a backpack.

Prep It:

  • pom poms in various sizes from the craft store
  • backpack
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • ribbon


  1. plan your lay out
  2. use a dot of glue to attach each pom pom – I chose to cover the label of the backpack and line the front pocket
  3. cut off the existing fabric tabs on the zippers
  4. cut your choice of ribbon diagonally, at your desired length, and put it through the zipper loop and glue the two sides of the ribbon together with more hot glue
  5. add pom poms to the end and/or length of the ribbon

The Deets: