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Vi Asks: Hi Mr. Kate! I have a stack of 30 postcards that I bought at the beginning of a trip overseas and completely forgot to write and send them out. Any cool DIY ideas for decorating my apartment with them?

My Answer: Hi Vi! Postcards are really fun to use in decorating as they’re often colorful and interesting and can bring life to an interior space. Here is a roundup of some ideas I think are perfect for a collection of new, vintage or received post cards. Bon voyage (in decorating)!

  • Cluster them! Hang a group of postcards on the wall using tape, thumb tacks, wire with hooks or even a canvas that you hang on the wall with the postcards attached. The way you cluster them is up to you – do it in a glorious, random collage, hang them in neat rows or an arc or even around a column or room divider.

  • Hang them! Display your postcards on pieces of ribbon, twine, wire or on a strand of twinkle lights or on a wire frame for a lamp or ceiling fixture. Use clothes pins to secure for a whimsical look – see my DIY Rosbud Garland and Photo Display for an easy and beautiful way to hang your postcards. I also love the postcards displayed inside vintage glass bottles like the first photo above.

  • Spruce up your postcards! I love this DIY Pop Art idea from Lovely Indeed. She used acrylic paint and wooden skewers to create pop art dots on vintage black and white postcards. This would be a great way to unify a group of postcards before you display them in one of the ways above. See the full DIY on her blog.

(images via, lovelyindeed)

  • Ethelbiza

    My bedroom Walls are covered with old postcards. It looks really cool. I also decorate with pictures from old calendars. By the way, I love your blog!

  • Beth Diana Smith

    love this.

  • Maria Rodriguez

    Thanks for the ideas! I’m getting ready to decorate my office and can’t wait to incorporate this somehow!

  • Cinthya Travis

    I love the rug from the picture with the guitar. What is the source for that? I would love to go see where to go and get the rug. The postcard ideas are great. I think I will totally use some of these ideas. I got a calendar long ago that was about shoes. I am obsessed with shoes and the calendar has shoes from hundreds of years ago and modern ones. I think these ideas will help for me to finally put those pics to use. Thanks!

  • Kaylie

    I love the idea of using beautiful postcards on some string, attached with bull-clips. I always see some whenever I go into local second-hand shops and always stare at them longingly, but couldn’t think of productive uses for them. Thanks for the ideas!