About Mr. Kate

Fun. Exuberant. Young. Personal. Mr. Kate is a quirky and cutting-edge lifestyle brand for the inner explorer in all of us. You can find her creating daily content at her home base, mrkate.com, where she documents all of her creative pursuits, and presents her artfully produced product lines.

The three-year-old lovechild of designer/stylist Kate Albrecht, Mr. Kate, is quickly becoming the one stop authority for personal, home, food, and life style. Mr. Kate can regularly be seen dishing out friendly DIY advice to TV audiences on “Home and Family”, “The Nate Berkus Show”, KTLA and blogophiles via Zooey Deschanel’s Hello Giggles, among other media outlets and through her always informative and always fun youtube channel “TheMrKate“. At any given time, viewers might get a glimpse into celebrities’ lives, as she styles their homes and themselves in Mr. Kate products, learn how easy and satisfying it is to custom-paint a purse or decoupage a coffee table, turn your existing closet into the next fashion trend, learn about the latest in interior design, or even discover a worthy charity.

Reaching millions of viewers through mrkate.com and her various media outlets, Albrecht’s DIY advice is also seen on the popular YouTube Thread Banger network, in such influential blogs as Hello Giggles, Fashion Toast, The Man Repeller, 4th and Bleeker, Knight Cat and Because I’m Addicted, and in lifestyle and entertainment magazines such as Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, LA Confidential, Foam and People.

Why Mr. Kate?

With celebrity admirers such as Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Cosgrove, Jamie King, Adrian Grenier and Miranda Kerr, Mr. Kate guides followers to develop their own personal style on a budget – from fashion to beauty, easy cooking to DIY home design – while embracing a broader, eco-conscious view of the planet. So, what about the gender-bending name, Mr. Kate? With its mustache and beauty mark, Albrecht says the logo combines two images that represent humor (e.g., Groucho Marx) and beauty (e.g., Marilyn Monroe), male and female, symbolizing the brand’s hybrid style as well as the needs of modern consumers striving for balance in their hectic lives.

Mr. Kate Jewelry

The ever-expanding Mr. Kate accessories line is designed with both women and men in mind, reflecting a youthful lifestyle and imaginative aesthetic with its unique, handmade pieces. With the goal of broadening into clothing, home accessories and other products, the brand currently offers a breadth of high-quality, affordable art jewelry, most in the $30-80 range. Materials include gold, rose gold and silver dipped designs, some with antiqued finishes, and many able to be worn multiple ways. Designs range from the feminine (e.g., bows) to the masculine (e.g., hex nuts), from the natural (e.g., tree bark, worms, starbursts) to the cultural (e.g., dreamcatchers) to the humorous (e.g., breakfast cereal). Sold on the Mr. Kate website and other trendy webstores, it can also be found in boutique retail shops around the world.

Kate Albrecht
Owner/Creator, Mr. Kate

Kate Albrecht is the owner, designer, stylist, interior decorator, cook, blogger, host, DIYer, crafter, frugalista, environmental activist, and opinionated personality behind the quirky and cutting-edge Mr. Kate brand. Growing up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, she attended Loyola Marymount University, where she majored in film production and minored in theater. Upon graduating she pursued a career as an actress and landed roles on TV programs such as “Entourage” and films like “My Best Friend’s Girl”. Albrecht studied jewelry-making under contemporary art jeweler Sue Dorman. While pursuing acting, she created her own jewelry designs and found that her passion, and the demand for her work, was so great that she would pursue it full time. In 2009 she founded the Mr. Kate brand. Kate Albrecht resides in sunny Los Angeles with her boyfriend and business partner (member of chart toppers The Click Five, and now COO of Mr. Kate) Joey Zehr, and her two (chart topping) cats Roxanne and Winston.

For more information, please visit http://www.mrkate.com/

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