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  1. BeautyMarks spotted at coachella

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    Now that Coachella has come to an end, lets review all the Mr. Kate BeautyMarks sightings! I just LOVED seeing how all of these people styled the gold foil “new makeup” designs in their own, unique ways while enjoying the music festivities. Shop the BeautyMarks $12 with free shipping!



    We love @AlessandraAmbrosio and she loves Mr. Kate (see her in her Mr. Kate jewelry here). At Coachella, Alessandra styled her Mr. Kate BeautyMarks on her arm, leg and ankle and looked amaaaazzing!


    @KylieJenner Instagrammed from her Coachella digs in the Mr. Kate Dreamcatcher Lattice ring


    My beautiful friend @PerreyReeves (you may know her as Mrs. Ari on Entourage) in an epic dance circle at Coachella with everyone wearing BeautyMarks!


    The super cute @thatsojack from YouTube fame (check out his channel here), looking adorable with the brush stroke BeautyMarks on his cheek!…yum…lollypop.


    Elise and her snazzy bf on the Coachella grounds with their unisex BeautyMarks (man marks!) and Elise wearing her Mr. Kate Icicle Earrings too!


    @grasiemercedes catching some desert rays and looking gorge with the cat scratch BeautyMark!


    @jennymaymeyers is a dance-ready princess all decked out in BeautyMarks!


    The gorgeous @lilyadel looking like a sparkling warrior in her brush stroke BeautyMarks



    The totally styling @tayehansberry in her BeautyMarks and festival chic outfit


    Perfect pairing of the Apparition Feather Ring, arrow BeautyMark and a flower on @marenmorris!

    Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 6.37.47 PM


    Working it times 2! @theurbanfashiongal with her BeautyMarks on her face, shoulder and arms.

    Isn’t it so fun to see how people are styling their BeautyMarks? Get your hands on a package here and post your own stylin’ pic using #mrkate #beautymarks

  2. OMG We Bought A House! Episode 7: The Living Room (Part 1)

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    This is our first OMG We Bought A House two-parter episode because we are decorating the living room which needs a lot of furniture and decor. If you remember, in Episode 4, we established some design in the room by decorating the mantle but we were still pending a couch, shelving, media wall, etc.  In this episode you’ll see the new furniture we got as well as some decorating plans involving picking new fabric for our old chairs and DIYing the easiest coffee table ever. So, let’s remove the plastic wrap and begin!

    Having furniture is one thing but actually making it look decorated is the next step… stay tuned for Part 2!

    If you missed Episode 6, watch it here and see all of the OMG We Bought A House series here!


    • I picked out a black, tufted Chesterfield style sofa (recycled leather Chesterfield here) for our living room because I’ve always loved the classic look and the low back is perfect for the center of a room. The black gives a manly balance to the white walls and crystal sconces and will be easy to re-decorate around for many years to come.


    • Joey being manly


    • Our old coffee table is really cool – I DIYed it a couple years ago in this video – but it’s too small for our new living room so…


    • …In a pinch we put this amazing antique mirror we found (and originally planned to hang) on top of the coffee table and it looks really great! I love the shape and the mirrored look. I think I want to change the base to different legs so I can also put our old coffee table elsewhere or give it away.



    • Our easiest DIY coffee table yet!


    • First foot massage on the new couch!.. Joey and his hairy toes ; [


    • The living room is getting there but we still need embellishments like curtains, throw pillows and coffee table decor.


    • Opposite to the couch, we put two upholstered chairs to create a conversation area around the coffee table and in front of the mantle. – One chair we got at a thrift store a couple years ago and the other is a hand-me-down from my mom. Both, I want to get reupholstered to go with the color/design scheme I layed out in Episode 2. The 9 foot shelves are from Restoration Hardware and are tall enough to work with the barrel ceilings. The TV needs to be mounted, the lighting needs to be dealt with and those shelves are begging to be styled!


    • Fabric swatches are so helpful if you’re thinking about reupholstering furniture or making custom curtains or pillows. The swatches are easy to grab at any fabric store that carries upholstery fabric as they are usually pre cut and hung on clips near the bolt or you can ask to get a swatch cut for free. Bring them home to your space and see how they look and feel in real life. I think I know what fabric I want to use but I want you all, including Joey, to be surprised in Part 2! Stay tuned!


    So happy to have furniture in our living room…What do you guys think so far? Comment and subscribe! xo


  3. OOTD: business top, party bottom

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    Business top, party bottom…kinda like a mullet! But not. I love this structured boxy top paired with the flowy, delicate, pajama-like shorts (my ode to Coachella on the mean streets of L A). Then of course had to mix it up with some leopard shoos. Happy friday!


    I have been liiiving in this Goddess Necklace








    Outfit Deets:

  4. DIY bunny tail nails

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    The bunny is coming, the bunny is coming! So I, of course, had to celebrate with some DIY nail art! All you need are tiny pompoms for the fluffy bunny tails and nail polish for the bunny tuckus.  Easy, cute, festive, DONE.

    For more fun Easter wear, here’s an OOTD: bunny chic aaand, watch the 3 Cute n’ Easy Easter DIYs video to learn how to make some ribbon bunny ears!




    Prep It:









    Do It!:

    • Paint your base nail color on and let dry.
    • Paint on your bunny bums.  I did one simple sideways bunny bum semi-circle on my thumb and one semi-circle with a smaller circle on top with ears on my middle fingers – let dry.
    • Pick up your pom pom  with the tweezers and add a drop of nail glue and place it on your bunny bum!


  5. Mr. Kate for Lamps Plus giveaway

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    Last December, Lamps Plus released their Icons collection, and I was honored to design (and draw) one of their featured patterns. See this blog post where I talk more about the inspiration behind my design (seen in these images). I want you all to have one of these lamps for your home so I had to share this sweepstakes that Lamps Plus is hosting where one of you lovely people can win your own Mr. Kate lamp and art shade! Enter here!

    Mr K Design Image

    The exclusive “Icons Collection” is comprised of an elite number of designers asked to design a shade pattern that is unique and available exclusively at Lamps Plus for a limited time. My intricate yet playful pattern of drawn lines reflects my eclectic style and exuberant aesthetic.

    The pattern is also customizable in the Lamps Plus Design Your Own feature, which gives you the ability to select the pattern, color, and base.

    Enter to win one of my Icons Collection Designs from Lamps Plus!

    mr k contest image

    (click on the image above to get to the page where you can enter to win!)

    Enter to win here. After you’ve entered, you will be prompted to earn extra entries by referring your friends and increase your odds of winning.

    See the entire Mr. Kate collection and don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes! Good luck!

  6. 3 cute n’ easy easter DIYs

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    Did you VOTE for us to win the Webby in the DIY/How-To category yet? It’s such an honor to be nominated but we’d also LOVE to win! Please take a couple seconds to do so… it’s really easy! Click here to VOTE and thank you!

    As mentioned in my Eggless Easter post I like to think beyond the (egg) yolk when it comes to springtime/Easter decor so in this video I do 3 easy DIYs to decorate your head, home, and a greeting card for your peeps! Hop to it and I hope you get inspired!




    DIY Ribbon Bunny Ears Headband

    Prep It:

    • hot glue gun
    • hot glue sticks – they look like bunny ears in this pic
    • WIRED fabric ribbon 2-4″ wide – I chose a satin teal color
    • plain headband
    • scissors


    DO IT! (watch the video above for more visual help with the steps):

    • Wrap the wired ribbon around your headband, hot gluing as you go, until the entire headband is covered.
    • Measure out the ribbon you’d like to use for your ears – I made my ears about 8 inches tall (any longer might flop) – leave about 6 inches extra to wrap and secure around the headband and remember you’re folding your ears so you need double the length… meaning for mine I cut 22″ for each ear piece (8 x 2 plus 6 inches to wrap)
    • I chose to crumple the ribbon for the ear, so that the ribbon looks a little disheveled, then glue it around your headband using the 3 extra inches on each side to wrap around the headband – use as much hot glue as you need until they feel secure. Repeat for the other earpiece.



    DIY Burlap Egg Family Art

    Prep It:

    • a picture frame
    • large paper for art that fits your frame – I used a thick yellow piece of paper from the craft store
    • hot glue gun and glue sticks
    • burlap - or fabric of your choice
    • contrasting paper for the eggs’ accessories (I used a chrome and yellow scrapbooking paper)
    • scissors
    • pencil
    • permanent marker


    DO IT!:

    • Use permanent marker to draw egg shapes on your burlap and cut them out.
    • Use your pencil to draw out little features and accessories for your eggs on your accent papers – I did hair for Joey and I and ears and tails for the kitties.
    • Plan your layout for your egg shapes, making sure they will fit within the frame, then hot glue in place and hot glue your paper accents on or behind the edge of your fabric eggs.
    • Place your new art back in the frame and flaunt it in your house!





    Prep It:

    • acrylic paints (mixing true colors with white will make them pastel)
    • paint brush
    • bunny peeps
    • blank cards
    • a pen or marker
    • paper towels (for excess paint/ clean up)
    • paper plate (or painters palette)
    • cup of water



    DO IT!:

    • Place dollops of your paint colors on your paper plate – mixing white with any color will make it pastel
    • Coat the back of your peep evenly using paint on your paintbrush and firmly but carefully stamp it on the front of your card – I chose to do them minimalist but you could do multiple peeps or add eyes etc!
    • Let dry and write something to your favorite peeps!




    Happy springtime decorating!

  7. #happycustomers instagram

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done a Happy Customer post, and let me just say, it’s long overdue because so many of you have been posting amazing photos of your Mr. Kate goodies! I’m so impressed with the creativity happening out there on Instagram. Keep posting and keep @’ing me @mrkatedotcom on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc using #mrkate and #beautymarks if applicable. Could I have more beautiful and happy customers?! I think not! I love you all!

    • Above, I absolutely adore how @carosconfections placed her Beauty Marks, and how happy she looks in her beautiful scenery….ummm, can I go there?


    • Magical @stephenieleighpearson’s in the morning sun, celebrating her BeautyMarks


    • The Atlantis Ring never looked so good @samantharaebrooks …and that cappuccino!



    • Beautiful @kkarmalove in her first day Coachella outfit with some BeautyMarks on her cheekbone


    • My girls @stephenieleighpearson’s and Lauren looking sun kissed and sparkling in Malibu, CA in their BeautyMarks


    • Stay weird @christy_rai!


    • @claupau6, you look like a warrior goddess!



    • LOVE the placement of the arrow BeautyMarks on @whitwoo1! Kudos!


    • @tamatharay posted a pic of her goodies not yet unwrapped…oh, the suspense!


    • Our Bow Ear Cuff looks stunning against your beautiful red hair @Emma Steincross!



    • Nothing says dapper like a whale with a bow tie and buttons… @marygrygiel styled her BeautyMarks on her existing tattoo.


    • @ridiculish flaunts the longhorn skull just under her collarbone…rad!


    • @victorbecerril5 staying caffeinated and FRESH with the lines aka cat scratch BeautyMarks…see, dudes look amazing in them too!


    • Super cutie @janessamariel with her “a tattoo” BeautyMarks


    • Oh yes, a before and after shot from @hersisterscloset!


    • Looks like @robinwest has the fixings for an adventure day!

    Keep the pictures coming guys!  It really makes me so happy to see how good you all look in our Mr. Kate products.  YOU GUYSssss! xx, Kate

  8. DIY functional festival blanket

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    Functional and fun this DIY is… not sure why I’m talking like Yoda but the point is, this DIY Pocketed Picnic Blanket/Functional Festival Blanket (we couldn’t decide what to call it) is perfect for Coachella or any picnicing needs. Wind won’t be blowing your blanket away because with these pocketed corners, you can organize your stuff and keep those corners weighed down and your stuff organized!…love this I do.



    Prep It:

    • picnic blanket (I got this one from Bed Bath and Beyond)
    • fabric for your pockets – I used a stretchy bathing suit fabric to make the pockets expandable
    • hot glue gun
    • fabric hot glue sticks
    • scissors

    aaafestival-blanket-2festival-blanket-3 festival-blanket-4 festival-blanket-5

    DO IT!:

    1. Cut four triangle shapes for each corner of your blanket – remember to leave a couple extra inches for seam
    2. Start at the corner point of your blanket and hot glue your fabric face down then fold back to create a clean fold over instead of a raw edge – you can trim the excess if you have a rounded corner like mine.
    3. Continue gluing up the sides of your blanket away from the corner, folding over as you go to create a clean folded edge. Tip: in order to make a clean corner you might have to create extra folds and glue them neatly in place. Practice first to get a clean look before you glue it down permenantely.
    4. Pack it away with the rest of your festival gear and enjoy!


    Don’t forget to order your Mr. Kate Beauty Marks and jewelry in time for festivalness!


  9. roundup: cute comfy shoes

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    High heels are amazing, they are usually my go-to since I’m a tiny nugget but sometimes not-so-high, comfy shoes are essential… especially when going to a music festival or concert. But who’s saying that you have to sacrifice style for comfort?  Here’s a compilation of some hot and sexy comfort shoes that are perfect for warmer weather, range in price and I want them all!



    • Love the worn in western inspo of these Qupid Newton’s slingback mules


    • Can’t go wrong with jewels daahling like these Jeweled sandals from Zara


    • Bright colored mini wedge from Zara – mini wedges in a happy color like this are totally all-day wear!



    • An investment but the mostest badass sneaks by Giuseppe Zanotti




    • A classy, chunky twist on gladiators, the Naples gladiators from Necessary Clothing




    • Flatforms these are called, because they’re platforms, but flat…get it? Love with the rolled jeans or cut-off shorts - Floral Flatform sneakers from ASOS


    • This sole style is very INNNN these days, I like the nude color for versatility and leg elongation – Cleated Sole Flat Sandals from ASOS.

    What are your faves? Any go-to shoes for your comfy, cute days?

  10. OOTD: is that johnny depp?

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    I put together this outfit the other day and thought to myself, ‘Johnny Depp would totally wear this!’ Okay, maybe not the tights and such but lately Johnny Depp has seemed to have adopted his dishevled Jack Sparrow pirate look on the reg…and sometimes I too, want to dress pirate chic.

    And for my pirate BOOTY- I’m wearing a lot of Mr. Kate jewels! As well as my trusty jewelry printed Mr. Kate Scarf 001 - see more ways to wear it in The Many Ways to Wear the Mr. Kate Scarf.



    All Mr. Kate necklaces!



    My fave: Sorceress Earrings and Astronomer Shooting Star Earpiece


    Outfit Deets:

  11. OMG We Bought A House! Episode 6: Kitchen and Kitties!

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    Hi lovely people, it’s kitchen and kitty time! The kitchen in our 1920′s English Storybook style house is a galley kitchen meaning it’s one long narrow room with cabinets and counters on either side and doors on either end, connecting to the landing area and a peaked-ceiling breakfast nook. Watch the episode above to see how we do some quick and easy fixes to make it more functional for our kitties and decorative with dishes, rugs and some DIY artwork! Comment below and let us know what you think!

    If you missed Episode 5, here it is and watch all of the OMG We Bought A House series here!

    If you remember what the kitchen looked like BEFORE…


    We started by painting the kitchen a dusty rose color and installing some closet doors with a cat door at the bottom to hide our little laundry nook and keep our kitties litter box out of the way and give them a space to make their stinky poos without us knowing! Everyone wants to poo in privacy…right?





    Vintage inspired pulls give the doors some glam.


    Having a tea/coffee station is a nice element to have in your kitchen if it’s something you enjoy drinking every day. I love our white Nespresso machine that looks sleek with our white cabinets and tile. Analyze your daily habits and then give yourself a dedicated space!


    Joey gave a couple tips on how to whiten grout if you don’t have the $$$ to replace your kitchen countertops. Also…. he’s obsessed with lemon water which he puts in the drink dispenser I got for parties. He slices lemons, adds ice and water… it’s refreshing!


    Joey felt confident to hang our new light over the sink… although I don’t recommend you do this without a professional electrician. I chose a globe pendant light for over the sink and a Moroccan-inspired crystal chandelier for in the breakfast nook. Both are from LampsPlus.

    I’m also obsessed with our new black silverware… sooo, blackware or black flatware and we also have some GOLD flatware on the way!!!. I love how sleek is looks! From Design Within Reach.


    And what’s an OMG episode without a DIY?!ep-6-3

    Since we got new black flatware, I decided to upcycle our old silverware and make it into art! You can do the same for yours or find some fun mis matched forks and spoons at the thrift store. I chose to frame them in mis-matched frames for a more eclectic look.

    Prep It:

    ep-6-10ep-6-15 ep-6-17 ep-6-18ep-6-20 ep-6-19

    Do It!:

    • Spray paint your silverware and let it dry.
    • Remove the glass from your frames and hot glue fabric to the backings of the frames – this will be the background for your painted silverware.
    • Hot glue your newly painted silverware into the fabric in whatever arrangment you like.
    • Hang your new art with a nail and enjoy!


    Built-in nook cabinet before…


    With a little sprucing, this is where I’m storing some decorative items and things we use for parties/company that we don’t need to access on a daily basis.



    Cheers to our newly finished kitchen!

    I hope you enjoyed the episode and like the way our kitchen and breakfast nook turned out.  Let us know what you think!  What do you want to see us do next?  Comment and subscribe on YouTube too!

  12. roundup: eggless easter

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    It’s become kind of a Mr. Kate blog tradition to celebrate non-chicken-egg Easter decorations…see DIY No Egg Easter Egg Decorations. So for those of you looking to decorate outside the yolk this Spring, here is a roundup of some fun, funky, adorable decor ideas.


    • Chevron egg art from LollyJane is a large-scale way to celebrate the birth of Spring.



    • Adorable patterned egg art using stripes of paper, egg shaped matte and a frame – see the full how-to on Julep.


    • Love these salt dough egg ornaments so you can decorate your egg and keep it foreverrr  - from PlanPropVision.



    • Such a cute way to upcycle plastic egg containers from KailoChic…make them into popsicles!


    • Bunnies in a fishbowl!


    • Pretty sticks with pink faux flowers and birdies in a vase.



    • Bunny pennants and bunny napkins


    • Loooove! Sticks with pastel pom poms flued on to mimic pussy willows.

    Genius ideas and images via: Anna Things and Thoughts, Torie Jayne, Design Dining and Diapers, Crate Type Pad, Raspberri Cupcakes, Desde My Ventana, The Idea Roomimage charmhomecraftpins, Does Meadow Etsy, Kailo Chic, Crafty Sisters, Lolly Jane, Fashion Diva Design

  13. packing for a festival

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    Milo asks:  Hi there Mr. Kate, I’ve never been to a concert before and it’ll be my first time for my birthday. I was wondering what you would suggest as an OOTD for such an event and concerts in general. Please and Thanks in advance <3

    My answer: Milo, I’m so excited for you to go to your first concert and this question is excellently timed because a lot of you are probably prepping to go to Coachella and other music festivals this Spring/Summer. Of course, concert outfits are half the fun and for many of you going to festivals you have to pack and travel to get there so this post is dedicated to packing simply and cutely for festival season!

    See more in DIY Festival Outfits and if you want to laugh, check out our past two Coachella spoof videos.festivalpacking_2

    Here’s what I would pack:

    • Funky, comfy sneakers like my Ash platform sneaks. Great for when you’re roaming around or standing and dancing!
    • Badass sandals like my Schutz gladiators – these are perfect for a little dressier moment, nightime, etc.
    • A long flowy dress because everyone wants to feel like a hippie princess at a concert (or at least I do) – this one is vintage and made from gauzy cotton.
    • A lacey top is great to keep you cool and looking hippie chic
    • Shorts – I like lightweight shorts with a little lace detail instead of cut-offs – you could wear them with the sneakers or the sandals.
    • A DIY flower headband – see how to make your own in DIY Rose Crown and DIY Floral Headpiece
    • A straw hat to keep the sun off your face – see how I made this DIY Daisy Hat
    • A statement necklace like the Goddess Necklace  because we’re all goddess’s and this will amp up any look!
    • A purse that has enough room to store my other concert essentials (listed below) but is lightweight – like this straw bag I got from the flea market.

    Accessories are key too!…


    It’s all in the little things – Accessories make an outfit pop and will make you feel like you’ve styled something as opposed to just gotten dressed.

    Festival purse essentials…


    Toiletries & Extras:

    • A Protein bar – this Cliff Bar has caffeine in it!  Perfect for keeping your feet a’dancin’! and curbing your hunger if the food tent line is too long.
    • Baby wipes – great to freshen your armpits if you’re starting to get a little stinky or cleaning your hands after the port-a-potty germs
    • Natural deodorant – I love Kai Deodorant!
    • Natural sun screen – smear that stuff on every day and reapply half way through
    • Colorful lipstick to freshen your look – I love Lime Crime’s pink Velvetine
    • Poo-pouri - to use in the port-a-potty to make it a slightly more pleasurable experience by blocking out some of that smell!

    Have fun out there dancing! Take pictures and make sure to share what you’re wearing! #mrkate #beautymarks, etc! Stay safe and #weird. xx

  14. DIY over-dyed cat

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    Some of you may know how obsessed I am with Overdyed Persian rugs, and for those of you that don’t know… I AM…check some out here. The other day our cat Winston was laying on one of our rugs looking beautiful, per use…and I had an idea! You’ve heard the saying, “does the curtains match the drapes?” but what about; “does the rug match the cat?”…Well, now he does!

    What do you think?  Doesn’t Winston look beautiful in Teal?


    Prep It:

    • a spray bottle
    • some tape (to tape off the kitties little nose!  And eyes!)
    • newspaper (to keep your dying area clean)
    • Rit Liquid Dye – in the color of your choice
    • a dye brush (pictured above)
    • and a cat of course!



    Do It!:

    • Paint the dye on the kitty cat
    • Let sit for 15 min
    • Wash the dye off and…
    • APRIL FOOLS!  We didn’t dye poor Winston and DO NOT Endorse the dying of kitties!  Leave them as the natural beauties they are! Seriously. The photos above are all photoshopped… Winston is still chilling with his natural hair-do. Happy April Fools’ Day!
  15. spring style faves + giveaway

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    I love Spring style because it celebrates warm weather and bright colors and in its honor we’re doing a GIVEAWAY of 3 Mr. Kate products from our new Ars Magika collection. Enter to win 1 of these 3 prizes: 1 package of Mr. Kate BeautyMarks, 1 Starburst Earpiece in your choice of color or 1 Priestess Feather Earpiece


    How To Enter to Win 1 Of The Following:

    1. Beauty Marks
    2. Astronomer Earpiece
    3. Priestess Feather Headpiece


    For a chance to win one of the three items above, all you have to do is:

    1. Visit the Mr. Kate online store.
    2. Share ANY of your favorite Mr. Kate jewelry or BeautyMarks with your friends through Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, or Facebook, using the share buttons on the product page.
    3. Don’t forget to use hashtags #MrKate #SpringStyle so we can find your entries!

    Enter as many times as you want–the more products you share, the more chance to win! Three lucky winners will be chosen and prizes will be assigned randomly. One person will receive a Priestess Feather Headpiece, one person will receive an Astronomer Ear Cuff in the color of his/her choice (Yellow Gold or Oxidized Silver), and one person will receive a package of BeautyMarks. Giveaway entry open for one full week, starting on Sunday March 30 and ending on Sunday April 6 at 11:59PM PST.


    The 3 outfits from the video incorporating the giveaway items…



    • Rompers are so great for Spring because they’re a one-stop outfit for warm weather days. Pick one with a fun print like this one from Finders Keepers and pair it with colorful shoes, a statement necklace like the Goddess Necklace and BeautyMarks!



    • Go bold or go home! I think bold eyebrows are great for Spring – pair filled in brows with mascara and subtle shadow. Short suits are the coolest thing since sliced baguettes – pair them with heels for a work-appropriate ensemble or sneakers for funky casual.


    Anastasia Brow Wiz is my fave brow pencil.springstyling-27_cb




    Shop the Look!

    Alchemist Band Ring. Yellow Gold or Silver.


    Outfit Deets!
    Orange Lace Dress Outfit:

    Romper Outfit:

    Short Suit Outfit:

    Bohemian Headpiece Outfit:


    1. Beauty Marks
    2. Astronomer Earpiece
    3. Priestess Feather Headpiece


    For a chance to win one of the three items above, all you have to do is:

    1. Visit the Mr. Kate online store.
    2. Share ANY of your favorite Mr. Kate jewelry or BeautyMarks with your friends through Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, or Facebook, using the share buttons on the product page.
    3. Don’t forget to use hashtags #MrKate #SpringStyle so we can find your entries!

    Enter as many times as you want–the more products you share, the more chance to win! Three lucky winners will be chosen and prizes will be assigned randomly. One person will receive a Priestess Feather Headpiece, one person will receive an Astronomer Ear Cuff in the color of his/her choice (Yellow Gold or Oxidized Silver), and one person will receive a package of BeautyMarks. Giveaway entry open for one full week, starting on Sunday March 30 and ending on Sunday April 6 at 11:59PM PST.


  16. decorate with: creative berbers

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    As some of you might already know, lately I’ve been really into over-dyed rugs – I “gemed” one of them in my Decorate with Purple post. But I’m equally into these beautifully, fun, colorful, and full of life Moroccan Berbers. There are many handmade berbers available online, I recently used this one in my friends’ home that I decorated. I love that they are soft, colorful and have a very handmade look that makes them  look like pieces of art on the floor while still being cozy for kids and pets!

    You can see by these photos how a colorful berber rug can really liven up a space…


    Shop a similar design here.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 4.27.52 PM

    I also love this blue and white rug.

    _MG_5457 _MG_5009


    _MG_4993 _MG_4918 _MG_5022

    Shop similar Berbers on sites like RugsUSA, Rugsville and Overstock

    (images via and see more at SecretBerber)

  17. working girl

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    I’m passionate about empowering women and girls to do, be and feel what they want and that’s why I love these photos…

    Recently Getty Images teamed up with to launch a collection of images to “Change the Way We Look at Women.” If you’re not familiar with Lean In, it’s the title of the book and now organization, started by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, in an effort to, “put a ban on bossy” and encourage women to “lean in” and take ownership of their ambitions and lives – I wrote more about her in Get Bossy.

    Getty Images is a giant database of images that are used in all kinds of print and online media like the stock photos you see on newspaper and magazine sites, advertisements, etc. In an effort to diversify their image stock, Getty partnered with Lean In and commissioned new images of women and girls in  hopes that the photos will change the way women are viewed around the world by showcasing real women doing the vast array of things that we do!

    All proceeds from the Getty +Lean In project go toward Getty images grants for more photography on the empowerment of women and to the foundation.


    What do you think? Do you feel empowered by these images?

    (images via Getty Images: Tara Moore, Hero Images, Thomas Barwick, Tooga / Stone, Cavan Images, Harry Hook / Stone, Atherine Ledner / Photonica, Cavan Images / Iconica, Cavan Images / The Image Bank, LWA / Stone, R. Nelson / Flikr Select, Zero Creatives / Cultura)

  18. DIY spring flower photo runner

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    Looking for a cute, Springtime way to display your photos? I had a burlap runner laying around from xmas decor as well as some adorable mini clothes pins so I came up with this DIY wall hanging photo display. I love Instagram so I printed out some of the photos I’ve posted to my profile and used them plus some fresh flowers to accessorize this simple and whimsical photo runner….Because, #whynot!?

    If you’re looking for more ways to flower your home see DIY Faux Flower Lampshade and see DIY Rosebud Garland for another cute DIY photo display.

    flower-photo-runnerPrep It:


    Shop the Look!

    Apparition Feather Ring. Yellow Gold or Oxidized Silver.


    Shop the Look!

    Alchemist Band Ring. Yellow Gold or Silver.



    DO IT!:

    • Use the push pins to tack your burlap ribbon up on the wall.
    • Depending on the size of your prints, eye out the placement of the clothes pins.  For my photo runner I placed them around 6″ apart. Hot glue them in place – careful of your fingers!
    • Clamp your beauti-ous photos and flowers to your mounted clips
    • Enjoy the beauty of Spring and your photo memories!


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