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  1. The Mr. Kate Cyber Monday Sale!

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    MrKate_CyberMonday_2015_BannerAs we all know from R. Kelly lyrics, after the party’s the after-party, and as we all know from life, the after-party is usually twice as fun! So even though Black Friday weekend is over, we’re keeping the celebrations (and the sales) going with our Cyber Monday event. Check out all the goods at, and don’t miss out on mountains of beautiful pieces, up to 70% off!

  2. Holiday Style 3 Ways

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    Remember when your math teacher swore you’d need these lessons later in life? Like some pivotal moment in your existence was going to come down to whether or not you knew the Pythagorean theorem? Yeah, well they weren’t totally wrong. Math does come in handy in my life from time to time, like when I’m trying to calculate how much fabric I need for new drapes, or whether it’s practical to overnight ship shoes for a photo shoot the next day (or, you know, just because.)

    But do you want to know when arithmetic is absolutely not needed? When you’re styling chic, balanced looks for the many occasions the holiday season seems to bring up. It can get stressful to get dressed for a breakfast meeting, then the Christmas tree lot, then a cocktail party with friends, but I promise, it’s not hard at all! Below, I’ve detailed three holiday-centric looks that can carry you from activity to activity with ease and grace. It’s the holidays, guys! Everything should be cheerful and fun, especially getting ready.

    “Nope” Sweatshirt and Jeans Outfit Deets:

    Outfit 1: Layered in Leopard

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (12 of 66)Outfit Deets:

    Grey Sweater: Target
    Cardigan: Target
    Skirt: Target
    Tights: Target
    Shoes: Target
    Clutch: Target

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (17 of 66) MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (7 of 66)MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (10 of 66)

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (15 of 66)MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (14 of 66)

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (13 of 66)

    Outfit 2: Pretty Girl Plaid

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (21 of 66)Outfit Deets:

    Sweater: Target
    Plaid Shirt: Target
    Pants: Target
    Sunglasses: Target
    Socks: Target
    Boots: Target

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (31 of 66)MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (28 of 66)

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (27 of 66)MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (26 of 66)
    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (23 of 66)

    Outfit 3: Fabulous and Topped with Fur

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (44 of 66)

    Outfit Deets:

    Jacket: Target
    Fur Scarf: Target
    Skirt: Target
    Blouse: Target
    Purse: Target
    Tights: Target
    Shoes: Qupid (similar here)

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (52 of 66)MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (39 of 66)

    MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (61 of 66) MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (49 of 66)MrKate_Target_DowntownLA_Fall2015_blog (40 of 66)

  3. OOTD Black & White with a Pop of Confetti

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    MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (1 of 23)
    Like every modern woman, I am a big fan of the classic black and white combo. It’s just effortless, always chic, and … oh yeah, so much fun to accessorize!! Since everyone can put together a black and white outfit, I like to put touches of personality into mine to let the world know that I’m not afraid to be me!

    These DIY feather shoulder accessories that I made a few weeks ago were the perfect add-ons for an ethereal and head-turning touch. But the outfit still needed a hint of color. Enter the Confetti BeautyMarks! When the BeautyMarks are the only color in your outfit, all eyes are drawn instantly to your bedazzled face … which is where they belong!

    If you’re looking for another take on black and white, check out this ‘OOTD Femmeswear!’
    MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (16 of 23)
    Outfit Deets:

    Shirt: James Perse
    Pants: Zara (similar here)
    Shoes: Zara (similar here)
    Purse: Zac Posen
    MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (12 of 23)MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (20 of 23)MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (6 of 23)

    MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (23 of 23)MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (14 of 23)MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (7 of 23)
    MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (18 of 23) MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (13 of 23)MrKate_OOTD_Confetti_BeautyMarks_Blog (9 of 23)

  4. You’re Cordially Invited …

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    Look at all the Mr. Kate treasures awaiting your shopping clicks!

    This year, I want to cordially invite you all to Mr. Kate’s Black (tie) Friday Sale! Starting at 12:01 EST on 11/27, we’re having sales up to 70% off on all jewelry and accessories. That Cadeau Chain Necklace you’ve been eyeing? Marked down to $43.50 (normally $145)!!! That Geo Diamond Ring that’s just perfect for your sister? $19.50 (nornally $65)!! Oh, and I know you’re stoked to stock up on some BeautyMarks, only $9 a pack during the sale! We’re keeping this party going until Sunday night at 11:59 EST, so mark your calendars and get ready to score some major points in the present-giving department!

  5. White Plate Table Settings, 3 Ways

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    In many ways, a white plate is like your favorite white tee. It’s a classic, a go-to, a never-fail option when you need something clean and good looking without the stress. And, just like your favorite white tee, it’s an incredible blank slate for ensembles fitting almost any occasion.

    For the holidays this year, we decided to play up a favorite set of white plates three different ways. Using color, texture, and accents from around the home and garden, we created unique looks for colorful, rustic, or glamorous table settings. The only thing that could have made these looks any better is a big, fat slice of pie!

    To keep a DIY element, we created name tags for each occasion and embellished them with paint, different fonts and handwriting, and even some BeautyMarks!

    To add another DIY element to your table settings, try my project from earlier this week: Tie-Dye Napkins!

    Look 1: Vivid and Vibrant WhitePlates3waysPlate1_new (1 of 1)

    Plates: West Elm
    Table Runner: West Elm (similar here)
    Silverware: West Elm
    Blue fabric: Etsy
    Napkin: West Elm
    Napkin Ring: homemade (similar here)
    Nesting accent boxes: West Elm

    Look 2: Organized and Organic

    WhitePlates3waysPlate2_new (1 of 1)

    Plates: West Elm
    Table Runner: West Elm
    Silverware: Crate & Barrel
    Napkin: West Elm
    Mini burlap bag: Open Sky

    Look 3: Glowing and Glamorous WhitePlates3waysPlate3 (1 of 1)

    Plates: West Elm
    Table Runner: West Elm
    Silverware: West Elm
    Lights: Target
    Napkin: West Elm
    Napkin Ring: Mr. Kate Forest Horizon Cuff
    Mini copper mug: Target


  6. OOTD Fried Egg Bradshaw

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    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (6 of 33)

    Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the inclination for high heels and having a ribald sense of humor, but Carrie Bradshaw is a comparison I get a lot. And I couldn’t help but wonder …

    Why not embrace it? I let Carrie inspire my outfit this week, pairing a party skirt and sparkly shoes with winter staples like a sweatshirt and tights. SJP’s iconic character inspired an entire generation with her unique take on items most people already had, and I loved infusing that spunky spirit into my late fall/ early winter ensembles. PS I worked on Sex and the City when I was 17 and wrote about it in my book!

    But I couldn’t just go full Carrie! I married her style with my own Mr. Kate-ness by making this *delicious* Wildfox sweatshirt the focal point of the look. Top it all off with some sunnies, my go-to purse, and an adorable cat wall and voila! Mr.

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (7 of 33)

    Outfit Deets

    Sweatshirt: Wildfox
    Skirt: ASOS (similar here)
    Tights: Not Too Tights
    Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (similar here)
    Bag: Zac Posen
    Sunglasses: Target
    Mr. Kate Jewelry: Baguette Crystal Necklace

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (29 of 33)

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (19 of 33)

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (14 of 33)

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (25 of 33) MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (22 of 33)

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (10 of 33)MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (12 of 33)

    Shop the Look!

    Baguette Crystal Necklace

    MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (17 of 33)MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (21 of 33)MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (30 of 33)MrKate_FriedeggBradshaw_OOTD_Blog (33 of 33)

  7. 3 Unexpected Themes for your Friendsgiving Party

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    Thanksgiving is a holiday that is very much anchored in tradition — a turkey dinner, football games for all those inclined, gossip and glasses of wine for the rest. It’s a total classic! But, if there’s anything I love to do, it’s take classic ideas and turn them on their heads.

    This year, I’m not limiting my celebrations to one overstuffed Thursday evening. I want to host celebrations all week long, for family AND friends. But to give the turkey (and our tummies) a little rest, I’m switching up the themes and going for some unexpected, but still uber festive soirees.

     Check out these three ideas and get inspired to reinvent Friendsgiving and make the holiday completely your own. It’s never too late to start a new tradition! Especially if that tradition involves friends, alcohol, and shameless feasting. Count me in!

    Friendsgiving Brunch

    Vibe: Instead of the traditional thanksgiving lunch or dinner, transform it into a lush, cozy, fun brunch party. Homemade pumpkin lattes, mimosas, donuts and waffles and cute feminine decor.
    Image Source: Making Lemonade

    Set It: These DIY plates and place settings from Making Lemonade are just the classy, yet cute touch a Friendsgiving brunch party calls for. Plus, you can customize your message to the size of your plate, or even do different designs or sayings on platters throughout the event depending on how many courses you’re serving (or how many seconds you expect people to come back for!)

    Image Source: Frites & Fries

    Bake It: Just because you’re customizing Thanksgiving flavors into brunch foods doesn’t mean you have to nix the pie! As this darling dessert from Frites & Fries says, Eat Pie for Breakfast. I mean, why not? I love the idea of using stencils to scribble a special message or design on your pie, as well.

    Image Source: DesignLoveFest

    Drink It: What’s brunch (or breakfast … or life, really) without mimosas? Welcome friends to the party with a homemade mimosa bar, like this one seen at DesignLoveFest. Tailor the juice flavors to the season and offer options like a spicy apple cider, pomegranate juice, or even something with cranberries!

    Shop It:


    Vibe: Exotic and unexpected, yet cheeky and on point in pop culture. Bright colors like magentas, burnt orange, and marigold yellow offset by neutrals like rope or wood. Eating clever representations of Thanksgiving flavors in Mexican dishes like turkey tacos or pumpkin salsa. 

    Image Source: Luna Photo

    Style It:  Cacti, succulents, and Spanish-influenced fabrics make for a vibrant and lively centerpiece for your Friendsgiving fiesta. This arrangement, photographed by Luna Photo, as seen on Style Me Pretty, is great inspiration for a table runner that is both organic and inviting.


    Say It: Studio DIY‘s decor is totally on point for your Taco-giving. If there was ever a time to spell out a special party message in balloons, this would be it! I love the gold, but how amazing would this look in copper, or even a metallic maroon?Image Source: Half Baked Harvest

    Eat It: If ground turkey tacos aren’t your idea of a good time, or you’re looking to expand your menu, check out Half Baked Harvest‘s recipe for Chipotle Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos with Roasted Cranberry Pomegranate Salsa. Can you say YUM … in Spanish? (No, but really … how do you say yum in Spanish?!)

    Shop It: 

    Netflix & Chill Friendsgiving

    Vibe:Girls night in, or day in, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade or classic holiday movies on TV or Netflix. Throw blankets and cushions on the floor, finger food, appetizers, popcorn and layered decor to create warmth and coziness.

    Image Source: DesignLoveFest

    Arrange It: Comfort is key, here, so don’t be afraid to pile up those pillows and futons into a veritable fort! This set-up from DesignLoveFest is a great way to incorporate a table into all of the cushions, so you can eat while you watch.

    Image Source: One Charming Party

    Package It: Whenever there is a movie or TV marathon going on, popcorn is a MUST. But, for Friendsgiving, get into the holiday spirit with this DIY from One Charming Party and put all your snacks into an adorable paper bag turkey!

    Image Source: Life's Ambrosia

    Snack It: Since this is Friendsgiving, and food is central to the celebrations, popcorn can’t be the only thing on the menu! This recipe for Cranberry and Rosemary spread from Life’s Ambrosia would be delicious on crackers, providing another fall-flavored finger food your guests will surely love.

    Shop It: 

  8. DIY Tie-Dye Napkins

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    When it comes to setting the table, let’s be honest — napkins are usually an afterthought. Plates get to have all the fun …  being the centerpiece, housing the food, getting stacked and layered into cool vignettes. But I think it’s about high time that napkins reclaim some glory on the dinner table, and this DIY is just the way to make it happen!

    I am a sucker for tie-dye (I fell in love at summer camp and never looked back), but the kaleidoscope of colors usually created is probably a bit overwhelming for most dinner tables. For these napkins, instead, I chose a single burnt orange dye, and let the patterns be created out of negative space. It’s a touch summer camp, a touch sophisticated, and a ton of perfection for a seasonal tablescape. AND, for your styling benefit and inspiration, I created two simple name tags from things found around the house or in the yard. Can’t let those cool new napkins go without being accessorized!

    Want to tailor this look for Thanksgiving? Check out these “Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Place Cards!”

    Prep It:

    Linen Fabric
    Fabric Dye
    Fabric Scissors
    Stainless Steel Pot
    Thick Thread
    Rubber Gloves
    Green Branches for Styling


    1. Start by cutting the linen into napkin-sized piece. Fold your new napkin like a fan, back and forth, with about 1/2 of fabric per fold.
    2. Once the entire napkin is folded, wrap the string around it and tie it together. Keep in mind that the string prevents the dye from reaching the fabric, so its placement will create the negative space in your napkin. You can wrap the sting around the entire length of the napkin, or just tie down at the bottom, depending on what effect you’d like the dye to have. Since I dip dyed mine, I only tied down at the bottom.
    3. Fill a stainless steel pot with water and heat. Mix in your dye, per its instructions, and add salt if needed. Soak your linen napkin in a separate bowl of water before dipping into the dye.
    4. Time to put on those gloves! Take your napkin out of its bath and hold it from the top, dipping it slowly into the pot of dye. This is where you get to be creative and design your own pattern. I wanted to have a darker color on the bottom so I let it sit for a bit and dipped it up to half of the napkin to leave a little ombre look. You can dip it all, just the bottom, or what ever you think looks good!
    5. The die colors the linen really quickly, so keep a watchful eye. When you’ve reached your desired color, remove the napkin from the dye and move to your sink.  Be careful that the dye doesn’tt drip on the side you want white! I let the white side lean on the edge of the sink so I could rinse the color side separately before rinsing off the entire napkin. Make sure the water runs clear from the dyed end before rinsing the entire napkin.
    6. Get your scissors and trim any loose threads. Now your new tie dye napkin is ready for some super cool name tags!


  9. OMG We Bought A House: When in Doubt, Mood Board It Out

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    As much as we love getting our hands dirty, the truth of the matter is renovating a home is a lot of mental work, as well. Until we decide which of the valorous contenders wins the *Contractor Games* (spin-off, anyone?), Joey and I are getting as much planning done for the house as we can. And that means playing video games.

    Misleading! Misleading! This video game is actual a virtual 3D tour of your home that can help you plan the placement of windows, doors, walls, or, if you’re Joey, random cyber women chilling in the bedroom. Ahemmmm. But we actually made some physical progress too, receiving all of the fixtures for our kitchen and bathroom, and — my favorite part — creating mood boards for the soon-to-be-renovated spaces.

    This episode of OMG We Bought A House is definitely all about planning and playing around, mapping and making inspiration come to life. As you watch, I hope you get motivated or find that missing spark from your home, holiday, or just general creative plans. Most of all, I hope you laugh and enjoy! xo!


    OMG_BirdseyeMoodboard_Mrkate_Blog (3 of 6)



  10. My Wavy Hair Routine | Tutorial

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    As the proud owner of some super-powered curls (no, really, you try combing these locks into a bun on a hot day), I am all about embracing big bouncy hair. But, admittedly, there are times I yearn for a more laid back, low maintenance beachy wave. Luckily, that look is very attainable. All you need is some time, a tutorial (which I just so happen to have made – finally! I know y’all have been asking for so long) and a magic wand. Okay, now repeat after me: Accio waves!! You all set?

    I kid, I kid. The wand you need is actually a curling wand, and although magic certainly would be nice, there’s no need to use it when it’s so simple to create this style all on your own!

    MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (13 of 14)
    Prep It:

    Blow dryer
    Aerated round brush
    Barrel curling wand
    Tapered curling wand
    Alligator clips
    MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (1 of 14) MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (2 of 14)MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (3 of 14)

    Do it!:

    1. Start with wet hair, lightly towel dried. I recommend using WEN Conditioning Wash to keep hair nourished and healthy for the styling process. To prep hair before blow drying, work Oribe Super Shine Moisturizing Cream into your mane, focusing on the ends, or any frizz-prone places.
    2. Give your hair a once over with a Babyliss Ceramic Blow Dryer, set on high force and medium heat, creating lift at the roots.
    3. Section your hair into three layers: bottom, middle, and top. Pin the top two layers up with alligator clips and start drying the bottom layer of your hair. If you have natural curls, pull hair straight with an aerated Prego round brush while drying, focusing the blow dryer down the shaft of your hair. If you have naturally straight hair, just blow dry this section.
    4. Release the middle layer of your hair, and use blow dryer to direction your hair forward to frame your face. With the round brush, pull these face-framing pieces forward while drying, and twirl ends away from the face. Loosely dry the rest of the middle layer.
    5. Release the top layer. Again, focus blow dryer on the face framing pieces, pulling them forward with a round brush while drying. Blow dry hair at the the crown of your head forward towards your forehead to give it lift. Switch the dryer to the cool setting and give your whole head a once over.
    6. Prep hair for heat styling with Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil. Section hair off into three layers again and clip up top and middle layers.
    7. Start curling the bottom layer with a Sultra Barrel Curling Wand, wrapping hair away from from face. When done, set waves with a light misting of hair spray. If you have naturally straight hair, use the tapered wand for this step.
    8. For the middle layer, curl hair with a Conair Tapered Curling Wand, again wrapping away from your face. Set with hairspray.
    9. To curl the top layer, use the barrel wand, wrapping hair away from your face and leaving the ends loose.
    10. To complete the look, separate clusters of waves to get a more tousled look and set with a final misting of hairspray.

    MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (7 of 14)

    MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (10 of 14)image1

    MrKate_WaivyHair_Blog (6 of 14)

    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.30.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.29.57 PM

    Some Instagram posts where I used the same technique!

  11. OOTD White BeautyMarks

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    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (9 of 29)

    Well, the White BeautyMarks are officially out now (you can scope our lookbook here) and I am so ready to start seeing all the new dimensions they can bring to my cold weather wardrobe. For this outfit, I was inspired by the dichotomy between lights and darks — the White BeautyMarks contrasting the deep greens, rich purples and midnight blacks of the clothing, the delicate nature of the snowflakes and patterns playing off the warm, thick fabric of the sweater. Guys, if this is what dressing for winter is all about, I’m ready to make like Elsa and have it be frozen forever!

    Looking to cover more of your life in BeautyMarks? Check out these ‘DIY BeautyMarks Planters.’

    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (28 of 29)

    Outfit Deets:

    Sweater: Free People
    Leggings: Zara (similar here)
    Boots: Stuart Weitzman (similar here)
    Bag: Vintage (similar here)

    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (11 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (27 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (13 of 29)MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (5 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (21 of 29)

    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (25 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (8 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (17 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (2 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (23 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (24 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (18 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (12 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (7 of 29)
    MrKate_OOTD_WhiteBeautyMarks_Blog (6 of 29)

  12. DIY Car Wash Skirt

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    I know, I know — the words “car wash” typically do not invoke images of glamour. Unless you happen to think the height of chicness is a freshly washed and waxed vehicle, car washes are probably just another location on a long list of weekend chores (ones you’d rather not be doing so you can kick back and binge watch OMG We Bought A House.)

    But hear a girl out! While devoid of obvious glamour, car washes are full of movement. I like to always have an unexpected aspect to all of my outfits, and a skirt that twirls and swirls like the soap-lathered panes in a drive-thru car wash certainly has that edge. As seen recently on E! News, this tutorial will take you through the steps that will have you swinging and swishing and showing off your legs in no time!

    For another skirt DIY, check out DIY Hi-Low Skirt.


    Prep It:

    skirtfabric scissorsmeasuring tapefray gluefabric chalk

    MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-2 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-3 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-4 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-5 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-7 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-8 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-9

    Do It!:

    1. Put on your skirt and mark how high up you want your car wash flaps to come.
    2. Take off the skirt and line up side seams so the skirt is lying flat on your work space.
    3. Measure out your flaps and mark them with some chalk.  My flaps were 5″ wide.  TIP: I used the pattern of the skirt to cut my strips in straight lines, but you can use the chalk to draw straight lines all the way up the skirt if that’s easier.
    4. Cut along the chalk marks all the way around your skirt.
    5. To prevent fraying, seal the edges with the fray check glue.


    Shop the Look!

    Cable Chain Ring

    MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-12 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-13 MrKate_DIYCarwashSkirt-14

    Still can’t get enough? Check out the segment I did about Car Wash Skirts on E! News!

  13. White BeautyMarks Lookbook

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    Sometimes it seems like winter will never come. We’re just waiting through fall for the colder days, longer nights, and undeniable feeling of magic in the air. Well, I decided to take it upon myself to make the season arrive just a little sooner. Which leads me to the White BeautyMarks! I had such a good time designing these packs, imagining and drawing all the ways the patterns and pieces could fit together to look like art pieces on the skin. Get creative in how you rock your BeautyMarks, and remember to show me all your ideas by using #mrkate #beautymarks on your posts!

    Mr. Kate’s newest addition in their bestselling BeautyMarks collection, White BeautyMarks, has arrived just in time for winter. The temporary tattoos, designed and hand-drawn by Mr. Kate herself, are an homage to the elegance and mysticism found in nature during the year’s final months. Deconstructed snowflakes, crystal-inspired fragments and fractals, and some signature Mr. Kate touches are all featured in the 2-sheet custom package. With versatility in mind, the designs can be combined into hand pieces, worn as nail or cuticle art, or as adornment anywhere else on the face and body. The White BeautyMarks are perfect for bringing an ethereal touch to your wintry ensembles, or for gifting to a friend or family member for the holidays. The White BeautyMarks are available for $12, and come in a sharp black envelope, exclusively on

    All the photos were taken by Taren Maroun, video by Brad Etter, hair/makeup courtesy of Christina Guerra, styled by me, and modeled by the gorgeous and graceful Gwen Van Meir.
    MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (2 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (3 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (4 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (5 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (7 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (6 of 16)

    MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (8 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (10 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (9 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (11 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (12 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (13 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (14 of 16)MrKate_LOOKBOOK_White_Beautymarks (15 of 16)

  14. DIY Hologram Nail Art

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    I have been dyyying to do this tutorial for you guys! I posted this nail art on Instagram a few months ago and people, understandably, went gaga. It’s always nice to look down at my fingertips and see bright patterns adorning my nails and this rainbow glitter hologram mani is just pure happiness, and always puts a smile on my face when I see the light reflecting of my little disco fingers. Best of all, it’s completely achievable! I did this look myself, and with this *handy* tutorial, you can, too!

    If you’re looking for another use for that glitter, make it into some ‘DIY Framed Glitter‘ wall art!

    MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (1 of 32)PREP IT:

    (I used at-home gel manicure supplies for this manicure because it lasts much longer. If you want to use regular polish I advise using nail glue to apply the hexagonal glitter and to seal the final design with 2 to 3 layers of a strong clear top coat.)

    Gel base coat
    Clear structure gel polish
    Flat synthetic nail brush
    Fine glitter in color, or colors of your choice
    Hexagonal glitter in color, or colors of your choice
    Orange stick
    LED UV light
    Gel top coat
    Gel cleanser

    MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (8 of 32) MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (10 of 32)

    Holigram_Nails_instagram (11 of 12)
    DO IT!

    1. Start with clean nails and apply a gel base coat.
    2. On a paper plate or piece of aluminum foil, mix together the fine glitter and structure gel to create a thick glitter paste. Use a flat synthetic nail brush to apply the glitter base on your nail, making sure to cover the entire surface.
    3. Dip an orange stick into a small dab of structure gel and use it to pick up one piece of hexagonal glitter (that matches your base coat of fine glitter) at a time and apply them to your nails. You won’t have to dip the orange stick into the structure gel each time, so this will move pretty quickly.
    4. Let cure under the UV light for 1 minute.
    5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 on each of your nails, fitting as many pieces of hexagonal glitter on each nail and using the fine glitter paste to fill in any gaps around the edges. You don’t want the hexagonal pieces to hang off the tips of your nails because they can be sharp.
    6. Top your nails with a thick coat of structure gel, making sure to seal tips as well. Cure under the UV light for a couple minutes. Then, top with a gel top coat and cure one last time. **If you’re not using gel polish, use nail glue to apply the glitter, and top with a few coats of a strong top coat.
    7. Use gel cleaner to clean up any sticky residue. Finish with a file to get rid of any rough edges.

    Holigram_Nails_instagram (7 of 12)Holigram_Nails_instagram (3 of 12)

    MrKate_HoligramNails_Finals (23 of 32)

  15. BeautyCon NYC Travel Diary

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    If you’ve seen me in the past two weeks and I’ve been in a daze, I apologize. I can’t stop reliving the glitter and glory of BeautyCon NYC! On October 17, we set up in Pier 36 for a full day of fans, fun, and selfies. I mean … what more could a perfect day need!

    But it wasn’t all playtime, we worked hard, too! Our BeautyCon booth was “glamping” (glamorous camping) themed, which meant lots of natural materials and accents, some DIY Minimalist Dreamcatchers, and just the right amount of pizzazz added in by the products and some big foil confetti BeautyMarks.

    Since we couldn’t pack all of you in our suitcases to bring with (I had enough trouble just fitting my shoes!), we put together this Travel Diary so you could come along for the ride, anyways. Watch it for the behind-the-scenes of making our BeautyCon booth, a stop at Grandma’s house, and all the shenanigans in between!

    BeautyCon NYC, you stole my heart. I can’t wait to come back next year!

    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (2 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (4 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (11 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (13 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (18 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (22 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (23 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (27 of 40)

    Shop the Look!

    WEIRD Necklace. Unisex. Various Colors.

    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (28 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (33 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (35 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (31 of 40)

    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (39 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (38 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (29 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (30 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (32 of 40)

    Shop the Look!

    BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" - Original

    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (17 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (21 of 40)
    MrKate_BeautyCon_Blog (24 of 40)

  16. DIY Paint Splatter Blazer

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    Blazer_FullHD (404 of 481)Finding the perfect outfit to paint in is always an affair. It can sometimes be more complicated than the project itself! But instead of letting the fear of getting paint on and ruining beloved clothes rule you — embrace it. Turn a crisp white jacket (this one was $5 at the thrift store) into a Jackson Pollack-worthy piece of art. It’ll be so fun to let yourself get as messy as you want for once, and you’ll get a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing as a reward. Win-win!

    If you’re still in the mood to make a fashionable mess, try taking on this DIY Nail Polish Splattered Clutch.

    Blazer_FullHD (23 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (151 of 481)

    Prep It:

    • A plain blazer in any desired color
    • Fabric paint in any color (We used blue and gold)
    • Brushes in different sizes
    • Small roller

    Blazer_FullHD (225 of 481)

    Blazer_FullHD (232 of 481)Blazer_FullHD (318 of 481)

    Blazer_FullHD (274 of 481)
    Blazer_FullHD (297 of 481)
    Blazer_FullHD (353 of 481)
    Blazer_FullHD (364 of 481)

    Blazer_FullHD (388 of 481)

    Do It!

    1. Place your blazer with the back facing you. Make sure that the lapels are facing down so no stray paint gets on them.
    2. Start by adding paint with a big brush in the center of the back of your blazer, at the seam, and work out to the edges.
    3. Once you have a base area of color, dip your brush into the paint and splatter color onto the blazer. We used mostly blue but you can mix in other colors if you like.
    4. Fold the blazer at the seam and tap it softly to make sure the color spreads to the opposite side so you can create a mirrored pattern.
    5. Open up the blazer carefully and roll out the extra paint left in the center with your roller.
    6. Add more color splashes if you want, and top it off with an accent color. We used gold!
    7. Lift it carefully and hang it to dry!

    Blazer_FullHD (481 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (479 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (472 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (436 of 481) Blazer_FullHD (388 of 481)Woaalaaa!

    Go out and rock out this funky blazer!

    If you are looking for a more minimalist look, just stick to the color splashes and fold it the same way, but don’t paint any color in the center.


    • Morning Matcha Recipe

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      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (48 of 57)

      I’m always looking for a way to put a little extra pep in my step in the morning. I’ve been on the coffee wagon (which gives me a little too much anxiety jitters), then switched to the yerba mate slow train (which has a lovely smokey flavor) and this fall I’m ready to jump on another major trend and go green. Green tea, that is.

      Matcha, a loose green tea powder, is a popular ingredient in lattes and smoothies, especially beloved by the Insta-addicted for its vibrant #nofilter hue. We mixed it with some other favorite healthy ingredients and threw it all in the blender for a 5-minute vegan matcha pick-me-up!

      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (8 of 57)

      Vanilla Mint Matcha Latte

      PREP IT:

      Mason Jar Mug

      3 oz. almond milk
      3 oz. water
      4 pitted dates
      4 full size mint leaves
      1 drop vanilla extract
      3 tsp. matcha powder

      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (10 of 57)
      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (15 of 57)
      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (16 of 57)
      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (17 of 57)
      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (18 of 57) MrKate_Matcha_Blog (20 of 57)MrKate_Matcha_Blog (25 of 57)
      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (22 of 57)MrKate_Matcha_Blog (27 of 57)MrKate_Matcha_Blog (31 of 57)

      DO IT!

      1. Heat up the water until it’s just about to boil. Do the same for the almond milk.
      2. Whisk the heated milk until foamy, then set aside.
      3. Pour the water into the blender, then add dates, mint, vanilla, and almond milk. Lastly, add the matcha powder and stir.
      4. Blend the ingredients until smooth. Pour into a mason jar (perfect to throw a lid on and take to go), and enjoy!

      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (35 of 57)

      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (55 of 57)

      Shop the Look!

      Pussy Panties (set of 2)

      MrKate_Matcha_Blog (46 of 57)MrKate_Matcha_Blog (40 of 57) MrKate_Matcha_Blog (52 of 57)

      Shop the Look!

      Forest Reflection Ring

    • A Nice and Neutral Daytime Makeup Look

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      There are certain beauty looks that are just timeless. And while cat eyes, red lips, or bold brows are great when you feeling like making a statement, sometimes a gal just wants a subtle glow. Fortunately, bringing a natural warmth into your beauty routine is much simpler than taking off to the beaches of Santa Monica to get a sun-kissed bronze the old-fashioned way (though wouldn’t that be nice!) All you need are a few products from your local Target, this video tutorial, and I’ll have you looking like an easy, breezy, beautiful #BABEALERT in no time!

      MrKate_Target_PixiMakeup (1 of 34)
      Makeup Deets:

      1. First things first, use Pixi Glow Tonic to tone your face. Then, spray the Pixi Glow Mist over your face, to help keep your complexion dewy and bright.
      2. Smooth the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer over your face and neck with your fingers. After spraying the Glow Mist on your concealer brush (to help with blending), apply the Pixi Correction Concentrate under eyes, on any blemishes, and to even out skin tone in general. A great tip for evening skin tone is to use the pale green concealer from the Pixi Eye Bright Kit to neutralize any red around your nose or elsewhere. Set the look with a gentle dusting of Bio Brightener Invisible Powder by W3LL People.
      3. Now, on to bronzer! Using a Kabuki brush, apply Pixi Beauty Bronzer around the perimeters of your face and on the contours of your cheeks and nose. For blush, dab some W3LL People Universalist Multi-Stick on your fingers and apply to the apples of your cheeks.
      4. Prep your eyes with eyeshadow primer, and set with more loose powder. Curl your eyelashes.
      5. Using Sonia Kashuk’s Eye Couture Palette in Eye on Neutral 02, apply the lightest shade on your upper eyelid. Then take a medium tan shade and blend into your crease and onto your lower lash line. Finish up with a warmer, darker brown on your upper lid and crease and your lower lid.
      6. With Sonia Kashuk’s Liquid Eyeliner, draw on a cat eye. Top the look with a few coats of Pixi Large Lash Booster Mascara.
      7. Use the Pixi Brow Powder Palette to fill in your brows and emphasize their lovely shape.
      8. Use highlighter from the Eye Bright Kit on the inner corners of your eyes, tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of nose, and chin.
      9. To keep lips looking neutral but chic, define their shape with Sonia Kashuk’s Lipliner in Nude and fill in with Pixi LipLift Max in Petal Ice.
      10. Set the look and give your skin that dewy, glowy look with one last spray of the Glow Mist, and you’re good to glow!

      MrKate_Target_PixiMakeup (20 of 34)MrKate_Target_PixiMakeup (24 of 34)