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  1. roundup: 20 great gift wrap ideas

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board GIFTWRAP on Pinterest.

    Make your gift wrap special and personal with some simple handmade touches! Here are 20 quick and easy DIY tips to make give your holiday gift wrap a little extra OOPMH.

    For instructions on how to DIY some gift wrap check out ‘DIY Sheet Music Christmas/ Holiday Gift Wrap

    1. splatter paint wrapping paper - splatter paint some plain paper with your favorite color(s) craft paint
    2. giant painted polkadots on simple bags
    3. paint craft paper with gold stripes
    4. black stars and twine
    5. braided twine, evergreen and a pine cone
    6. if your gift is money, make it into a rose!
    7. white paper painted
    8. simplicity at it’s best: paper, string, ornament
    9. all black errrrything…plus some wood beads
    10. cotton ball snowmen card – so cute!
    11. just leave the roll of tape on as a quirky decoration!
    12. sew some kraft paper in fun shapes around your gift!
    13. lollipops as gift decorations
    14. toy animals carrying small gifts! Perfect for jewelry boxes, just strap them on!
    15. color palette wrapping: black, white and gold gift wrap
    16. DIY Paper Feather Gift Toppers
    17. bells, black ribbon, and greenery
    18. DIY kraft wrapping paper with a white marker
    19. Simple and pretty gift tags made from shipping tags + washi tape
    20. Popsicle stick gift tags.

  2. Kate’s Take: Last Minute Gift Ideas

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    Last day to shop Mr. Kate jewelry and BeautyMarks to get in time for December 25th!

    I’m guilty of the last minute gift buying so I made this video and gift guide with items I think are beautiful, fun, special and affordable for eveyone on your list! Ladies, guys, kids and pets! Watch above and see the list and links below. xo!

    My thoughts on therapy!


    1. Jurlique Replenishing Day Cream - My favorite day cream I use day and night. All natural, smells amazing and very luxurious for the ladies on your list.
    2. Club W - fun, unique wine club, they give you a fun taste palate test to get to know what kinds of wines you like so they don’t just send whatever. A membership would be an easy and thoughtful gift for the wine enthusiast in your life.
    3. Kindle Paperwhite - My favorite matte screen Kindle with a backlight. It’s like reading a real book only slimmer and with infinity choices!
    4. decor: moroccan pouf
    5. Succulents - easy to keep alive plants look great in…
    6. Cube Terrarium with a little soil and rocks – make these for everyone on your list!
    7. Diptyque Bais: scented oval & black bais candle - my favorite candle scent. Love for anyone!
    8. Iphone projector - great for the techy on your list
    9. Matcha green tea set - so good for you and fun to make with the wisk. A nice zen gift for the new year.
    10. black velvet hangers - give a package or two of these slim hangers along with a card and offer to help clean someone’s closet with them! Interactive and thoughtful while also being budget friendly.
    11. ecoTools, animal friendly makeup brushes - love these makeup brushes made out of bamboo. I use the foundation brush every day!
    12. Rose gold flatware - need I say more! A few sets of this is suuuuch a glamourous gift!
    13. Small record player - a variety of colors so could be for a guy or a gal. Looks great on a shelf and also gives you an excuse to shop for old records at the flea market.
    14. Sailing ship kite - such a cute gift for a kid! Is so cool looking you could hang it on the wall as art when not in use.
    15. Black and white teepee - a fun and fabulous looking play item for a kid. Would look rad in any room… or get a teepee for your pet!
  3. 5 More Minutes To Looking Fabulous

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    We’re all guilty of those get-up-and-rush-to-get-dressed days with the sacrifice often being an uninspired, overall look. I always have a better day when I feel good about what I’m wearing and feel like the time I spent getting ready expresses my sense of style – it’s an easy mood lifter! In today’s Closet Remix Challenge: 5 More Minutes, I encourage you to take just 5 extra minutes on those busy days to take a hum-drum look to a much more a fabulous level.

    You all deserve to take that extra 5 more minutes to feel good about yourself!

    Thanks Target Style for having cute stuff that elevated these looks!

    The Running Errands


    Take 5 more minutes to elevate your casual jeans, tee and flip flops errands outfit with an equally cozy plaid button-up, comfy low wedges, a statmement necklace and a pop of lipcolor!

    Outfit1 Deets:

    • boyfriend jeans: Mossimo
    • plaid shirt: Merrona
    • purse: similar style here
    • comfortable wedges: similar here
    • statement necklace: Mr. Kate V Collar
    • lip gloss: NYX





    The Work Day


     Take 5 more minutes to elevate your skirt, turtleneck, tights and plain pumps to the next level and feel powerful at work with patterned tights, tall boots, layered necklaces and a DIY sock bun!

    Outfit2 Deets:

    • turtleneck: Merona
    • skirt: Mossimo
    • tights: similar here
    • boots: similar here
    • sock for sock bun
    • fringe bag: DIY instructions here
    • earrings: deer studs & Mr. Kate Treasure Ear Cuff
    • statement necklaces: Mr. Kate- Marquis Necklace, Geo Diamond 3-In-One Necklace, & Goddess Necklace







    The ‘Date Night’


    Take 5 more minutes to elevate your date night ensemble with a flirty chiffon top, leopard pumps, deep red lips, side part and braid and fancy phone case!

    Outfit3 Deets:










    I hope these looks inspire you to take 5 more minutes with your style expressions! What’s your favorite outfit? Comment and let me know! xo

    Thanks to Target for sponsoring this video! Affiliate links used throughout this post. 

  4. DIY elegant bead garland

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    Garlands are an easy way to add a festive flare to a mantle, wall, headboard, bookcase, table centerpiece and so on! I wanted our garland to be super elegant and classy this year so I kept my color palette limited to a nice gold/champagne color.  The bohemian looking beads give it a casual elegance and the randomly placed paper stars ties it in with the DIY Star Tree

    Also see the DIY Cursive String Ornament for a simple and personal ornament.



    Prep It:








    Do It!:

    1. If the beads are in a closed loop like a necklace cut it in a spot so you’re left with an open strand.
    2. Tie a piece of twine around the ends of two strands of beads to connect them – you’ll want a strand about twice as long as your mantle so you can have enough slack to make a swoop.
    3. Attach the ornaments with the strings they come with or use another piece of twine to tie them on. I found that it worked better do attach the ornaments when the beads were already up on the wall. It’s easier to perfect the placement.
    4. Attach the command strips where you want to hang your garland, placing the hooks ~8″-12″ apart. Follow instructions on your command strip package.
    5. Loop the twine end around a hook to get started and let it drape to the next one. Cover up the hook with a cluster of ornaments either tied to the beads with twine or attached to the hook directly if there is enough room. I chose to double up the beads so there are two strands hanging between each hook.
    6. OPTIONAL: I added some of my starbursts from my DIY Star Tree for cohesian and also help cover up some of the hooks and tied twine connecting the strands of beads. I used doubled over painter’s tape to attach the stars to the beads and the wall.



  5. Kate’s Take: DIY holiday decorations

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    It’s time again for another Kate’s Take – my vlog series where I share with you, up-close-and-personal-style what I’m up to and lately it’s been…holiday decorating! Watch the video above to see how we’ve decorated our home and see below for the links to all the individual projects so you can do them in your home in your own way! Hope you enjoy and please comment below with any questions or suggestions for next week’s Kate’s Take!


    I love the simplicity of our ‘DIY Cursive String Ornament


    Our his and hers trees connected with hand-cut gold stars! Get the how-to here: ‘DIY Star Tree


    The tutorial for this elegant bead garland will be coming out tomorrow. Stay tuned! ;)


    This is how Joey and I decorated the office, with a ‘DIY Ombre Garland‘.  The video tutorial is pretty silly and definitely worth a watch ;)

  6. inspiration: winter holi-daze

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board WINTER HOLIDAZE on Pinterest.

    It’s that time of year again where we go all out with pine needles and shining orbs! I went crazy on Pinterest creating this board of DIY and decorating ideas that made me feel cozy and inspired. I love the simple ideas like a bucket full of candles or a simple wreath with a strand of star lights or an old window screen – like this one I made for jewelry – with ornaments or pom-poms arranged in a tree shape! There are so many unique and creative ways to decorate for the holidays and make your space feel festive.

    Hover over the images to read the caption and click through to the board for more photos and info. Yay!

    For a Mr. Kate DIY ornament check out: ‘DIY Cursive String Ornament

  7. holiday shop-along challenge: boyfriend vs girlfriend

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    It’s a holiday shop-along! Buying clothes for your significant other can sometimes be challenging so that’s why Joey and I decided to treat each other to a holiday shopping experience together! We headed to our local Nordstrom Rack to comb the racks of designer goodness at amazing prices and succeeded in styling an outfit for each other that we both can enjoy this holiday season.

    My tips on shopping for your friend or lovah is to take cues from their existing wardrobe but get them something they don’t have already. Help them think a little outside their usual outfit box and remember, compliments are the best accessories! Happy holidays everyone!


    Let the shop-off begin! Watch the video above and shop outfits like ours online or in a Nordstrom Rack store.











    We had a blast on our holiday shop-off! What do you think?

    Thanks Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring this post.

  8. easy gifts: holiday jewelry bundles

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    We put together some holiday bundles ranging from $99 to $239 to make your gift shopping easier and more affordable. Below are three different bundles you can shop on the Mr. Kate SHOP Mr. Kate shop to make getting the perrrfect gift quick and pretty! A bundle for everyone on your list!


    Classy with a little bit of edge… The Classy Holiday Bundle gets you the Geo Diamond 3 in 1 necklace, the Geo Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Geo Diamond Cocktail ring all in one beautiful bundle. Normally $332 for all three pieces you’ll get them for $239! Such a treat for your special peeps!



    The Edgy Holiday Bundle if perfect for your funky friends and loved ones. Get the Fang and Lapis Bracelet, Third Eye Eyepatch Necklace/Headpiece and Worm Ear Cuff for $139, normally $184.



    The Easy Holiday Bundle is your easy street to a fantastic gift! Both rings are adjustable so no need to know your friend or loved one’s ring size! Get the bestselling Starburst Earrings, Tiara Crown ring and Forcella ring for $99…normally $138!


    Happy shopping! xo

  9. DIY cursive string tree ornament

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    A simple chic ornament, to keep your tree classy. I came up with this DIY Cursive String Ornament because I am determined to have a classy christmas this year. I’m kind of over the overly accessorized trees and wanted to go with a chic theme for our holiday home decor and I’m starting with these string ornaments! Added bonus: the Baker’s Twine looks like a candy cane!

    Tip: This DIY works best for short words so if you don’t have a short name try words like ‘joy’ ‘noel’ ‘cheer’ etc.

    For another ornament DIY, check out ‘DIY Hardware Ornaments


    Prep It:






    The ‘Kate’ took a little more nudging to get right. TIP: If you glue wipes off too much while you’re arranging your letters you can paint another layer of glue over the top to make it stiffer. Use a plastic knife to smear the glue and concentrate more on the places where the string intersects.



    Do It!:

    1. Lay out what you want to write with your string so you know how long of a piece you’ll need. TIP: shorter words are easier! If you don’t have a short name do a short word like ‘Joy’, ‘Noel’, ‘Love’ etc.
    2. Cut your string.
    3. Dip the string in the Mod Podge  so that it’s completely saturated. Don’t worry, it will dry clear!
    4. Draw out your word with the saturated string on the parchment paper.  Let dry. TIP: If you glue wipes off too much while you’re arranging your letters you can paint another layer of glue over the top to make it stiffer. Use a plastic knife to smear the glue and concentrate more on the places where the string intersects.
    5. Peel off your ornament and gently hang in on your tree!





  10. DIWhyNot: 3 DIY Holiday Gifts

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    SHOP our 30% OFF Cyber Monday sale and get a FREE package of BeautyMarks with purchase!

    Handmade gifts are always fun and meaningful to give so I set out to make 3 DIY Holiday Gifts that will work for lots of people on your list! The DIY Vanilla Bean Infused Body Oil is geat for anyone who likes to be pampered, the DIY Faux Fur Winter Wrap is perfect for all those fashionistas on your list and the DIY BeautyMarks Embellished Decorative Objects are great for so many people depending on what you choose to embellish!


    Get the how-to for these 3 DIYs below!


    Shop the Look!

    BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" - Original


    DIY BeautyMarks Embellished Decorative Objects

    Prep It:






    Do It!:

    1. Make sure the surface you are going to BeautyMarks is clean and dry before starting.
    2. Cut out the BeautyMarks design you like and take the plastic off before you place it face down on the area you want to transfer.
    3. Use a wet paper towel to throughly dampen the back of the BeautyMarks paper, hold for 15-20 seconds and peel the paper off to reveal the design now on your object!
    4. Use the spray sealant once you are finished to secure your art for a long life









    DIY No-Sew Faux Fur Winter Wrap

    Prep It:










    Do It!:

    1. Cut your piece of faux fur. I used 1 yard (36″) of a 60″ wide bolt. The piece I started with was 36″ x 60″ but you could make it slimmer than 36″ if you want a more narrow wrap and shorter than 60 if you don’t want it to wrap as far around. Keep in mind that you will be folding it in half lengthwise so that the faux fur is on the outside and inside.
    2. Hot glue down a 1.5″ to 2″ hem on each edge of the 36″ long sides – these will create a finished look to each end of your wrap.
    3. Lay your fabric piece flat with the fur size down and fold the long edged in towards the center of the raw side of the fabric. Basically like you’re folding a burrito. Glue this down in place and create a clean finish by folding whatever flap is on top under a couple inches creating another 1.5″ to 2″ hem. Keep gluing until you feel all sides are secure.
    4. Now you have your finished long rectangle and you could leave it like this or add a hook and eye closure.
    5. To add the closure, wrap the shawl around your shoulders (or the person you’re gifting it to) and mark with a pin where you want to sew the hook to the underside of one flap and the eye to the top side of the other flap so they line up. I sewed mine up towards the top of my wrap to that it wouldn’t fold over.
    6. Sew the hook and eye on through the loops using your needle and thread and done!


    Lovely smelling candle from By Rosie Jane


    Vanilla Bean Infused Body Oil

    Prep It:


    Do It!:

    1. Cut a piece of vanilla bean and push it inside the apothecary bottle.
    2. Fill up your bottle with 1/3 coconut oil, 1/3 jojoba oil, and 1/3 sunflower seed oil – this ratio is up to you, you could use all of just one oil if you want.
    3. Cork or cap your bottle and add a handmade tag tied on with some twine!
    4. Use this oil after a shower or bath or throughout the winter to refresh dry skin! The longer you let the vanilla bean sit the better the oil will smell!



    For the fellow or bearded shavin’ lady on your list, Harry’s is also an awesome gift idea!  Send a shave kit directly to their door. I love the razor, it feel vintage and sleek.

    I hope you enjoy these DIY holiday gifts and let me know if you make any for your loved ones this season! xo

  11. KATE’S TAKE: Daytime Makeup Tutorial and Business BTS

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    A quick makeup tutorial for my latest go-to, daily makeup look plus some behind-the-scenes from our Black Friday / Cyber Monday prep! Running your own business often means working late at home with take-out dinner! Watch the video above to see Joey vacuuming glitter off the sidewalk… no, I’m serious! We shot some photos for the Black Friday sale and I threw glitter in the air and then Joey vacuumed with the cordless vacuum which is actually the pretty nifty Bissell Bolt.

    Thank you enjoy watching and for all your support and Happy Thanksgiving!

    What I used for my easy, daytime makeup look…


    1. concealer under eyes, around nose and on blemishes: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer
    2. blended in with: eco tools foundation brush
    3. matte powder applied with stipple brush: Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation
    4. primed eyelids with: L.A. Girl HD eyeshadow primer
    5. set eyeshadow primer with: Laura Mercier secret brightening powder #1
    6. curled lashes with: Sephora Eyelash curler
    7. used ‘Snow’ in inner corners of eye and under brow bone and ‘Lt Brown’ on entire lid below crease: Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette 2
    8. used one heavy coat of: Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
    9. created cat eye with: Lancome Artliner liquid liner
    10. filled in brows with: Billion Dollar Brows Universal eyebrow pencil
    11. groomed brows with: Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
    12. used the bronzer and coral blush from: Lorac Pro To Go palette
    13. my go-to sheer berry color for lips: Stila lip gloss in Cranberry

    Annnd some photos from the Black Friday shoot Joey and I did…







  12. roundup: beautiful holiday tables

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY TABLES on Pinterest.

    Last week I started getting my Thanksgiving menu planned with some easy, healthy and unique looking recipes and today I’m gathering some inspiration for how to set the table! I hope these photos get you inspired to kick off your Thanksgiving week and maybe decorate your table a little differently this year.

    Hover your mouse over any of the images to see the caption and of course click on through to get more details on Pinterest.

    For a lovely Mr. Kate DIY placeholder idea, check out: ‘DIY: Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Place Cards

    You know what else looks delicious on a holiday table?  The Voyager Necklace, Cullier Cuff and Forcella Ring, of course!  We’ve teamed up with the SPRING app on an exclusive ‘Holiday Feast Bundle’.  Spring is a shopping app for your iPhone that’s easy to use and MOBILE of course.  Check it out to find out just how much you could be saving on our ‘Holiday Feast Bundle’! Holiday Feast Bundle- Antiqued Gold & Holiday Feast Bundle- Oxidized Silver.







  13. Two Couples In A Condo! Part 2: Decorate The Master Bedroom!

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    You saw the tour in part 1 of Two Couples In A Condo, so now let’s get down to designing! First up, the master bedroom where Natalie and Ben are in desperate need of some color and cohesiveness. The biggest opportunity for adding design and pattern is on the bed, in the curtains and an area rug put at the base of the bed. We also re-arranged the furniture, mounted the TV and brought up a lower profile sideboard from downstairs to go under the TV.

    We ditched the ceiling fan, vertical blindes, painted over the icky green paint in the bathroom and made a DIY upholstered bench (how to below) to pull the whole room together. I love how it looks! Let us know what you think below in the comments!

    If you missed episode 1, check it out here: ‘Two Couples In A Condo! Episode 1: Condo Tour





    Decorating items we used in Natalie and Ben’s Bedroom:


    DIY Upholstered Bench

    Prep It:



    Do It!:

    Wood Frame:

    1. Cut the 2″x2″ into four 17″ pieces, set aside.
    2. Cut the 2×4′s into two 36″ pieces and four 8″ pieces.
    3. Drill the 36″ pieces to two of the 8″ pieces to build the base of the frame.
    4. Drill your 17″ legs, on the inside of the base.
    5. Use the remaining 8″ 2×4′s to reinforce the legs by drilling them into the back of them.
    6. Spray paint the entire frame and let dry.

    Upholstered Top:

    1. Cut your foam to the size of the 1″x16″x40″ piece of wood.
    2. Hot glue the foam to the wood.
    3. Place the foam side face down onto the batting and wrap the batting around to the underside of the wood and staple in place. Staple the center of opposite sides first to ensure a snug and even fit. Take extra time to fold the batting in neat creases around the corners for an even and not clumpy look.
    4. Staple the fabric over the batting in the same manner that you did the batting (starting in the center of the opposite sides and taking care to fold even pleats at the corner for a clean finish. Trim the excess of the fabric underneath.
    5. Drill the underside of your upholstered seat of the bench to the base with your L brackets and you are finished! Take a seat!

















    What’s your favorite part of the transformation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! xo

  14. OOTD: winter warrior

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    Baby it’s cooooold outside. I mean, not really here in LA but it’s getting chillier and I know a lot of you across the world are now dealing with cooler temps. If I’m being honest, it’s not my favorite to be chilly but I do welcome cozy fabrics, knits, boots and hats so there’s a cozy lining to the drop in degrees.

    This outfit it kind of my version of a business warrior. I think you could wear something like this to work or out and about on a chilly day. You could also put a warmer trench type coat over it if needed. You’ll see some hints of our brand new Roses Are Gold BeautyMarks in rose gold as well as a matte and shiny half moon manicure… well, half moon on one hand and reversed half moon aka crescent moon on the other. Because #whynot!

    For more winter styling check out, ‘OOTD: Acid Washed Winter





    Shop the Look!

    Petal to the Metal Necklace




    Shop the Look!

    Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring



    Outfit Deets:

  15. New York City Travel Diary

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     We’re back from our quick trip to New York City and while we were there we took some video footage and photos to share with you all! We visited some magazines around the city in the magnificent Hearst building as well as elsewhere like Times Square. We stayed with my Grandma, also known as Granny, who is very opinionated about news anchor’s arm gestures. I put some BeautyMarks on her and they looked fabulous! She picked out the arrow for herself and the key for my from the gold packet. I enjoyed wearing my mullet outfits (business top, party bottom) like the Ryan Gosling leggings - see more photos of them in this outfit post.

    You can shop the new rose gold BeautyMarks here and find out more about Magnolia’s Hope and Rett Syndrome here.

    mrkate_ny_vlog_7 mrkate_ny_vlog_6


    mrkate_ny_vlog_5 mrkate_ny_vlog_4


    Shop the Look!

    The Timeless Cuff


  16. DIY thanksgiving fall leaf place cards

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    Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner so here are some fun DIY river stone and fall leaf place card holders you can make for your upcoming festive table tops! I love how these organic name tag weights look next to embelished dishware. Use these river rocks to weigh down the name tags or you could even write the name directly on the leaf if you want these to act as a little party favor for guests to take home with them after the big meal!

    Get some recipe inspiration in: Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes


    Prep It:







    Shop the Look!

    Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring

    Do It!:

    1. Flatten and dry out the leaves in a book or with a weight and some waxed paper between the sheets to keep the leaves from sticking. This will take a couple days to dry them out effectively.
    2. Once your leaves have been dried and pressed use the foam brush and a generous amount of Mod Podge to decoupage each of them to a stone. Make sure the paint the surface of the stone first with decoupage glue, place the leaf down and then paint another layer of glue over the top of the leaf.
    3. Continue with all your leaves and rocks until you have enough for all your guests and let dry.
    4. Cut out tag shapes out of your craft paper.  Make sure the tag is big enough to have the rock on it and still be able to see the name.Write your guest’s names on the tags.
    5. Style them on the plates or above as part of the place setting and let the festivities begin!




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