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  1. get ready… Mr. Kate’s Black Friday gift guide!

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    The biggest sales event of the year is coming!!! Are YOU ready for Black Friday?! We are here at Mr. Kate HQ and we’re very excited for this Friday to be serving you deals up to 70% off your favorite Mr. Kate pieces!

    Mark your calendar… the sale starts Friday, November 28 at 12:01AM EST and lasts through Sunday, November 30 to 11:59PM EST.  Here’s a little taste of what’s in store for the mark down!…


    • UNDER $20: Lagoon Earpiece, Shooting Star Earpiece, Cute Knot Ring, Mixed Metal Bangles, Fang And Lapis, & SO MUCH MORE!
    • UNDER $50: Forest Horizon Cuff, Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring, Third Eye Necklace, Dreamcatcher Lattice Ring, Geo And Spike Earrings, & MANY MORE!
    • UNDER $100: Victorian Lace, Voyager 3-In-1 Necklace, Treasure Cuffs, Goddess Necklace, Petal To The Metal,
    • and MANY MANY MORE!!!

    Also a little cyber fairy told me that this Cyber Monday we will be giving away a free gift with purchase!


  2. roundup: beautiful holiday tables

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY TABLES on Pinterest.

    Last week I started getting my Thanksgiving menu planned with some easy, healthy and unique looking recipes and today I’m gathering some inspiration for how to set the table! I hope these photos get you inspired to kick off your Thanksgiving week and maybe decorate your table a little differently this year.

    Hover your mouse over any of the images to see the caption and of course click on through to get more details on Pinterest.

    For a lovely Mr. Kate DIY placeholder idea, check out: ‘DIY: Thanksgiving Fall Leaf Place Cards

    You know what else looks delicious on a holiday table?  The Voyager Necklace, Cullier Cuff and Forcella Ring, of course!  We’ve teamed up with the SPRING app on an exclusive ‘Holiday Feast Bundle’.  Spring is a shopping app for your iPhone that’s easy to use and MOBILE of course.  Check it out to find out just how much you could be saving on our ‘Holiday Feast Bundle’! Holiday Feast Bundle- Antiqued Gold & Holiday Feast Bundle- Oxidized Silver.







  3. Two Couples In A Condo! Part 2: Decorate The Master Bedroom!

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    You saw the tour in part 1 of Two Couples In A Condo, so now let’s get down to designing! First up, the master bedroom where Natalie and Ben are in desperate need of some color and cohesiveness. The biggest opportunity for adding design and pattern is on the bed, in the curtains and an area rug put at the base of the bed. We also re-arranged the furniture, mounted the TV and brought up a lower profile sideboard from downstairs to go under the TV.

    We ditched the ceiling fan, vertical blindes, painted over the icky green paint in the bathroom and made a DIY upholstered bench (how to below) to pull the whole room together. I love how it looks! Let us know what you think below in the comments!

    If you missed episode 1, check it out here: ‘Two Couples In A Condo! Episode 1: Condo Tour





    Decorating items we used in Natalie and Ben’s Bedroom:


    DIY Upholstered Bench

    Prep It:



    Do It!:

    Wood Frame:

    1. Cut the 2″x2″ into four 17″ pieces, set aside.
    2. Cut the 2×4′s into two 36″ pieces and four 8″ pieces.
    3. Drill the 36″ pieces to two of the 8″ pieces to build the base of the frame.
    4. Drill your 17″ legs, on the inside of the base.
    5. Use the remaining 8″ 2×4′s to reinforce the legs by drilling them into the back of them.
    6. Spray paint the entire frame and let dry.

    Upholstered Top:

    1. Cut your foam to the size of the 1″x16″x40″ piece of wood.
    2. Hot glue the foam to the wood.
    3. Place the foam side face down onto the batting and wrap the batting around to the underside of the wood and staple in place. Staple the center of opposite sides first to ensure a snug and even fit. Take extra time to fold the batting in neat creases around the corners for an even and not clumpy look.
    4. Staple the fabric over the batting in the same manner that you did the batting (starting in the center of the opposite sides and taking care to fold even pleats at the corner for a clean finish. Trim the excess of the fabric underneath.
    5. Drill the underside of your upholstered seat of the bench to the base with your L brackets and you are finished! Take a seat!

















    What’s your favorite part of the transformation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! xo

  4. OOTD: winter warrior

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    Baby it’s cooooold outside. I mean, not really here in LA but it’s getting chillier and I know a lot of you across the world are now dealing with cooler temps. If I’m being honest, it’s not my favorite to be chilly but I do welcome cozy fabrics, knits, boots and hats so there’s a cozy lining to the drop in degrees.

    This outfit it kind of my version of a business warrior. I think you could wear something like this to work or out and about on a chilly day. You could also put a warmer trench type coat over it if needed. You’ll see some hints of our brand new Roses Are Gold BeautyMarks in rose gold as well as a matte and shiny half moon manicure… well, half moon on one hand and reversed half moon aka crescent moon on the other. Because #whynot!

    For more winter styling check out, ‘OOTD: Acid Washed Winter





    Shop the Look!

    Petal to the Metal Necklace




    Shop the Look!

    Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring



    Outfit Deets:

  5. New York City Travel Diary

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     We’re back from our quick trip to New York City and while we were there we took some video footage and photos to share with you all! We visited some magazines around the city in the magnificent Hearst building as well as elsewhere like Times Square. We stayed with my Grandma, also known as Granny, who is very opinionated about news anchor’s arm gestures. I put some BeautyMarks on her and they looked fabulous! She picked out the arrow for herself and the key for my from the gold packet. I enjoyed wearing my mullet outfits (business top, party bottom) like the Ryan Gosling leggings - see more photos of them in this outfit post.

    You can shop the new rose gold BeautyMarks here and find out more about Magnolia’s Hope and Rett Syndrome here.

    mrkate_ny_vlog_7 mrkate_ny_vlog_6


    mrkate_ny_vlog_5 mrkate_ny_vlog_4


    Shop the Look!

    The Timeless Cuff


  6. DIY thanksgiving fall leaf place cards

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    Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner so here are some fun DIY river stone and fall leaf place card holders you can make for your upcoming festive table tops! I love how these organic name tag weights look next to embelished dishware. Use these river rocks to weigh down the name tags or you could even write the name directly on the leaf if you want these to act as a little party favor for guests to take home with them after the big meal!

    Get some recipe inspiration in: Healthy and Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes


    Prep It:







    Shop the Look!

    Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring

    Do It!:

    1. Flatten and dry out the leaves in a book or with a weight and some waxed paper between the sheets to keep the leaves from sticking. This will take a couple days to dry them out effectively.
    2. Once your leaves have been dried and pressed use the foam brush and a generous amount of Mod Podge to decoupage each of them to a stone. Make sure the paint the surface of the stone first with decoupage glue, place the leaf down and then paint another layer of glue over the top of the leaf.
    3. Continue with all your leaves and rocks until you have enough for all your guests and let dry.
    4. Cut out tag shapes out of your craft paper.  Make sure the tag is big enough to have the rock on it and still be able to see the name.Write your guest’s names on the tags.
    5. Style them on the plates or above as part of the place setting and let the festivities begin!




  7. healthy and delicious thanksgiving recipes

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board THANKSGIVING MENU on Pinterest.

    Lately I’ve been so busy with work on Mr. Kate that I rarely cook but with Thanksgiving around the corner I’m getting excited to put a menu of delicious and healthy recipes together that are both traditional and outside the box. I put together this board of all the recipes that I want to make including vegan/vegetarian, gluten free stuffing, non-turkey options, side dishes, desserts and festive cocktails.

    Hover your mouse over any of the images to see the caption and of course click on through to get the recipe off the Pinterest board. Happy drooling!

    For some decor to go with your feast, check out:  ‘Roundup: Fall/Thanksgiving Decor

  8. Mister Sister! Episode 6: Luxurious Living Room Before & After

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    Of all the Mister Sister episodes this one is the most bitter-sweet! Sweet, because Tess’s living room is exactly what she wanted it to be, a classy, elegant space where she can entertain but also get cozy and watch TV. Bitter, because it’s our final Mister Sister episode…her apartment is officially complete! With the bold patterns, blue and white china, white color palette with a splash of grey, coral and blue, and glorious DIY projects all over, I have to say this has been a fun transformation.  I can’t wait to come over to my little sister’s comfy pad and have her mix me up something delicious.  Here’s hoping she keeps it clean, that little bugger!

    What are your favorite parts of the living room? I love how the banana photos turned out. Did you spot all of our thrift store finds from Mister Sister Episode 4: Thrift Store Haul?

    We hope you enjoyed watching Mister Sister and stay tuned for more Mr. Kate projects, we have some exciting ones coming your way.

    If you missed Mister Sister Episode 5: Cozy Kitchen Cuties, watch it here!


    Remember the moodboard we created in Episode 1?… Full of mixed patterns, white, blue, coral, grey and black…





    Decorating items we used in Tess’s living room:

    Hide your cable box and cords!

    • Joey used a 1 1/4″ drill bit to drill a hole and run the cable box cords through and then placed a tiny remote repeater eye on the top of the hutch with transmits the remote signals to the box hidden behind the cabinet doors… so much cleaner looking!





    DIY Banana Photos

    Prep It:

    • Bananas
    • Permenant marker
    • Spray adhesive
    • Rhinstones
    • Glitter
    • White or colored poster board for photo backdrop
    • Camera
    • Computer and photo editing program like iPhoto or Photoshop
    • Store-bought frames with mattes – I got the large ones for Tess’ living room at Ikea

    DO IT!:

    1. Decorate your bananas with the permenant marker ( I wrote Chanel No. B) or glitter and rhinestones (use the spray adhesive to make them stick)
    2. Take photos against the paper backdrop and upload them to your computer
    3. Edit the photos to your liking and order prints in a size that will fit your frames – I like to use GrannyStone
    4. Frame your prints and hang them on the wall!














    Cheers to finishing, Tess loving the design and all of you watching and supporting! Thank you!!! xo

  9. Together Sweater: Make a DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

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    In honor of celebrating the season of togetherness Joey and I donned the #TOMSforTarget Together Sweater that they sent around to a few people and we (tried) to make a DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland…together! See below for the full how-to for the garland and watch us wear the biggest sweater ever in the video above! #OneforOneforAll

    Check out the wonderful Target + TOMS Collection here …they have great stuff and anything you buy gives back! Love that!




    Prep It:















    Do It!:

    1. Fold your tissue paper in half lengthwise.
    2. Now, fold it in half widthwise.
    3. Fold it one more time length wise.
    4. Leaving about 2″ at the crease, cut your fringe up the folded tissue paper.  Continue until the whole sheet is cut.
    5. Unfold your tissue paper once and cut along the crease.
    6. Unfold again and cut along that next crease.  You should now have four separate pieces with fringe on each end.
    7. Roll each piece in the center to form a tube.
    8. Twist the uncut section.
    9. Make a loop and use hot glue to secure it.
    10. Repeat all of the steps until your have the amount of tassels you need for your garland.
    11. You are now ready to string your tassels to your twine and decorate festively!






    Please comment and let us know what you think! xo!

    Thank you Target for sponsoring this post.

  10. Roses Are Gold: Rose Gold BeautyMarks Debut

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    I am elated to share with you the brand new images for our brand new Roses Are Gold BeautyMarks in shiny rose gold! This packet of all new designs features hand-drawn and hand-painted BeautyMarks by me that you can apply to your face and body like temporary tattoos which we call “The New Makeup” – see our previous gold, silver, black and watercolor BeautyMarks here. Rose gold is a feminine metal and I wanted to celebrate the delicate hue by drawing inspiration for the designs from gardens, flowers and vines. This new set of BeautyMarks is especially personal to me because it celebrates the feminine strength of every woman and gives back to a charity that is close to my heart.

    We styled these photos this past weekend with the amazing photographer Laura Austin and stunning model Rebecca Carrington!


    Buy a package and give back! Featured in this package of Rose Gold designs is a standalone watercolor magnolia flower that I painted in honor of my 4 year old friend, Magnolia, who was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that has devastating effects and occurs almost exclusively in girls. Rett does not yet have a cure but when it does, it will also help advance treatments for Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more.


    $1 from each purchase of our new Roses Are Gold BeautyMarks will go to help fund Rett Syndrome research for a cure. I hope these rose gold BeautyMarks make you feel like a flower basking in the sunshine and revel in the joy of life, and help other precious flowers like Magnolia to thrive and grow strong into their full blossoms! Learn more about Magnolia’s Hope here.

    Shop the Roses Are Gold BeautyMarks here and enjoy the rest of the photos below…










    BeautyMarks-RosesAreGold-01-WEB BeautyMarks-RosesAreGold-02-WEB

    What are you going to makeup? Shop Roses Are Gold BeautyMarks and post your pics with #mrkate so I can see how you styled “The New Makeup”!

  11. DIY ombré dipped paper art

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    One of the most impactful things you can do in a room design is bring in color. This DIY Ombré Dipped Paper Art project is perfect for those of you living in a rental where you can’t paint the walls, in a dorm where you can’t use nails in a wall or if you’re just wanting to experiment with a color before you commit to overall wall paint! You could change this project per the seasons and use different colors and also change the scale by using larger or smaller pieces of paper… basically my point is, this is a very versatile project so you should DO IT!

    I also love how delicate the gradient aka ombré of color looks and another great thing about this DIY is there are no painting skills necessary!

    For another wall-art DIY, check out my ‘DIY Poetic Clay Art


    Prep It:




    Shop the Look!

    Forest Reflection Ring





    DO IT!:

    1. Rip all the edges of your card stock to give them texture  - optoinal if you’d rather have non-ragged edges.
    2. Pour some of your paint color into a bucket filling just a couple inches from the bottom
    3. Dip some of your card stock pieces into the fully saturated paint and lay them on a drop cloth to dry. (tip: placing baking or parchment paper on top of your drop cloth will make for easy removal once all the pieces are dry)
    4. Pour some water into the paint bucket to thin the paint and lighten the color and start the gradient process. Stir.  Repeat step number 3 with more pieces of paper.
    5. Keep repeating steps 3 & 4 adding more water to lighten the paint and dipping more pieces of paper until you’re happy with your ombré and amount of pieces of paper to fill your wall space.  I added a cup of water between each set of card stock dips, but the amount will vary based on the color of paint you desire.
    6. Let all your pieces dry fully and use poster tac to hang your color dipped paper in a gorgeous grid starting with lightest to darkest or vise-versa.




  12. Two Couples In A Condo! Part 1: Condo Tour!

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    Hello and welcome to our new mini-series: Two Couples In A Condo!  A couple weeks ago, one of my oldest and dearest childhood friends, Natalie, called me up and told me she’d moved into a new confo with her boyfriend Ben and they were stuck on how to decorate. Joey and I seized the moment to help these cute folks out of greys-ville and document it to share with you all! The hand-me-down couch, Natalie inherited from her grandparents, they had reupholstered grey.  The wall color in their bedroom and their bedding is also… grey.  Grey is a common color choice for couples since it isn’t as plain as white but it also isn’t committing to any actual color either.  These two have a lot of great mid-century style furniture from grandparents but are having trouble placing them and making it all feel more alive and fun… like them!  Joey and I have our work cut out for us, but we are excited to help them out and make this place amazing.  Oh, and did I mention Ben has a slot machine and a JUKEBOX?  What the heck am I supposed to do with a giant jukebox in a living room?!  WOOF.

    The tour of the BEFORE…








    The vibe / inspiration board process…




    Stay tuned to see how we pull this place together and make it fun!

  13. OOTD: Ryan Gosling All Up In My Junk

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    This post is for the ladies, or for the men who also appreciate what it means to have some Ryan Gosling on their junk. These leggings by The Clashist are the perfect amount of weird and dapper. Since they’re such a party I decided to add a little business with the black blazer to make this outfit work and play appropriate. MrKate_Ryan_Gossling-2MrKate_Ryan_Gossling-5MrKate_Ryan_Gossling-4MrKate_Ryan_Gossling-13


    Shop the Look!

    Treasure Cuff


    Shop the Look!

    The Voyager 3-in-1 Necklace



    Outfit Deets:

  14. decorate with: old trunks

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board DECORATE WITH: OLD TRUNKS on Pinterest.

    I’ve always loved old trunks. My grandma used to buy them at flea markets, garage sales, etc. and paint them or fix them up and gift them to us to use as toy chests and the like. Now-a-days I have a total of 3 old trunks residing in our 2 bedroom home!

    Old trunks do three things: 1. They bring in a wonderful, vintag, world traveler look to any space, 2. A trunk provides storage inside the trunk and 3. A trunk (that has a flat top) provides a surface area you can use as a coffee table or side table, etc. Trunks are easy to find at most flea markets and some thrift stores or antique shops. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite interior design uses for old trunks which you can see in the images above. Viewing tip: Hover your mouse curser over a particular image to see my caption/design note associated with that specific image.

    DIY Tip: Often an old trunk looks amazing as is, letting its aged leather, wood, metal or peeling paint bring in a vintage element. However, if a trunk is too beat up, give it a good cleaning and then refresh it with a new paint job in a fun color or pattern. You can also use fabric and mod podge to add fabric panels like this.

    For tips on ‘Decorating With Suitcases’ click here.

    How do you decorate with your old trunk?

  15. how to arm party: 4 ways to deck your wrist

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    Jackie Asks: Hey, Mr.Kate! How are you? It seems as though I’ve been living under a rock while everyone has been perfecting their arm parties. I wanted to ask you what do you think are the bracelet essentials to an extravagant arm party?

    My Answer: Hi Jackie! I’m great and I hope you are too! I love this question because I personally partake in the arm party daily. For those of you that aren’t sure what I’m talking about, an ‘arm party’ is basically a stack of bracelets on one wrist creating a happening style moment aka a party! I put together a photo example below of 4 different arm parties you can throw: The Dainty, The Classy, The Playful and The Rager. Of course, I used all Mr. Kate bracelets and cuffs but you can take these tips and apply them to your personal bracelet collection. Party on dudes!

     For inspo on layering rings, check out Styling: Multiple Rings

    Click on the gold thumb tack above to shop the specific bracelet!


    • The Dainty arm party: Pair delicate cuffs with one text cuff, two chain and/or beaded bracelets. The resulting party is delicate and easy to wear daily even to work of if you’re into a more delicate look. Feel free to mix your metals and add color with the beaded bracelet in this type of party. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -


    • The Classy arm party: Create a classic looking arm party by pairing like metal tones (in this case I did yellow gold). Balance two statement cuffs by adding a rhinestone or crystal bracelet or cuff in between. Wear this kind of arm party to dress up any look. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -


    • The Playful arm party: Arm parties, just like actual parties, should be fun! For a playful bracelet pairing choose quirky cuffs in a variety of sizes and metal colors. Wear a party like this to add an element of whimsy to any casual look. I like a playful party to add personality to a simple jeans and tee outfit. - shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -


    • The Rager arm party: And last, but not least, the Rager! This is an all out bash, the biggest and best arm party you could ever throw! Pair statment making metal cuffs with thinner rhinestone or crystal cuffs, a text cuff and beaded and/or chain bracelets. Experiment with mixing metals and wearing some cuffs upside down, like I did with the third Treasure cuff so the opening is on top of your wrist. Wear a Rager when you want to make a statement with any outfit from casual to going-out-on-the-town. – shop the individual bracelets by clicking on the gold thumbtacks on the image -

    I hope these 4 arm parties help inspire you to throw your own fabulous, wrist shindig! xo

    All jewelry pictured available at the Mr. Kate shop.

  16. Mister Sister! Episode 5: Cute Cozy Kitchen!

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    Tess’ petite, apartment kitchen posed a few design challenges. One, it’s small, two we didn’t want to paint and three, the tile is a bold (and kind of loud) black and yellow. To remedy these issues I chose a petite table that we DIY distressed to make it look like reclaimed wood and soften the bold tile and paired it with two chairs to not eat up too much space. We also added visual interest around the galley kitchen including new light fixtures, basket storage above the fridge, a magazine rack as a pantry and a pot rack. Links to all the items we used are below.

    Happy Birthday Tess! I hope you cook delicious meals and feel cozy in your cute kitchen! Please comment below and let us know what you think. xo



    Decorating items we used in Titi’s Cantina:




    DIY Reclaimed Wood – This is a great project to do on an unfinished wood piece of furniture to get that reclaimed wood look without the big price tag!

    Prep It:







    Do It!:

    1. Use the chain, screw driver and/or wood chisel to beat up your wood to give it some battle wounds and knicks in areas it may have been “used” over years. Use the sand paper to add scratch marks and wear down edges. These marks will give it character and make it look aged. Don’t go too crazy or uniform with the marks or wear to keep it looking natural.
    2. Put on rubber gloves and dip the rag into the gel stain.  Rub the stain evenly over your project until it is completely covered. Let dry.
    3. (Optional, but recommended if your project is a surface that will get a lot of wear like a table top) Paint the table top with the polycrylic finish to seal your project. Let dry and enjoy!















    Hope you like the transformation! Comment and let us know what you think!

    Watch more Mister Sister here

  17. Vlog #3: fitness app, pussy panties and curly hair products

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    Happy Halloween! Need some last minute Halloween inspiration? Click here!

    Hi!!! Happy to be back to vlogging! This week I’m answering the many questions we’ve gotten via comments about what is going on with OMG We Bought A House as well as talking about my new favorite fitness app, eco friendly yoga mat and curly hair styling products! Watch the video above and check out the photos and links below! Comment and let me know what you want me to cover next week! xo


    • My favorite fitness app is Yoga Studio – download it and use the existing classes or compose your own and schedule your classes on your phone’s calendar to remind you to workout!


    • My new eco friendly yoga mat made out of tree rubber is an eKO by Manduka mat – it’s nice and thick and sticky so you don’t slide but smells weird at first. Let it air out and use the mat refreshing spray to keep it clean and smelling lovely.



     Thanks for watching! Please comment and let me know what you want me to talk about next and if you have any questions! xo

  18. DIY pussy panties

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    It’s National Cat Day today and in honor of our furry friends, I wanted to DIY a pair of Pussy Panties using some images of my precious pussies Roxanne and Winston. I post photos of them all the time on my Instagram and recently I saw this pic (below) of Emma Watson wearing a pair of pussy panties. I think the photo may have been doctored but non-the-less she is a modern day feminist and I was inspired!

    In honor of National Cat Day we are also doing a special 30% OFF discount on the Finx cuff bracelet (a mythical cat/fox creature – Winston is modeling it below in rose gold – also available in yellow and white gold). Enter code: FORTHELOVEOFCATS at checkout from the Mr. Kate shop! Code expires tonight (10/29) at midnight PST so shop quick!


    Shop the Look!

    Finx Cuff. Various Colors.


    The inspiration..


    Prep It:

    • Cotton panties
    • Iron-On transfer sheets
    • A pillowcase
    • Hard surface like cutting board
    • Iron
    • Scissors
    • Photos of cats – I used photos of my own cats Roxanne and Winston but you can use pics from online, etc.









    DO IT!:

    1. Choose your photo and print it out on the iron on transfer sheet – follow the instructions on the package as some sheets vary. I chose to edit the photos on the computer so it would just be my cat’s heads but you can print out the full cat, etc. whatever you want!
    2. Iron the pillowcase and place it on the hard surface like a cutting board – you don’t want to use an ironing board because you want to be able to press hard against a hard surface so the transfer sticks.
    3. Cut out the transfer as close to the image as possible
    4. Iron the area on the panties where you want the patch and place the transfer sheet face down on the area.
    5. Iron over the transfer pressing firmly and moving in a circular motion. Concentrate most on the edges and make sure all areas have at least 15 to 20 seconds of heat. *instructions may vary depending on brand of transfer paper.
    6. Slowly peel away the backing to reveal your transfer and proudly wear your pussy panties!


    Roxanne kind of looks like she’s in a headlock! LOL!

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