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  1. cute and classy Super Bowl party ideas

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board CUTE & CLASSY SUPERBOWL on Pinterest.

    If you’re like me, you might be more excited about the Super Bowl party than the actual Super Bowl. A theme party is always fun but it doesn’t have to be cheesy…except for your bean dip. Here are some fabulous DIY decor and recipe ideas to make your Super Bowl a cute and classy soiree. Hover over the images on the board to see my captions and click through to my Pinterest to get more info on a particular project.

    Looking for a game to play with your guests?  Watch this: ‘Kate’s Take Super Bowl Party Game

  2. DIY super bowl party game: bowl of super

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    This Super Bowl, instead of just sitting around watching the game, why not start a bowl of SUPER for you and your friends?  Challenge your group to write down events or objects that are… well… unfortunate/not ideal and place them in your DIYed bowl of super.  At commercial break or half time, everyone can take turns pulling out a piece of paper and tell the group their positive spin on whatever they pulled, turning the thing from unpleasant to SUPER and making people guess what they’re talking about. Watch Joey and I playing the game in this video.

    If you don’t want to play the Super Bowl Game, a spray painted helmet like this would make a great chip bowl or other dry food holder. Just line it with tin foil and display with your food set-up!

    Want a DIY to help cheer your team on?  Check out ‘DIY Sports Pennants


    Prep It:




    Do It!:

    1. Spray paint the helmet and cardboard tape tube and let dry.
    2. Cut up your decorative paper in little squares.
    3. Write some”unfortunate events” to make super and lay out the extra paper and marker for your guests to do the same!





  3. styling: playful dark colors

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    Karolin Asks:  Hi Kate! I sometimes want to wear dark colours but i feel like they make me look old and kind of sad. Maybe you know how to wear darker colours but still look young and playful???

    My Answer: Hi Karolin! I know, dark colors can sometimes be sad and drab but dark colors can also be incredibly chic and playful! I styled two looks using shades of black to show how dark colors can look playful in different ways. Remember that the silhouette, details and accessories are the things that will make the dark color playful. A flirty dark colored dress is a fun silhouette and lace or sheen details on a garment is a playful detail and accessories like shoes and jewelry always funk up a look. Check out my two looks below for more tips. XO!

    For more styling help, check out my post on ‘How To Arm Party‘.

    Playful Dark Colors Look 1


    For this look I made dark colors playful by pairing black with white (an always chic combo) and the black pants I’m wearing are silky track pants which are inherently playful. The details like the juxtaposition of pointy pumps with the track pants and the Le Cadeau Bow Clip-on earrings worn on my shirt lapels just add more layers of playful commentary to the look while keeping it still simple, chic and work appropriate.






    Shop the Look!

    Cadeau Clip-On Earrings


    Playful Dark Colors Look 2


    I styled this playful dark colors outfit with comfy cute casual in mind. I paired textured skinny jeans with dark brown boots, a lace top with a burnt orange bra and a blazer over top with the sleeves rolled up. The lace of the top gives the skinny jeans and boots a feminine twist and the peek of the orange bra is a playful pop of subtle color while keeping the overall look dark.



    Shop the Look!

    Tuxedo Convertible Necklace







    Outfit 1 Deets:

    Outfit 2 Deets:

  4. Kate’s Take: DIY super bowl party game & snapchat vacation!

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    Guys! I hate the Super Bowl! Well, to clarify, I don’t really care about it in any way because sports just aren’t my thing. But what I do like is super things and a fun party game so that was my inspiration to come up with this Bowl Of Super aka a Super Bowl in which you can put pieces of paper with super things written on them – kind of like daily affirmations. OR you can play a fun game at your Super Bowl party and write things that aren’t so super (like going bald, bikini waxes, stubbing your toe, etc.) and challenge yourself and guests to, charades style, hint at the thing using only super things to describe it. Get it? Watch the video above to see my Super Bowl (which I made by spray painting a kid’s football helmet shiny silver) and how Joey and I play the game. Watching Joey try to put a super spin on cellulite is worth a watch for sure!

    Also, I’m very excited because we’re leaving for Mexico tomorrow and I will be documenting our trip with daily photos and videos on Snapchat – username: mrkate. Also follow me on Instagram @mrkatedotcom for pretty pics from our trip ; )

    For more Kate’s Take fun check out: ‘Kate’s Take: justin bieber, funny ladies, and a giveaway!



    Prep It:




    Do It!:

    1. Spray paint the helmet and cardboard tape tube and let dry.
    2. Cut up your decorative paper in little squares.
    3. Write some”unfortunate events” to make super and lay out the extra paper and marker for your guests to do the same!





  5. Style Challenge: 4 Style Icons – 50s, 60s, Diane Keaton and Miley Cyrus!

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    This may be my favorite #TargetStyle Challenge yet!  Watch the video above to see how I take inspiration from four different style icons: 1950′s Mad Men character Betty Draper played by January Jones, Diane Keaton aka the menswear queen1960′s Brigitte Bardot, and Miley Cyrus aka the wild card and style looks I could wear in my every day life with key pieces and beauty items from Target Style. My goal was to bring their style to mine so I still felt like I was expressing my personal style and not dressed in a costume. What’s your favorite look? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below!

    All the outfit deets and more photos are below. Who are your style icons? Remember to hashtag #MrKate and #TargetStyle to show off your looks if you are inspired to take on this style icons challenge! xo

    If you missed the first three episodes of my Closet Remix series check out: 5 More Minutes To Looking Fabulous, Styling 4 Occasions, & Pass It On.


    Betty Draper 1950s Mad Men inspired Mixed Prints Dressy



    Betty Draper Inspired Outfit Deets: 






    Diane Keaton Menswear inspired Business Chic



    Diane Keaton Inspired Outfit Deets:






    1960s Brigitte Bardot inspired Cute Day to Night Outfit



    Brigitte Bardot Inspired Outfit Deets:



    MrKate_StyleChallenge_4Icons-37 MrKate_StyleChallenge_4Icons-39x


    Outtake! My handy leaf throwing team! ; )


    Miley Cyrus Wildcard inspired Edgy Casual



    Miley Cyrus Inspired Outfit Deets:






    What’s your favorite look? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below! xo

  6. Kate’s Take: justin bieber, funny ladies, and a giveaway!

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    Kate’s Take 2015! I shall start by talking about seeing Justin Bieber at a sushi restaurant then move on to espousing my love for funny women (read Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s book!) and then finish off with a giveaway announcement! Watch the video above!
    With Valentine’s Day is coming up, I want you all to be my Valentine so we’re giving away 3 pieces from the brand new Le Cadeau collection to three winners.
    3 lucky winners will randomly win one of these pieces:

    Winners will be chosen randomly. All you have to do to enter is sign up on our mailing list in the form below. Winners will be announced in the email newsletter on Valentines Day 2/14/15, so make sure to sign up with a valid email address that you actually check! And if you’re already on the mailing list (good for you!), fear not, you are automatically already entered in the giveaway!

    Join the List! #nospam #allfun #whynot ;)

    Giveaway Rules:
    1. Sign up on the Mr. Kate mailing list by entering your valid email address in the form above.
    2. If you are already on the mailing list you are automatically entered in the giveaway!
    3. You have up until 11:59PM EST on Friday, February 13, 2015 to enter.
    4. Winners will be announced on Valentines Day 2015 through our email newsletter.
    5. Winners are chosen and prizes assigned at random. Winners will have 24 hours to respond to the email and claim their prize otherwise a new winner will be picked and emailed.

    MrKate_KatesTake_givaway-9 MrKate_KatesTake_givaway-2A

    Cadeau Earrings


    Tuxedo Convertible Necklace


    Tuxedo Handpiece


  7. DIY chalkboard sunglasses organizer

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    Ever wonder if your sunglasses are sad when they’re not on your nose?  Do they feel unloved just chillin’ in a pile? It’s time to turn your sunglasses frown upside down! With this DIY you can give your sunglasses a nose to sit on forever more.

    Style this DIY to hang over your dresser, in your closet, by your front door or propped up on a vanity table. #LOVE!

    Looking for a sunglasses DIY?  Look no further: ‘DIY Pearl Encrusted Sunglasses‘ or ‘DIY Ribbon Sunglasses




    Prep It:










    Shop the Look!

    Treasure Ring







    Do It!:

    1. Using your ruler and pencil, mark evenly spaced dots on the wood board where you will drill and thread the twine. (Note where the sunglasses will sit. I started my marks closer to the left side to leave room for my final nose on the right side with 4 inches between each mark.)
    2. Prop your board up and drill your holes – I used two buckets
    3. On the back evenly measure out where you want to screw in both of the D-ring picture hangers, about 1 1/2 inches down and in from the top corners should do the trick
    4. Screw in the D-ring picture hangers. (If you want to prop up your organizer instead of hanging up you can disregard step 3 & 4.)
    5. Apply two coats of the chalkboard paint onto the board and let dry between coats.
    6. Season the board by rubbing chalk evenly over the completely dried chalkboard paint. (This will allow you to erase the chalk completely without ghosting chalk marks.) Erase!
    7. Loop the twine through the drilled holes and tie in the back of the board.
    8. Label your board as you like with chalk – I wrote “Incognito” because that’s how I feel when I wear big sunglasses.
    9. Draw on your noses!  Have fun with it and give your noses some diversity. :)
    10. Optional: Hot glue a rhinestone on one of your little noses as a nose ring and shape a small piece of wire into a half circle to hot glue on as a septum nose ring!
    11. Hang or prop up your organizer and display your sunglasses with flair.



    What do you think of this project? Would you make it? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

  8. A Hollywood Home: Big House, Single Guy

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    When our friend Tyler told us he bought a house, we were like “OMG! YOU BOUGHT A HOUSE?!” And of course, we couldn’t wait to jump in and help him decorate his vintage, Hollywood home. His house has some amazing bones but its hard to tell at the moment with the horrendous paint colors. In this first episode we get a tour from Tyler and then sit down to plan the design with an interactive moodboard that Tyler helps put together. I’m getting some great ideas from what he’s drawn to like the patterned wallpapers, vintage brass items and his mom’s fantastic vintage rugs! Are you as excited as I am to see what we do with the Hackney Empire wallpaper and William Morris Strawberry Thief wallpaper?

    Stay tuned and please comment to share your thoughts on what we should do in Tyler’s bachelor pad!

    For more fun interior design videos, check out: OMG! We Bought A House!Mister Sister!, & Two Couples In A Condo!














     Let us know what you think! What do you want to see us do in Tyler’s vintage Hollywood home?

  9. Le Cadeau collection release and lookbook

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    Mr. Kate Le Cadeau Collection

    Put a bow on it! Very excited to introduce our newest collection Le Cadeau which is french for The Gift. I designed this collection to capture the romance of a beautifully wrapped gift and the elegance of the black-tie with pieces featuring organic ribbon-like metal bows and black bow ties made from set stones.

    “Le Cadeau” is a play on the classic bow silhouette with the signature Mr. Kate twist. Soft and feminine bows are juxtaposed in bold metal forms and luxe finishes from glamourous gold to edgy oxidized silver. The collection features a range of delicate to bold, with pieces like the intricate Tuxedo Handpiece providing the perfect accessory for a glamorous night out to the statement Cadeau Chaine Necklace featuring layers of gold chain and faceted crystal accents. Prices range from $58-$145, exclusively available on

    Take a look at the lookbook images below which were so much fun to style on the gorgeous Ali Collier. All images by master photographer Kat Borchart, hair and makeup by Christina Guerra and nail art by Amie Morimoto.

    Mr. Kate Tuxedo Handpiece

    Mr. Kate Cadeau Chaine Necklace

    Mr. Kate Tuxedo Ear Pins

    Mr. Kate Tuxedo Cuff

    Mr. Kate Tuxedo Ring

    Mr. Kate Tuxedo Convertible Necklace

    Mr. Kate Tuxedo Handpiece

    Mr. Kate Cadeau Chaine Necklace

    Mr. Kate Cadeau Clip On Earrings

    What do you guys think? What are your must-have pieces?

  10. DIY romantic ribbon wall art

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    Who doesn’t love a good bow? Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to romaticize your home. This DIY is a subtle way to bring some girly flair to your wall and would look superb year round! Also a great DIY for those of you in a rental or dorm who are partial to tacks over nails.

    Want to make your hair into a bow? I have just the thing: ‘DIY Hair Bow Bun



    Prep It:





    DO IT!:

    1. Plan out your bow design by manipulating the ribbon into a shape and size you like on a table top or the floor. Snap a photo on your phone of the layout for reference.
    2. Recreate your design on the wall, thumb tacking it in place as you go.
    3. Viola, instant romance!




  11. decorate with: shelves

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board STYLIN’ SHELVES on Pinterest.

    Bara Asks: Hi Mr.Kate, can you share some tricks on how to decorate a bigger shelf which is one of the major focus points in the room?

    My Answer: Hi Bara! Styling shelves is one of my favorite things to do in a room. Shelving is where you can place your fun odds and ends and really give the room some personality.  A large shelf thats the center of attention is no different.  It needs to have a clean balance of functionality and purpose.  With one large shelf you can place a statement piece of art surrounded by some large decorative vases, stacks of books, potted plants, bronze/copper/ceramic animals or objects, etc. The possibilities are endless!  The main thing to remember is not to overdo it.  Over styled or cramped shelves look messy and can hurt a room.  Simplicity and balance is key!  Take a look at this board above to see some successfully styled rooms and peep my checklist below as a cheat sheet to make your shelf look its best.

    Hold your mouse curser over the images on the board to see my captions.

    For more shelf styling inspo, check out my post on ‘Floating Shelves‘.

    Tips on Styling a Shelf:

    1. If the shelf is solo, leave enough room to prop a nice large piece of art, photograph or sculpture to be your main focal point.
    2. Decorate around that focal point with shorter/smaller items in a variety of textures and materials. Ex: Pretty books, potted plant, candles, smaller picture frames, vases or pretty glass jugs, found objects like crystals or pieces of driftwood, etc.
    3. If you’d rather a more minimal look or want to style multiple frames or pieces of artwork on a shelf, try placing them evenly apart from each other or layering them to slightly overlap.
    4. Think about lighting for your shelf. Install a sconce above or nearby to light the contents of your shelf or experiment with rope lights or battery operated lights placed in clear glass (like I did in this living room design) to bring more life to your shelf and let it shine (literally)!
    5. Mix and match – play with your shelf layout, snap a photo of it on your phone for reference and then try another set up with the same items until you find the perfect mix. Be fluid and don’t judge your instincts!

  12. DIY positivity planner

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    Why does everyone have a calendar with dates and deadlines?  Ok, maybe for your work deadlines, but when planning your own personal goals and ambitions, why set a time?  Instead, use a month as a general outline. I’m all about setting attainable goals and not stressing whenever possible and with this DIY Positivity Planner, POSITIVITY is key!  No discouragement evoked from missing a hard date or time.  Just encouraging objectives to remind yourself to become a better you! It can also double as a desk blotter to put your laptop on, etc. so your positive reminders are always on hand.

    For more of your organization needs, check out my post ‘Roundup: Custom Planners and Notebooks



    Prep It:





    Shop the Look!

    Treasure Ring








    Do It!:

    1. Start by picking a color palette for your paints – I chose 4 colors to use and switched the order in each row
    2. Mix your watercolor paints with water.  I added white to two of my colors.  The lighter the color the better so you can read your writing over the paint splotch.
    3. Use your paint brush to apply a thick amount of watercolor to your board and blow through the straw to spread the paint and get the artsy drips – I thought the mixing of colors looked awesome!  I mean who doesn’t want a bit of March in their February?
    4. Once you’ve made all twelve splotches, let dry completely.
    5. Write out your text in pencil first that way you can erase if you mess up!  I used the font ‘Amatic SC’ by New Typography on Fontspace for inspiration, but feel free to use your own pretty hand writing!
    6. Go over your pencil in marker.
    7. Start jotting down your goals and ambitions and get your butt into gear this year! Tip: Use pencil if you plan to re-use your calendar next year or just plan on making a new one and filing the old one away for reference.


  13. Style Challenge: Pass It On

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    Welcome again to my style lair! This time we’re doing another Closet Remix Challenge, and it’s a ‘Pass It On‘ challenge meaning I got passed two items to style in my own way.  This black vest and matte purple lip crayon were picked out by Teni from Miss Maven and passed along to Hey Kayli who then passed them on to me (not the same vest and crayon just the actual items that I shopped myself at Target Style)!

    Because I’m petite and blonde, I decided the vest paired with the lipcolor would be too intense so I styled them with their own individual looks. The vest I juxtaposed with a tutu skirt and pale blue top and complimented with OTK (over the knee) black boots. The lip crayon I paired with a messy bun, pale blush tapered lace pants, a white button-up and leopard heels. What do you think? What would you do with your black vest and purple lip crayon?  I am now passing this challenge on to YOU!  Style these two items and post using #targetstyle to show us your unique look!

    If you missed the first two episodes of my Closet Remix series check out: 5 More Minutes To Looking Fabulous and Styling 4 Occasions.


    Styling The Vest


    Outfit 1 Deets:





    Styling The Lip Crayon


    Outfit 2 Deets:

    • lip crayon: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Color in ‘Shameless’
    • white button up: Merona
    • belt: similar here
    • pants: similar here
    • heels: simial here
    • jewelry: studs, Mr Kate- Petal To The Metal, V Collar Necklace, Treasure Ear Cuff, Feather Cuff Ring, & Forest Reflection Ring





     What do you think of these looks? How would YOU style these two items? xo!

  14. DIY styling tool organizer

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    Is your hairdryer and curling iron or flat iron in a constant tangle?  Love gold accents in just about every corner?  Well then this DIY is for YOU, lady (or gentleman)! With just three supplies, there’s no excuse to keep your hair tools in a hot mess.

    Looking for more ways to make your bathroom chic and organized this new year?  Try this ‘Easy Luxury: Towel Basket‘ for another beautiful bathroom moment.



    Prep It:



    Shop the Look!

    Treasure Ring



    Shop the Look!

    Forest Horizon Cuff



    DO IT!:

    1. Prime the pipe with the spraypaint primer. Let dry.
    2. Spray paint the pipe with the gold spray (or color of your choice). Let dry.
    3. Store your styling tool, in style! (TIP: Use pot holders inside the pipe to keep the hot tools from burning the plastic!)


  15. new to sale section

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    You know all those Mr. Kate Elsie Collection pieces you’ve been eyeing? Well guess what?! We’ve added some of them to the sale section to make it that much easier to get them into your cute hands!  Shop the SALE section and see what else has been marked down to a new special price.

    Get inspired by the Elsie Collection lookbook here. How are you going to style YOUR new pieces?


    The Voyager 3-In-1 Necklace was $125.00 now $87.00


    Tiara Crown Ring was $48.00 now $33.00


    The Third Eye Necklace And Headpiece was $98.00 now $58.00


    The Timeless Cuff was $98.00 now $68.00


    Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring was $65.00 now $45.00


    The V Hoop Earrings was $98.00 now $68.00


    The Geo Diamond 3-In-1 Necklace was $199.00 now $119.00


    Geo Diamond Tennis Bracelet was $68.00 now $34.00


    Geo Diamond Stud Earrings was $48.00 now $33.00


    The Victorian Lace Necklace was $145.00 now $101.00


    Geo Diamond Band Ring was $35.00 now $21.00


    Geo And Spike Earrings was $75.00 now $52.00


    Forcella Ring was $42.00 now $29.00


    Cuillére Cuff was $112.00 now $67.00

  16. decorate with: dark colors

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board DECORATE WITH: DARK COLORS on Pinterest.

    Fay asks: I am having trouble styling a small living room with black wall to wall carpet. All I have are two leather black sofas and a black coffee table. My walls are currently an aqua/ minty color, which, I like.. but I don’t know how else to break up the dark tones of the room. please help!

    My Answer: Hi Fay! The most important thing to remember about the color black is it absorbs light which is in contrast to white which reflects light. Therefore, in a room with dark colors, like your black wall to wall carpet, you want to balance it with light reflecting colors. You can always put an area rug over wall to wall carpet (like we did in Couple Moves In: Master Bedroom) to bring in more color and pattern to the floor. I also think this will help break up the big blocks of dark color since you have black sofas as well. Get an area rug big enough to position slightly under or near the sofas to add a big patch of a lighter color and/or pattern. A colorful or metallic tray(s) on your black coffee will add a nice patch of color to break up the black, I love these aqua/teal lacquer trays I used in this living room design.

    As seen in the board above, black and white always pair well together and create balance. Bring in some black and white patterned pillows or curtain panels – I like these – and you will see the black carpet start to make sense in an overall design.

    Notice how the rooms in the board above are successful because they also embrace the dark color be repeating it more than one time. Having patterns that contain your dark shade or other dark items throughout the room (like your black sofas) or maybe a lamp, picture frames, etc. makes the dark color feel purposeful and an intentional part of the overall design. Good luck and enjoy the process! xo

    For your aqua walls, check out my post ‘Color Palette Inspo: Dark Teal And Mustard‘ to get some more ideas!

  17. OOTD: soho house photo booth

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    I’ve been a member of Soho House for a few years now. It’s a social club of sorts with different locations around the world that provide a relaxed setting to quietly work, hang and eat with friends or have meetings. I’m not usually one for elite “clubs” but Soho House aims to create a very casual and welcoming environment that has an old world, library, vintage, eclectic feel that I just love. I feel cozy there and love to spend time drinking soy chai lattes and working on my computer. Joey and I sometimes go and play boardgames over brunch on the weekends lounging in giant, worn-in armchairs. Soho House has a rule of no photos within the club which is a bummer because I love the interior design of the place and would love to share it with you all – you can see some pro photos of the club here. They do, however, have a photobooth which I took over for minute or two to snap these outfit pics over the holiday break. It makes for an easy OOTD when you don’t have to ask anyone to take the photos of you! Just shhh, don’t tell them I was standing on the bench!

    My latest obsession are these Golden Goose boots which I snagged during my holiday sale shopping spree. Golden Goose is an Italian brand specializing in super broken in boots and sneakers. I love the aesthetic and these puppies are soooo comfy.

    For a tutorial on how to deck out your old boots, check out my ‘DIY Boho Belted Boots‘ post.




    Shop the Look!

    The Timeless Cuff








    Shop the Look!

    Goddess Necklace. Mixed Metals. Various Colors.


    Outfit Deets:

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