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  1. Hear No Evil: My Thoughts On Bullying

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    Hi Mr. Kate. It’s Hannah I have a question  I have a fear of speaking up when some ones not being nice to me  like bullying . Any way could u plz help me I really need some help  I love your YouTube and your website plz answer – Hannah

    My Answer:

    Hi Hannah! First of all, that sucks that you are being bullied. I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with that. I think most of us have experience being bullied at one time or another and even if you have a thick skin and listen to all the usual advice of “Bullies are just insecure” or “Don’t let them get to you” it always stings to hear negative things.

    It’s true that a bully is a certain type of person that is, above all else, extremely insecure. This is the most important rule I’ve found to comfort me when I am the target of hate spewing barf words via the internet, comments, etc. But it’s sometimes hard to remember that in the moment. Especially if you’re face to face with a bully.

    I remember the first time I got bullied. I was in the seventh grade (around age 12) and I showed up at school wearing one of my usual “weird” outfits. On this particular day, it was an all-pink ensemble composed of a pink shirt and pink cut off shorts. The shorts were short, but there was no actual butt cheek making an appearance because I would have been sent home by a disapproving teacher.

    As I walked past a group of older girls, one grade above me, they pointed and laughed at me and one of them yelled, “Hooker!” as I walked by.

    I couldn’t believe it, I was stunned. They seemed so angry that I was wearing a perfectly adorable shorts ensemble on, what happened to be an extremely hot, Los Angeles day. Obviously my outfit had nothing to do with them nor did I, as a rather shy 7th grader – except for outgoing sense of style – ever project threatening or negative words towards them. The bullying laughter and name calling was completely unjustified. But that didn’t make it hurt my feelings any less.

    I spent the rest of that day tugging down my shorts and avoiding that group of bitches.

    On the car ride home from school, I told my mom about the hooker comment.

    “They’re just jealous!” She exclaimed, “You have a beautiful body and a great sense of style. Fuck them!” …gotta love my mom.

    The next morning I grappled with a newfound nagging insecurity about what to wear to school that day. I had always picked out my school outfits based off what I was in the mood to wear, regardless of other people’s opinions. But that morning, I had the voice of that bitch in my head. “Would she think this looks like a hooker outfit?” I thought to myself holding up one of my favorite striped dresses, that clung to my little puberty boob nubs just so. “Whatever, she’s chubby!” I mentally bullied the bitch back in my mind and decided to go with the angel on my shoulder, my mother’s voice, who had always encouraged me to wear whatever I wanted.

    I wore that striped dress to school that day and when I caught site of the bully, I marched past her looking straight ahead and mentally daring her to say anything. She didn’t. Maybe it was my force field of confidence.

    So, my darling and lovely Hannah, people get angry at the things they can’t understand. They’re most likely confronting issues in their personal life or internally that they don’t want to deal with so they project the frustration on others. That girl probably was dealing with her own insecurity about her body and seeing me in an outfit that put my own body on display, brought up feelings about herself that made her angry, or sad. Anger and sadness are usually closely intertwined.

    I don’t think there is a point in engaging with people who are bullying. They’re stuck in that downward spiral of negativity and they most likely want a fight. They are trying to provoke you so they can fight with you instead of dealing with the root of their sadness and anger. I wouldn’t get caught up in what they’re saying, just pull yourself away and go get a smoothie.

    Now-a-days, the bullying I get is via comments. The name Mr. Kate gets some people really angry.

    “Why is your name Mr.!?!? You’re not a man! Are you?” They’ll often write in comments. The moniker Mr. Kate is meant to amuse and represent what we stand for in our business, which is inspiring people to express themselves through style and design and thus celebrate and love who they are. I use the slogan “Because, why not?” a lot because that is really how I feel about creative expression. Of course there are reasons why not when applied to morally wrong things, murder, robbery, hate speech, etc. but when it comes to style, design and expressing yourself, there is no reason why not… and don’t let any bully tell you otherwise.

    To be accepting of others will ultimately help you accept and love yourself. Recently I heard an interview with Kevin Hart, the very short comedian, who said that he dealt with his height by making fun of himself before anyone else got the chance. You have to focus on loving yourself and appreciating your short comings, whatever they may be so that it takes the sting out of anything a bully could possibly say to you. It seems like a hard thing to do at a young age but surrounding yourself with supportive friends or parents will help too. It is never okay to hang out with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

    The sting of hate gets better with age, I promise. The negative comments I get now really just make me feel sorry for the person spewing the hate because I know they’re dealing with something way bigger. Give yourself time to get to know and become comfortable with yourself…. I’m sure you’ll like hanging out together. Be your own best friend… and fuck those bitches!

  2. new colors for fall

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    Some of our most popular jewelry pieces just got new friends! Or shall I say family members… we’ve welcomed to our shop new color options for some of our bestselling pieces (seen in these photos) now offered in dazzling rose gold and earthy, edgy oxidized silver! You know I love layering and this Fall I’m going to be accessorizing with a mix of gold colors. My favorite Goddess necklace (which I wear nearly every day) is now available in rose gold (pendants) with white gold beads and the Dreamcatcher Lattice ring in rose gold – I’m obsessed with how they all look!

    As far as styling, I’m rebelling against the no white after Labor Day rule all over my body with this white dress and got some heart ons on my cheek with Watercolor BeautyMarks.

    What do you think? What are your favorite pieces? You can see them all in the shop too!



    Shop the Look!

    dreamcatcher lattice. ring. various colors.


    I’m wearing the Andromeda (star) necklaces in rose and ox silver as bracelets!

    mrkate_newcolors_14 mrkate_newcolors_13


    Shop the Look!

    Goddess Necklace. Mixed Metals. Various Colors.


    Shop the Look!

    starburst necklace. various colors.




    Shop the Look!

    WEIRD Necklace. Unisex. Various Colors.


    Outfit Deets:

  3. DIWhyNot: DIY tweed nail art

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    Our first guest on DIWhyNot is my favorite Japanese nail artist Amie Morimoto (instagram @amie_morimoto). She is my go-to pro nail artist whenever I want a pro manicure or just something extra artistic and in this episode she shows us all how to do super easy and chic tweed nail art and bonus V french tips! Tweed is a textured fabric that is perfect for fall and winter to keep you warm and stylish so hopefully these nails will do the same!

    If you try out these DIY Tweed Nails or V French Tip, make sure you #mrkate if you post a pic so I can check out YOUR handy work! @mrkatedotcom Insta and Twitter

    For more DIY nail art ideas check out DIY Heart FELT Nails or DIY: Mix Your Own Nail Polish Color for some more nail DIY’n!



    Shop the Look!

    Saber Ring. Various Colors.


    Prep It:





    DO IT! Tweed Nails:

    1. Paint a base coat of white polish and let dry.
    2. Using the tiny pointed brush and black polish paint short vertical and horizontal lines over your white base coat. Basically mimicking imperfectly painted hashtags #. Let dry.
    3. Repeat step 2 using a grey color (mix the black and white polish) and create more vertical and horizontal stripes but do less than you did with the black polish. Let dry.
    4. Repeat the hashtag lines one last time using white polish but just do a few here and there creating the final highlight. Let dry
    5. Seal design with a clear topcoat

    DO IT! V French Tip:

    1. For the V french tips, use the slanted brush and black nail polish (or color of your choice) to achieve the V shape. Do two coats of color. Let dry
    2. Seal with a clear top coat.





    Outfit Deets:

  4. OOTD: gems and jewels

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    What could be better than gems and jewels print!? This dress by Whitney Eve is perfectly constructed with piping and peplum in all the right places and bejeweled all over! I’m enjoying the warm weather here in LA so all this dress needed were some Rachel Roy leopard/spiked heels (similar flats here), a Mr. Kate Weird Necklace trio, and some Conjure Feather Rings layered to form a fist full of fun!

    To learn how to make your own spiked heels see DIY Spiked Shoe Soles.






    Shop the Look!

    WEIRD Necklace. Unisex. Various Colors.




    Outfit Deets:

  5. fall makeup inspiration

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board MAKEUP on Pinterest.

    I’ve been colleting more makeup these days and getting really excited to experiment with new looks. Here is a round-up I did on my Pinterest for looks I want to try this coming Fall and Winter. I’m loving a hint of glitter on a cat eye line, gold flecks in the corner of your eye or a new lip color like fuschia, matte nude or deep brick red.

    For makeup tutorials check out ‘DIY Glitter Eyes‘ or ‘DIY Camera Ready Eye Makeup

    Follow Mr. Kate on Pinterest.


    1. Lorac Pro Palette - love all these browns and tans for fall
    2. Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner in midnight cowboy – a little purple glimmer on your lids for fall
    3. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Night Crimson – gorgeous, creamy and rich color – wear this with simple eye makeup

  6. DIY chalkboard stripe filing cabinet

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    Fall is here, and what’s fall without back-to-school organization or some Fall office cleaning! Filing cabinets usually haunt me with their unattractive-ness but they’re pretty functional for coralling your important papers. This DIY is the perfect solution to your ugly filing cabinet nightmares! You can make your ugly filing cabinet cute with a pretty color and a funky stripe of chalkboard to label your cabinet’s contents…in our case, it’s ‘Important Stuff’…nice and all-inclusive.

    I picked a pale blue color but use a color spray paint that works with your personal interior design scheme. 

    For another fun office DIY check out ‘DIY Bling Organizers


    Prep It:









    Shop the Look!

    Web Ring. Various Colors.


    Do It!:

    1. Tape off anything on your filing cabinet that you don’t want painted using the painter’s tape
    2. Spray paint the entire cabinet with one or two coats of spray paint – let dry completely
    3. Tape off your chalkboard stripe
    4. Paint down the stripe you taped off with the chalkboard paint and let dry – you may need two coats
    5.  Remove the tape
    6. When using chalkboard paint, the first thing you should do before writing on it is season it.  To season the chalkboard area rub the side of the chalk all over the chalkboard area, then erase.  This allows for the first thing you write to erase completely and not leave a halo
    7. Label and file away!


    filing-cabinet-15x filing-cabinet-13x

  7. Mister Sister! Episode 1: Apartment Tour

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    Last week, was the debut of our new series DIWhyNot and this week we premiere the new Mr. Kate intro and a new interior decorating mini series we’re callingMister Sister! My little sister, Tess, just moved back to LA from Manhatten (yayyy! I missed her) and Joey and I are glad to help her get comfortable in her first solo apartment. In this episode we tour Tess’s new place – an adorable 1 bedroom, 1930′s apartment in West Hollywood – and create a mood board to help guide us in the design, and in Joey’s case, a floor plan to help him know where to carry and place all the new furniture!

    PS, what do you think of the new Mr. Kate theme song intro? We remixed it from the older version (seen here) with song writing wizard Ben Romans composing and Joey and I rapping / singing, respectively. Do you like it?

    I can’t wait to get started on these blank rooms and help give you all some interior decorating tips, especially those of you that live in rentals.  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below and stay tuned for more episodes in this series!


    The entry way


    The living room with a large closet and windows with window boxes.






    The breakfast nook


    The kitchen





    The bathroom



    The bedroom






    The design plan for Tess’ apartment is to make the white walls work but change out sconces and add design with mixed patterns. Her main colors are black and white with accents of blue and coral / raspberry. The key is to keep it elegant and infuse personality through pattern and accessories.

    Annnnd, Joey’s floorplan…


    Comment and let us know what you think of the series and the new Mr. Kate intro! How cute is Joey on the drums!

  8. roundup: decorating with lots of red

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    Yvette Asks: Hi Mr Kate! Me and my boyfriend are renting a house in Sheffield, England. My Landlord is a huge Football (soccer) fan and supports United so has decorated the house in their team colour red. We have a red and gold flower feature wall and a hideous bright red carpet in our living room! He’s not going to let us completely redecorate so I was wondering if you could give us some suggestions on how  can we make it work. I’m thinking maybe a rug to cover the carpet but I’m worried it would clash… Please help! Yvette :) x

    My Answer:  Hi Yvette! Often in rentals you can paint if you promise to paint it back before you leave but some landlords are sticklers! In your case, I definitely say, embrace the red! Red is an energetic and passionate color, you can choose to let it shine by accenting with white or tone it down a bit with cooler tones like blue and earth tones. Here are some pictures of successfully designed rooms that have A LOT of red in them. I hope these help inspire you to make your red space your own!

    For red accent inspo check out my post ‘How to Decorate With The Color Red


    • With strong colored walls like red, keeping your accent colors clean and simple like whites or pastels will help soften the room. kept the window shutters all white and the beige couch and rug and earth tone throw pillows tone down the powerful red.


    pictured left:;right:
    pictured left:; right:
    • Using wall decals is a great temporary solution when you can’t paint. Use stripes or trees to tone down the red.

    Red floors energize a space and work perfectly in a kitchen beause the color red stimulates your appetite!

    pictured left:; right:



     Hope that helps you and enjoy the color red!

  9. OOTD: femmeswear and come meet me chicago!

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    Hey Chicago! Come meet me and shop with me this Saturday, September 6th from 12pm to 4pm at a Private Shop Event at a brand new Nordstrom Rack! 25 Mr. Kate readers will get exclusive access to shop the opening of a new Nordstrom Rack location (that means you get your hands on the goodies first) while sipping on champagne and munching on hors d’oeuvres. Also, one lucky reader will win a private styling session with me! There are only 25 spots so go to this link and register now! Can’t wait to meet you! 

    So, about this outfit I’m wearing…with Labor Day officially come and gone, the transition into Fall is like… now. My genius shopping this past weekend at Nordstrom Rack found me in this outfit, which I think perfectly melds the menswear trend with some Parisian romance. I love the retro pattern of these comfy J Brand tuxedo trousers made more dressy by the satin stripes down the side and a black blazer. This Matty M blazer, by the way, is perfectly slouchy with lined sleeves that make the obligatory September-heat-transitional-sleeve-roll stylishly intentional. The fact that everything was 50% to 70% off along with an additional 25% off for their Clear The Rack Super Sale (another one coming up October 2 – 5) makes me feel classy and smart! Gold and sparkles in my purse and accessories make this an ensemble I could wear, any time, anywhere. What do you think?

    I must say, I could put a blazer over pajamas and feel ready for a board meeting.

    Share your transition-to-Fall OOTDs with me on Instagram @mrkatedotcom and use #NordstromRack and @NordstromRack! Xx










    lacma_NR_11 lacma_NR_15

    Outfit Deets:

    Chicago peeps! Remember to register to come to the Private Shop event this Saturday, September 6th.

    Thanks Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring this post.

  10. Watercolor BeautyMarks Lookbook

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    Wooot! All new Watercolor BeautyMarks “The New Makeup” lookbook photos! We shot these amazing photos on the rocky California coast a couple weeks ago with photographer Kat Borchart, hair and makeup by Christina Guerra, nails by Amie Morimoto and epic modeling by Ali Collier. These images highlight some of the many ways you can style and wear the Watercolor BeautyMarks. I handpainted all of these marks and I absolutely adore how they really look like actual paint on the skin. I can’t wait to see how you make your mark!

    What do you think of these images? What are you going to makeup?











    What do you think of the lookbook and the Watercolor BeautyMarks? Shop them here! xx

  11. DIY home blessing kit

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    Some of you may think I’m off my rocker, but I’m totally into smudging. WTF is smudging you ask? It is an ancient Native American practice of burning a bundle of dried sage to cleanse a space of negative energy and make room for new positive vibes…I’m paraphrasing, you can read more about the sacred practice here. I smudge often – when I move into a new home (apartment, house, office, etc.) or after having an argument with someone, to cleanse the bad energy and start fresh.  I also love to use crystals around a home, which have calming and cleansing vibrations as well as aromatheraputic essential oils.

    With all of the above in mind, I came up with the idea for a DIY Home Blessing Kit that you can give to anyone! It has a bundle of dried sage, a sea shell to catch the ash of the burning sage, a cruelty free feather for wafting the cleansing smoke, quartz crystals and some lavender essential oil which promotes calm and relaxation, all housed in a pretty pouch! Give a Home Blessing Kit as a house warming present or to anyone you know that may need to refresh and recharge.


    Shop the Look!

    Saber Crown Ring. Various Colors.


    Prep It:

    DO IT!:

    1. Put all of the blessing kit supplies inside the pouch and gift it to your friend/family member/yourself!
    2. Tell them (or include hand-written instructions) to: 1. Light the tip of the sage bundle and let it burng, like incense in the sea shell 2. Use the feather to waft the smoke around various rooms or areas you want to cleanse and think positive thoughts to infuse into the space 3. Arrange the crystals in doorways or near electronics to cleanse harsh vibrations 4. Place drops off essential oils in small dishes or on cotton balls in different rooms to emit a calming scent.





    Shop the Look!

    Web Ring. Various Colors.



  12. DIWhyNot: DIY Snakeskin Sneakers

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    Very excited to debut our new DIY series DIWhyNot! I called it this because I often use the slogan “because…why not!?” regarding the creative motivations behind style and design projects. In my opinion, there is no wrong way to express and feel good about yourself when it comes to style and design. After all, it is subjective! This series is all about sharing ideas and techniques with you all to DIY your life and flaunt your inherent creativity…because everyone has it, I promise!

    First up, I made some DIY Statment Snakeskin Sneakers out of some dirty, old white sneakers. Statment sneakers were seen all over the runways for this Fall season and I love them as a way to add style and comfort to any outfit. The technique is easy using a fishnet stocking! Thank you to the sponsor of today’s episode Tophatter where you can bid on name brand item like I did with my Michael Kors wallet! Go to and enter code MRKATE for $5 off your first purchase! Boop!

    DIY supplies and steps are below for both the neutral and colorful Snakeskin Sneakers. If you do this project please share a photo with #mrkate and @mrkatedotcom on Instagram or Twitter!






    Prep It:











    Shop the Look!

    Saber Ring. Various Colors.


    DO IT!:

    1. Shove one shoe down inside the fishnet stocking and make sure your fishnets are pulled taught over the area you’re going to paint. Tape stocking in place to secure. Tip: stuff the inside of your shoe with newspaper to fill it out and make it easier to paint.
    2. Use your spouncer and lightly dab your paint over the fishnets and onto the shoes. (Don’t rub or do a brush motion, just a tapping motion to not move the fishnet around.)  I spounced until the spouncer was out of paint to let the pattern naturally fade out.
    3. Repeat step 2 with as many colors as you like until the entire shoe is covered. Make sure to let each color dry before moving on to avoid muddy, runny colors.
    4. Let dry and wear!


    1. If you want to get the look of the colorful shoes, do the snakeskin pattern (like in Step 2 above) with only one color in sporadic areas around the shoes and let dry.
    2. Lay out various bright colored fabric paints on your plate and wet your spouncer before dipping it into your fabric paint (this will make it easier to blend) and brush it over the areas you think would benefit from a solid color. Repeat with as many colors as you like. Tip: the watered down paint wash will allow the underneath snakeskin pattern to show through – or you could reverse the process and do the snakeskin pattern last, after the color wash dries.







    Outfit Deets:

  13. DIY poetic clay art

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    It’s always good vibes to decorate with an inspirational quote, but I wanted to think beyond the printed (on paper) word for this DIY Poetic Clay Art. I love Plaster Of Paris for its old world texture, it reminds me of something you’d find in an Itallian villa or something. You can obviously use any quote, poem, saying for this project – just make sure you plot out the size first so you don’t run out of room on your canvas. I chose a quote from Elizabeth Edwards which I love: “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.”

    I love the serenity and texture of this artwork. Use a DIY like this in any room in your house, over a mantle, in a dining room, etc!


    Prep It:








    DO IT!:

    1. Mix your plaster of paris according to the instructions on the package – usually 2 parts powder to 1 part water
    2. Smooth out the plaster all over the canvas and use the spatula to get your desired sculpted effect – I chose to leave imperfections in the texture for a very organic look. Kind of like frosting a cake!
    3. Write your poem or quote into the wet plaster using a utensil like the handle of the spatula or an unsharpened pencil. Tip: Make sure your letters are deep enough to read.
    4. Allow the plaster to harden completely.
    5. Optional: To make your letters and texture stand out more, mix your watercolor paint with water and apply it to the relief using your wet rag to wipe off any excess. Make sure your color is really watered down so it doesn’t stand out too much and work quickly to wipe off the excess before it dries.
    6. Let dry and hang up using a strong nail or screw or simply prop it on a hutch or mantle!



  14. dream pad: chateau de gudanes

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    Ever dream about owning a chateau?  Ever wake up from that dream saying “pfffft, yeah okkkk princess.  Keep dreaming.”  The Waters, an Australian family, decided to make that distant wish their reality.  On Instagram, @chateaugudanes, they  document the entire process of buying a neglected, abandoned, delapetated French Chateau from the 18th century and restoring it room by room into a marvel of design.  I’m in awe of their cajones and have become obsessed with their instagram updates of the renovation and preservation process! Okay, now everyone say, “OMG They Bought A Chateau!”

    For more info, check out their website.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.23.58 PM


    Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.24.36 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.23.38 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 6.23.22 PM







    All images via @ChateauGudanes on Instagram

  15. tropical getaway outfits

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    Packing for a trip is half the fun… at least I think so. For our funnymoon (honeymoon) to Bora Bora – see our travel diary video and pics here - I packed for tropical weather and had a variety of pieces, bathing suits, lightweight scarves, sandals and accessories to mix and match for lounging in the sun outfits, walking around town and going out to dinner outfits. Here is a compliation of some of the OOTDs (outfit of the day) moments I had while away on our tropical getaway!


    • I love bringing lightweight scarves to wrap around my head over sea tousled hair or wear at night for warmth. See more head scarf inspiration and how-to here.




    Shop the Look!

    BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" - Original







    Shop the Look!

    Midi Saber Necklace. Various Colors.




    • Handmade African Beaded Sandals – similar here

    ootdslects-24 ootdslects-26

    •  And of course, nails! See more nail art inspiration here.

    I hope these outfits inspired you for your upcoming tropical getaways. Comment and let me know which one is your fave! xx

  16. funnymoon travel diary: Bora Bora

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    After a busy spring/early summer writing and producing the #mrkatebook (stay tuned for its release!) and moving in to our OMG We Bought A House, Joey and I REALLY needed this vacation.  Bora Bora was everything we could have possibly wanted and more.  It was truly a magical trip. Watch the video above for our video diary and see all the pics below.

    My strappy front white bra is from Free People.

    Some trip highlights:

    • The aqua colored sea water, white sand and tropical landscape
    • Our over-water bungalow room at the hotel – The Four Seasons Bora Bora
    • Waterproof cases for our Kindles (Atlas cases) and iPhones (the Watershot cases which worked great) so we could read and take photos/video in the water!
    • Swimming with sharks and stingrays
    • Wearing colorful bathing suits
    • Eating amazing local food
    • Coconut water fresh from a coconut
    • Massages with coconut oil infused with real gold flakes
    • Wearing no makeup
    • Driving a bug racer around town
    • Jet skiing around the island
    • Getting tattoos to remember our trip! Joey’s tattoo is the moutains of Bora Bora and mine are triangle symbols of balance, transformation and exploration.







    photo 3

    Shop the Look!

    BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" - Original

    photo 1











    funnymoon17 funnymoon16 funnymoon_bathingsuit14

    Shop the Look!

    Shorti Saber Necklace. Various Colors.

    funnymoon13 funnymoon12


    funnymoon3 funnymoon1














    Comment and please let us know what you think! xx

  17. OOTD: Watercolor BeautyMarks

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    Introducing the brand new, colorfully hand painted Watercolor BeautyMarks! I’m so excited to have these available in the shop now. You get two sheets of marks that I handpainted using only watercolor paints. You apply them just like our gold, silver and black BeautyMarks and make your mark with The New Makeup! They’re just as fun as the gold, silver, and black BeautyMarks. I adore how these designs look on your skin, after a couple hours they really blend in with your skin texture and look soooo real and delicate and whimsical. What do you guys think?  What are YOU going to makeup?

    For more BeautyMarks styling inspo check out: A BeautyMarks Wedding or OOTD: RAWRing and Balloons


    BeautyMarks_watercolor_heart_BLOG BeautyMarks_watercolor_sheets_BLOGaawatercolor-7_cb





    • I put a yellow brush stroke over my exisisting A Tattoo!




    Outfit Deets:

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