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  1. DIY Marquee Letters! Mr. Kate on Clevver TV!

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    I got to get #WEIRD with the deliciously hilarious ladies of Clevver Style on their show Beauty Break. I showed Joslyn and Lily how to make the DIY (Ping Pong Ball) Marquee Letters straight from A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects!  If you like this project you should definitely get the book because there are over 50 more projects inside!

    For another DIY from A Hot Glue Gun Mess, check out ‘DIY Watercolor Curtains‘!


    Yeah, we got a LITTLE weird.MrKate_DIYMarqueeLetters_AHGGM-11

    Shop the Look!

    A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects - EXCLUSIVE SIGNED COPY

    DIY Marquee Letters from A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate


    Prep It:






    Shop the Look!

    Geo Diamond Cocktail Ring




    Do It!:

    1. Use the craft knife to cut out the backs of your letters.
    2. Set up the drop cloth outside and spray paint the letters the color of your choice. Let dry for about 1 hour. You may want to apply two coats.
    3. On the front side of each letter, make evenly spaced “X” cuts along the center of the shape of the letter, where you want the lights to show.  I left 2.5 to 3 inches between each cut.
    4. Think about where you plan to display the and make sure the plug end of a string of twinkle lights will be where you need it.
    5. starting with the first letter in your word, grab a string of twinkle lights and push the lightbulbs through the “x” cuts from the back. Connect another string of lights as needed, going from letter to letter and storing the cord and any extra bulbs in the hollow back of a litter in you need to.
    6. Make a small “X” cut on one ping pong ball for each lightbulb that’s showing.  Push a ball onto each lightbulb.
    7. Wrap any cord that shows with twin for a more finished look. Tip: Tie a knot every 10 to 15 wraps to keep the twine from unraveling.
    8. Hang the picture ledge using a level and the appropriate nails or screws for your wall.
    9. Arrange the marquee letters, tucking the connecting cord behind the lip of the picture ledge, and plug in your new light art!


    Order your autographed copy of A Hot Glue Gun Mess here!

  2. Glamour Hack: Cat Eye

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    I LOVE cat eyeliner! It’s my go-to makeup look whenever I want to look classic and pulled together. BUT, it can be challenging to apply and get a straight line, matching flick on both eyes, etc. so that’s why I came up with this #GlamourHack way to get the perfect cat eye every time!

    DO IT!: All you need is a felt tip eyeliner and a piece of stiff paper like a card! Watch the video above for the easy steps.

    Want to watch another Glamour Hack?  Check out, ‘Glamour Hack: Fancy Picnic‘!



    Use the card aligned to the corner of your eye and tip of your brow to create a straight, even flick on both eyes. Then connect the line across your upper lashline like you would when applying regular eyeliner.







  3. Back in Stock: The V Collar Necklace!

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    Back by popular demand! The V Collar Necklace is one of our all time bestselling necklaces. Why? Because it’s just the bomb diggity and goes with anything and looks amazing worn solo or layered! The V features hand-set, Swarovski crystal pavé and the chain is adjustable to be worn as a necklace or collar. Wear it over a tee, against bare skin or peeking out over a collared shirt like I did here.

    Available in gorgeous gold with oxidized silver or rose gold with oxidized silver here!

    For more beautiful jewelry, check out the Mr. Kate shop!



    Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.58.40 PM


    Shop the Look!

    The V Collar Necklace



    Outfit Deets:




    Shop The V Collar Necklace!

  4. Quick Fix Bathroom Refresh!

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    Bathrooms are often forgotten rooms when it comes to decorating but it is possible to refresh your bathroom in some quick and budget friendly ways! Watch the video above and check out the photos and shopping list below to see how I quickly tranformed a drab bathroom.

    If you missed the last Target Style home episode, check it out: ‘Bedroom on a Budget










    The design: It’s key with bathrooms to pick a color palette and provide functional design like storage, bath mats and towels. I used the shower curtain as the basis of my color palette and created my own DIY towel set by picking towels based off the colors in the curtain. I added a narrow shelf and other useful items like baskets and canisters to keep organized. An indoor plant like Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) gives a spa-like vibe.

    Shop the Room:












    For another fun bathroom design see Mister Sister: Bathroom Babes!


  5. Breaking Beige: The Perfect DIY Vintage Nursery (PART 1)

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    Yay! Another episode of Breaking Beige! This week we bring you part 1 of the Acosta family’s nursery transformation. David and Maggie Acosta are having their second child, a baby boy they will name Nathan! He is joining his adorable three year old sister, Natalie, who is hilarious (as you can see in the video). Our goal is to turn this clutter-collecting room into an oasis for baby Nathan. The problem is David and Maggie can’t agree on a color or theme for the room which is why they haven’t done anything yet. Maggie wants calm and tranquil with grey tones and David wants Dodger blue with a baseball theme! Can we make them both happy? I hope so!

    Watch part 1 above where we install a chair rail and paint the room using BEHR Blue Fir (below the chair rail) and Light Year (above the chair rail)! I think it looks amazing with this new paint job and architectural detail of the moulding. Now we need to decorate! Stay tuned for next week’s epsiode to see the finished room!

    If you missed the first episode of Breaking Beige, check it out: ‘A Delicious Dining Room




    DIY Chair Rail Moulding

    Prep It:

    • Moulding of your choice from the hardware store
    • Saw
    • Mitre box – to cut 45 degree angles
    • Nail gun – you can rent one from the hardware store.
    • Level
    • Measuring tape
    • Pencil
    • Painters tape
    • Wood putty
    • Light grit sandpaper
    • Two colors of paint – we used BEHR Blue Fir (below the chair rail) and Light Year (above the chair rail) and paint for moulding

    DO IT!:

    1. Pre paint your moulding outside and let dry.
    2. Measure and use a level and the pencil to draw a line where you want the chair rail installed. You can put a pice of tape over the line (as long as it’s more narrow than the moulding or just paint up to the line with each color.
    3. Paint above and below the line with your colors of choice.
    4. Measure each side of the wall (around doors and windows) and cut your moulding pieces to match these measurements. NOTE: Use the mitre box to do 45 degree angle cuts on the ends that will meet in a corner (forming 90 degrees when two pieces meet). Square off and blunt ends, like around windows, by making a 45 degree angle cut (on one side) and a straight angle cut in an inch or so long piece to form a clean end cap.
    5. Nail up your moulding pieces using the nail gun every few inches.
    6. Fill in the little nail holes and conceal any seams in the moulding with wood putty applied with your finger. Let dry.
    7. Sand off any rough putty and patch with your moulding paint color.


    Painting a thrift store bookshelf!



    Tune in next Sunday to see us finish the nursery in part 2!

  6. Come Hang Out with Me: BeautyCon, VidCon, & Birchbox

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    Fun times this summer at BeautyCon and VidCon! Watch the vlog above and see some photos of our booth and my outfits below!

    Come hangout with me at the Birchbox Road Trip event in Los Angeles!

    WHEN: Saturday August 29th from 12-2pm WHERE: The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive WHO: ME and other fun peeps! Meet me, get a copy of A Hot Glue Gun Mess signed, get BeautyMarks applied and build a Birchbox!

    For another Kate’s Take on Mr. Kate events, check out ‘Kate’s Take: LA & NY Book Signings Video Diary


    Outfit Deets:


    Shop the Look!

    Goddess Necklace. Mixed Metals. Various Colors.



    Our booth at BeautyCon we decorated with giant gem wall decals blown up from the Mr. Kate A Hot Glue Gun Mess BeautyMarks and paper tassels from Studio Mucci.



    Shop the Look!

    The Victorian Lace Necklace





    Shop the Look!

    A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects - EXCLUSIVE SIGNED COPY



    I had a meet and greet with Arika Sato and the Rhodes Brothers!


    Annnnd on to VidCon! This is what I wore…


    Outfit Deets:


    Joey and I posed in the Instagram hologram selfie booth.


    I spoke on a panel called The Business of DIY with LaurDIY, Karen Kavett, Lauren Fairweather and moderated by Marianne Canada


    Come meet me and get a copy of A Hot Glue Gun Mess signed, apply BeautyMarks  and build a Birchbox!

    Event details: WHEN: Saturday August 29th from 12-2pm WHERE: The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive


  7. Natural Makeup Looks

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    I am the first to say I love glamourous makeup looks with lots of products and false lashes etc. but sometimes it’s nice to simplify and go au natural with your makeup and products. I came up with these two transitional beauty looks inspired by late summer going into fall. They’re both centered around using a short list of natural beauty products that have great ingredients. Watch the video above and check out photos and a list of products below!

    Naturally Bronzed with a Copper Smoky Eye


    Natural makeup looks can be bold! This look qualifies as natural to me because I needed only a couple natural products to complete this look. I love a smoky eye because it really brings out your natural eye color and for fall it’s fun to play with your eyeshadow hue like I did with this copper/bronze shadow.

    Makeup Deets:

    1. I started with the Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes.
    2. Prep your eyes for shadow with an eyeshadow primer and curl your lashes
    3. Set your concealer and primer and take down the shine on your face with a dusting of Bio Brightening Powder by W3LL PEOPLE
    4. Warm up the perimeter of your face and contour under your cheekbones with the Bio Bronzer Powder by W3LL PEOPLE
    5. With a fluffy shadow brush apply Elitist Mineral Eye Shadow in Golden Mocha by W3LL PEOPLE on your upper lids working into the crease. Smudge the same shadow along your lower lash line using a flat shadow brush.
    6. Apply a coat of black mascara on your upper and lower lashes. Done!





    Naturally Berry-licious


    This transitional look keeps the bronzed skin look from summer but brings in some rich berry tones for fall.

    Makeup Deets:

    1. Follow steps 1 through 4 of the look above giving yourself a healthy bronzed glow and a nice goat of mascara on your lashes.
    2. Apply the Universalist Multi-Stick by W3LL PEOPLE on the apples of your cheeks using your finger to blend.
    3. On your lips use Nudist 2 Colorbalm in Fig by W3LL PEOPLE for a moisturizing berry stain.
    4. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil and feather in the line for a natural look. I styled this look with my hair up in a messy bun.





    What’s your favorite look?

  8. Glamour Hack: Fancy Picnic

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    I always love the idea of picnics but was never good at organizing them until I came up with this Glamour Hack: Fancy Picnic idea. Basically all you DO is stock up on cute, mis-matched plates, bowls, silverware etc. from your local thrift store, put it all in a basket with a pretty blanket and napkins and store it in the trunk of your car. Then, at a moment’s notice, you get some yummy take-out food and fanci-fy it with your already packed picnic provisions. Once you’re done, load the dishwasher, re-pack the basket and be ready for another spontaneous picnic!

    Watch the video above to see Joey and I on our spontaneous fancy picnic and my awkward eating skills.

    For more vintage inspo check out, ‘Decorate With: Vintage Wooden Spools

    MrKate_FancyPicnic_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-2_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-3_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-4_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-5_cb

    MrKate_FancyPicnic-13_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-6_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-7_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-8_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-9_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-10_cb MrKate_FancyPicnic-11_cbMrKate_FancyPicnic-16_cb

  9. Top 11 Back to School DIYs

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    Back-to-school / back-to-fall work schedule is meeeeh but re-vamping your old wardrobe and prepping your supplies can be fun and DIYable! Here are my top 11 picks for the best DIYs for your closet and book bags!

    For some back-to-school/Fall outfit styling, check out ‘Back to School/Fall Styling


    1. DIY Embroidered notebooks! How Did You Make This walks you through the super easy process to jazzing up a plain notebook with some beautiful embroidery.


    2. These DIY Donut Bulletin Board by Paint the Gown Red are delicious and adorable! I might actually want to do my to-dos if they were pinned on a doughnut!


    3. Want new school shoes but have too many shoes already? Update an old pair of sneakers with snakeskin print! Check out Mr. Kate’s DIWhyNot: DIY Snakeskin Sneakers for the easy tutorial.


    4. Momtastic’s DIY Color Dipped Pencils is an EASY way to bring some flair to an old no. 2! You could also dip the eraser end, just tape off the eraser with masking tape to avoid getting it paint-y upon dippage.


    5. Hands Occupied did an amazing job with this DIY Pencil Clutch which I think would make a very meta pencil/pen case for your school/job.


    6. Keep your tablet safe in a DIY Book Purse! Thanks Cosmo Cricket for this rad DIY! I just got an iPad Mini and I think I need to make myself a book case for it!


    7. I love the grunge look for fall and a beat-up denim jacket goes with annnything! Dress up your old jacket with an ironic patch like I did for this Mr. Kate DIY Ironic Jacket from A Hot Glue Gun Mess - one of my fave easy projects from the book! PS patches are in, check out DIY Patch Purse to get inspired to patch-ify your jacket or backpack!


    8. You know all those canvas totes you have hanging around for your eco-friendly grocery bags? Did you know you can turn one into a backpack!? Sincerely, Kinsey, knows whats up!  Check out her DIY Tote to Backpack tutorial!


    9. If you’re a planner person you know how essential they are for keeping you organized and on track and they can be pretty too! Get some Mr. Kate BeautyMarks and dress up your planner DIY style like @jamglamplanner (on Instagram) did on hers with the gold and watercolor gems! #LOVEIT.


    10. Ok, so this DIY Pineapple Drawstring Backpack by Make It and Love It is so cute for kids but I also think it would be soooo cute bigger for big people! AMIRIIIGHT?


    11. Lace, pom poms, anchors, studs and lip print are all DIYs you can do to your backpacks! Check out the Mr. Kate’s DIY Backpack Bonanza!

  10. Breaking Beige: A Delicious Dining Room

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    Thrilled to debut our new DIY home decor video series, Mr. Kate’s Breaking Beige where Joey and I go into people’s homes and break them of their beige! It’s a reeeaaally fun show and I’m so proud of all the Before and Afters so make sure you tune in for every episode coming out every week on our YouTube channel. Check out our first room transformation in the video above and the photos below!

    First up, we go to Whitney’s house to help her with her blah dining room. Whitney is a professional nutritionist and food/fitness blogger and newlywed (her husband is a lawyer who works long hours) and she really needs a pretty place to throw some healthy eating soirees. Check out her blog: To Live & Diet in LA

    The Design Dilemma: Whitney’s dining room is small with no color or personality. They have a lot of dark brown furniture and the table is rectangle which doesn’t promote a good flow in the small room. The large closet is just a clutter collector and there is no hint of Whitney’s happy personality in the space as is.

    The 7 Step Breaking Beige Design Solution: 

    1. Paint the walls (except the back accent wall) and inside the closet with Behr’s Summer House.
    2. Paint the accent wall a base color of Behr’s Milk Paint and do a hand-painted, large scale floral mural using the Behr colors: Green Parakeet, Lotus Petal, Ballerina Tutu, Midnight Blue, Storm Lighting, Blackout, Dew Pointe, & Race Car Stripe.
    3. Create a flow with a round marble table.
    4. Make a bold statement with two different kinds of dining chairs alternating around the table.
    5. Bring in a large shelving unit (Whitney had in another room and wanted to get rid of) to house decor items, photos and collectables from Whitney and her husband’s world travels.
    6. Build a modular bar inside the closet with stained wood crates and floating shelves – see DIY Crate Shelves for more inspiration.
    7. Tie in the color palette and bring an eclectic look to the space by styling the shelves, table top and bar with bohemian and colorful decor items.

    For more Mr. Kate interior design series check out: ‘OMG We Bought A House!‘ or ‘A Hollywood Home‘ or ‘Mister Sister‘ or ‘Two Couples In A Condo







    Shop The Room:

    DIY Floral Wall Mural


    Prep It:

    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Artist brushes in different sizes
    • Wall paint in the colors of your choice
    • Behr’s Faux Glaze 
    • Plastic cups

    DO IT:

    1. I first sketched the flower layout that I wanted for the wall on a piece of paper – I did a variety of flowers with leaves and then one bunch of grapes with twisted vines. I knew I was going to put the shelf in front of it so I painted all on the permimeter of the wall.
    2. I then sketched the flowers directly onto the wall using a pencil in case I messed up
    3. I created a color guide for myself on the piece of paper to map out where I would paint what color
    4. I thinned the paint colors to make them look more like watercolor by using 1 part Behr’s Faux Glaze to 1 part whatever color I was using in plastic cups and stirred it using the handle of a paintbrush
    5. I painted over and within the pencil lines using large brush strokes to look very organic and imperfect. I layered the colors to add complexity.
    6. Let dry!


    Colorful Chair Legs Ikea Hack!


    For Whitney’s dining chairs I used a mix of two different styles of Ikea chairs and spray painted the legs to unify them around the base of the table.

    Prep It:


    DO IT!:

    1. Before you put the chair together spray paint the legs and connection bars. If the legs can’t be removed tape off the chair and use a garbage bag to cover any large areas.
    2. Let dry and style!








    MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-22 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-24 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-34 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-35 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-37 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-38 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-39

    To learn how to stain crates and make your own reclaimed crate wall, check out ‘DIY Crate Shelves‘ and ‘DIY Reclaimed (Looking) Wood


     MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-47 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-52 MrKate_BreakingBeige_DeliciousDiningRoom-56




    Sooo, what do you all think!? We love reading your comments! xoxo

  11. The Coolest New Cameras Looks Like Your Grandpa’s

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    My two new sidekicks, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 and the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 are so fun and totally worth a blog shout out.  They allow me to capture things for the blog and life in general and are also cute, vintage-looking accessories!

    The Panasonic Lumix is like a mini DSLR camera with the capability to change lenses and take raw photos & HD videos – I shoot a lot of vlogs with it (example here) as well as photos (examples below). The touch screen is easy to use. My only gripe is that the screen doesn’t pop out and swivel for shooting selfie style vlogs but you can’t win them all!

    The Instax is obviously a bit vintage in that it prints out polaroid-style instant prints of the pics. The modern twist to this little bugger is the different settings. You have the ability to adjust the look of the photos by selecting the different modes. My favorite mode is the L mode which really blows out the exposure and gives the photos that vintage look.

    To watch more vlogs I’ve shot with the Lumix DMC-GF7, check out: ‘Kate’s Take: LA and NY Book Signings Video Diary‘ or ‘Kate’s Take: My 21 Day Cleanse‘ or ‘Kate’s Take: Come to France with Me!  Part 2




    These photos were all taken with the Instax Mini Film Set!


    My Lumix with it’s cute brown leather strap & case!

    Some examples of photos shot on the Lumix…

    zihuat_mrkate_2 MrKate_FrenchChataux-21 MrKate_OOTD_Provence-10_cb

    These cameras are so cute the straps make it easy to wear them as accessories! I usually just carry one on my shoulder along with my mini purse that holds my phone and wallet.


    Brothas from anotha motha!


  12. DIY Watercolor Curtains from A Hot Glue Gun Mess

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    This is one of my favorite projects from A Hot Glue Gun Mess and I’m so happy I get to show all of you how to do it in a video! What I love most about this project is the freedom. You DO NOT have to be a good painter in the least because it’s literally just applying splotches of color on silk. See the how-to in the video above!

    Get your signed copy of A Hot Glue Gun Mess for 50 more fun projects like this!

    For another DIY from A Hot Glue Gun Mess check out, ‘DIY A Hot Glue Gun Mess Jeweled Crown


    Shop the Look!

    A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects - EXCLUSIVE SIGNED COPY


    Prep It:

     day10_watercolorcurtains_IMG_6101 day10_watercolorcurtains_IMG_6113 day10_watercolorcurtains_IMG_6178MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-2

    DO IT!:

    1. Measure your windows with the measuring tape and cut the silk fabric in panels to fit, leaving an extra inch for a hem on the bottom.
    2. Hem the bottom of each panel by folding an inch of fabric around a piece of iron-on hem tape and ironing to seal with the iron on a low heat setting.  Tip: Use a damp cloth between the iron and silk to help the hem tape bond faster.
    3. Lay the silk flat on a drop cloth or in an area you don’t mind getting painty. Prep your watercolors by squirting a bit of each color on the palette and mixing with water.
    4. Paint your curtains with patches of color, letting the brushstrokes and paint run organically.  Use more or less water to intensify the pigment and spread the color.  Tip: Experiment with different strokes and techniques, knowing that there’s no wrong way to paint these curtains!  Let dry thoroughly.
    5. To hang your watercolor curtains, attach the unhemmed end of each panel to the clip rings and slide the rings onto the curtain rod.  The raw edge allows for more flexibility when hanging if you need to adjust the length.

    MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-4 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-5MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-2THUMBweb

    What do you think? Quite a statement right?

  13. Roundup: Super Stylish Kids

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    Follow Mr. Kate’s board KID’S STYLE on Pinterest.

    Back to school is around the corner and I have very fond memories of being a wee one and going back to school clothes shopping with my mom. We usually went to the Gap or Limited Too but I don’t think I was ever as stylin’ as these kids on the board above. Here’s some inspiration for those of you with kids or those of you who just love looking at adorable tiny humans! How CAAAUUTE are they!?!?!?

    Want more back to school styling inspo?  Check out: ‘School/ Fall Styling

  14. Before and After: Bedroom on a Budget!

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    Very excited to be working with Target Style to create some Home content! First up, my challenge was to decorate a bedroom on a budget so I picked a verrrry bland bedroom in a studio space to infuse with some quick and wallet friendly decor fixes. I didn’t paint the walls or change the carpet, I only used decor items and a fun DIY canopy made from a hula hoop to add some glamour to the twin bed.

    What do you think of the transformation? I’d love to hear from you in the comments and check out some more photos of the room below!

    For more Mr. Kate + Target, check out ‘Denim for EVERY Body


    Shop the Room:





    DIY Hula Hoop Canopy



    Prep It:

    • hula hoop
    • rod pocket curtain panels
    • white spray paint
    • twine
    • bolt cutters (if your hula hoop doesn’t come apart like mine did)
    • strong tape like duct tape (if your hula hoop doesn’t come apart)
    • screw hook and anchor to mount canopy to ceiling




    Do It!:

    1. If your hula hoop doesn’t come apart like mind does at the light attachments, cut the hula hoop to open it up so you may slide on the rod pocket curtain panels later. Tip: If you have a queen or king sized bed you may want to leave the hula hoop the original size but if you have a full or twin bed it will look better if you cut down your hula hoop to be a smaller ring (like I did).
    2. Spray paint the hula hoop. Let dry.
    3. Feed the curtain panels through the hoop and re-attach the opening using strong tape.
    4. Tie the twine around the hoop in between the panels to affix the hoop up to the ceiling, or make holes in the curtain panels to feed the twine through to affix the canopy to the ceiling. If you have 3 pieces of twine in a teepee shape going up to the hook on the ceiling it will be more stable.
    5. Let the curtain panels hang down on the sides or behind your bed and voila!


















    What do you think? Would love to read your comments below and let me know if you have any questions! xo

  15. DIY Lace Collar Necklace

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    This lace collar necklace is a great way to give a girly touch to a simple t-shirt or a layered look over a sweater as we get in to Fall. I love that it’s on chain which makes it easy to put together and comfortable to wear.

    Like fancy collars? Then check out, ‘DIY Lace Trimmed Collar and Cuffs


    Prep It:













    Do It:

    1. Hold the lace in place where you would want it to hang on your neck.  Place the chain around your neck to measure where to cut the chain.
    2. Cut the chain using your chain cutters.
    3. Sew the lace doily in half  by doing a simple stitch all the way around the outer edge of the doily.
    4. On one point of one doily, sew on the button and on the other doily sew a little loop that will fit around the button.
    5. Using the pliers, open a jump ring and close it around the chain and connect it through a space in the crochet on the opposite point (of the botton) on the doily.
    6. Repeat step 5 on the other side.
    7. Style your lace collar necklace with a simple t-shirt, sweater or any top that has a flat neckline.


    Shop the Look!

    Rope Chain Ring





  16. OOTD Tumble Dry Flow

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    Okay, so yeah, only part of this outfit is actually machine washable but never the less, we chose our local laundromat as the set for these outfit pics. I love this faux suede skirt because it’s stretchy and the fringe is asymmetrical. Also totally obsessed with these shoes, they’re the heel version of the flats I’ve been wearing every day – see those on my Instagram here and shop the flats here!

    Like fringe skirts?!  Check out ‘OOTD Bows Before Bros


    Outfit Deets:







    Shop the Look!

    The V Collar Necklace




    Shop the Look!

    Cable Chain Ring



     When in doubt, style fringe with a white button up! What do you think?

  17. Styling Delicate Jewelry

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    To celebrate the release of the new Delicates chain rings and earrings collection I wanted to show you all some of my favorite ways I’m wearing the pieces. Delicate rings and earrings are so easy to wear every day and I love layering and mixing metals. I’ve been putting on a bunch of these every day since we made them and they’re the perfect go-to rings.

    The looks feature the Ball Chain RingCable Chain EarringsCable Chain RingRope Chain Earrings & Rope Chain Ring, and all are available in solid sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil (gold dipped over sterling silver).  View the lookbook, here!

    For more jewelry styling, check out: ‘Styling Multiple Rings‘ or ‘How To Arm Party: 4 Ways To Deck Your Wrist


    The rings are available in smaller sizes to wear as midi rings so I like mixing the three styles and wearing some as regular rings and some as midis. Look features the Ball Chain RingCable Chain Ring, & Rope Chain Ring all in sterling silver.



    Four Ball Chain Rings never looked so good! Get this look by getting different sizes in the same style/color of ring so they sit at different levels on one finger. I love this look for more of a statement. You could get a similar look by wearing two rings of the same style and color on the same finger with one as a regular ring and the other as a midi.



    Mixed metals will never go out of style. Here I make the delicate rings more impactful by stacking them in a pile with the Ball Chain RingCable Chain Ring, & Rope Chain Ring in different metal tones (the silver is in the center). A stack like this accentuates the difference in the detail of each ring.



    The Rope Chain Earrings & Cable Chain Earrings are living in my ear holes these days… that sounds weird. But seriously, I haven’t taken them off. I have two piercings on each ear so I’ve been wearing the pair together. They’re super lightweight and funky. #lobelove




  18. Get the Industrial Loft Look

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    Sarah asks:  Hi Mr Kate! My boyfriend and I are currently moving into an apartment building that used to be an old mill. The apartment is full of brick walls and floor to ceiling industrial windows which really drew me towards the apartment. Do you have any advice on how to decorate with brick or industrial windows? Thank you so much!

    My answer: Hi Sarah! Lucky you! It is rare to find a space with character, especially old brick walls and floor to ceiling windows! It sounds like you have great bones but the trick is now accentuating those bones and making it feel homey and inviting and not too industrial. I’ve compiled a board above with some of my favorite industrial loft styling tips (hover your mouse over each photo to see the caption or click through to see the photo larger). I also made a list below with some key tips to maximizing your industrial space.

    • Textiles! Textiles as in anything fabric/cloth/rug related are your friend. These are the items that will bring a much needed softness and coziness to your industrial space. Get giant white curtain panels to hang on your floor to ceiling windows (Ikea makes really long ones) or just go to the fabric store and get enough yardage to make your own. Curtains will do wonders as well as area rugs to anchor conversation areas (since it’s probably just one big open room) and add softness underfoot. Get sumptuous linens for your bed, lots of throw pillows and when possible, use upholstered furniture instead of hard wood or metal.
    • Designating spaces: I mentioned area rugs above as key for use to designate areas like the living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. but also think about getting creative with bookshelves or other furniture items used in the middle of the room to partition areas. Beware of the Perimeter Disease (as I call it) where you line all the walls with furniture and don’t use any in the middle of the room.
    • Art up your brick! You can get creative with hanging art over areas of the brick wall. It’s easy to drill into the morter lines of brick with a concrete drill bit to get a screw to support your artwork. It will do wonders to draw the eye up and accentuate the height of your ceilings as well as bring some much needed style to your brick walls.
    • Get organized: Just because you live in a loft doesn’t mean you can’t bring in things like floating shelves and large armoires or dressers to add homey looking elements and accessorize. Furniture items that we’re used to seeing in homes will help make your industrial space look more like a home.

    Good luck and send us pics when you’re done! [email protected]


    Did this post make you want brick walls? Make your own here: ‘DIY Faux Brick Walls