How to Decorate with the Color Red?

Hi Mr. Kate! I love the color red but I don’t know how to incorporate it in my interior decorating. Help! Love Kris

Hi Kris! i thought this was a perfect question to answer with all the red around for the holidays. red is a difficult color because it is so bold – so the main tip is to use it sparingly and in a purposeful way. i prefer it in furniture or accent pieces as opposed to wall color. red on walls can feel over-bearing. remember, red is the color of passion but it is also the color of heat and anger – if you use it in little touches, it looks passionate and alive, too much red and it looks angry! here are some of my favorites uses of red in interior design.

above: try starting with some red throw pillows and accessories. i also love the two red fabric chairs!

all white with bold red chairs that contrast with the worn natural wood chairs and the rusted industrial lamp.

another red on white scheme – i like how the red highlights the lattice design of the chair. if you have a piece of furniture that has a unique design, think about painting it red to make it pop!

i love how there are just little touches of red throughout the spaces – especially that the red paint is peeling on that side table! notice how good red looks against the pale rose colored walls.

full on christmas colors of red and green but it doesn’t read ‘holiday’ because of the green of the peacock. i like how organic this red looks – much less modern and more traditional and asian inspired.

more red chairs, this time paired with blues and a concrete floor. the blue cools the red down a little bit and is a great complimentary color.

and if you really want to go with red walls – try a slightly “off” red like a rust or a persimmon and make sure you have other grounding colors like white and black to balance it out. in this case the red just acts as a back-drop to some amazing black and white photography.