Decorating with Pops of Color and The Rule Of Three

Ashley writes: I’m going to get a new bedroom and I wanted to know if you had any good ideas for painting my walls. I want to incorporate turquoise and lavender…something spunky, do you have any tips/tricks or ideas I could use?

Hannah asks: How do I add pops of color in a plain room? I want it all to tie in, but still be colorful and artistic. Please help!

Hi ladies! Designers often use the lingo “pop of color” to basically describe exactly that, a pop of color! But here’s the secret, the Rule Of Three: you shouldn’t use just one pop, you need a repetition of at least 3 to make it look cohesive and “decorated.” Color is great to liven up a space and it’s no secret that I’m a fan of anything and everything colorful (check out my series on how to Get Color with No Paint or try making your own colorful pop with a DIY spoon painting). Accent walls are sort of the old school way of getting a pop of color, but it is an easy way to bring in the first moment of a specific color. If you’re going to do an accent wall, let’s say behind your bed, make sure you then repeat the color at least twice someplace else…bringing in the Rule Of Three! That could mean having a throw pillow and a lamp that has a similar color, or matching bedside lamps, or a vase and a chair, etc. You get it, let your eyes travel around the room and count the repetitions of color. Let’s play that game with the pics of the rooms below and also note what colors are being paired together and hopefully this will help you decide what to do with your rooms!…

The chairs in this room are fantastic and this is an example of lavender and turquoise together. Notice that there are 4 chairs but a more subtle repetition of color, the Rule Of Three is seen in the lavender sofa, art work above it and then another lavender themed painting near the table.

Here’s a fun example with the repetition of a pop of green. Notice the rule of three applies because of the bench, chair and pile of green apples! Fruit is a great way to bring in color in a dining or kitchen space.

Tapestries are a fun way to bring in color and pattern. This palette has more of a vintage vibe but notice the Rule Of Three with the gold/yellow in the tapestry and throw pillows.

Can you spot the third pink pop? Two chairs and then the third is a bouquet of pink flowers on the table!

Like in the room above, accent furniture is a great way to bring in color such as the DIY trash to treasure statement chair that we made. Or in my apartment with the two turquoise chairs I painted.

Peach and blue repeat in this room in the chair and the art on the wall. Love this!

This is a more funky and industrial space with the crate hutch (love it…upcycle!). The hot pink crate looks random but notice that the art on the wall has pink, which makes it still follow the Rule Of Three!

Hope these tips were helpful for you and good luck with your colorful journey! Don’t be afraid, just repeat!!!

images via,, petiteluxe.blogspot,,, dowandoutchic.blogspot, apartmentherapy, pinterest