Filling Big Empty Walls?

Hi Mr. Kate! I have a big empty wall, and I have no idea what to fill it with! My room is quite vintage… any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Sophia! Big empty walls are so much fun because there are soooooo many ways to make them a statement for the design of your space. Paint and framed art is the most traditional way that people highlight a big wall, but there are loads of outside the box options too! Here are some of my favorites…

  • These are the free-hand painted wall stripes that I did on one wall in our apartment. See more pics here and see them in a little girl’s room that I designed here! Vertical stripes add the illusion of height to a space and these free-hand stripes have a more organic and cozy feeling.


  • Tapestries or lightweight rugs or fabrics can add texture, pattern and color to a wall. You can tack them up with nails or mount them on a rod or piece of wood and screw that into the wall. Urban Outfitters has a bunch of inexpensive tapestries that would fit in well with a vintage vibe and they’re usually easy to find at flea markets as well.

  • Temporary (removable) wallpaper works wonders for adding color, pattern, etc. to a space, it’s great for an accent wall and no worries if you rent your home…it’s temporary!

  • Cluster of frames – this is what our living room used to look like before I painted the stripes. I spray painted the frames using colors based off the rug.

  • If you’re looking for something playful, try a DIY a chalkboard or whiteboard wall

I hope these inspired some ideas for your own big blank wall! Have fun making it not blank and let us know what you end up doing! Happy decorating!


- kate

(images via Tensta konsthall, vanillawood.enstore,,,,