How To Decorate Year-Round with Christmas Lights?

Hi Kate! I’m a huge fan of your blog and I love your DIYs! I was curious about your take on Christmas lights as decoration in a room and how you would do it so it doesn’t look like I’m welcoming Santa:) and if you’re not a fan of Christmas lights I was wondering if you have any cool ideas on how to bring more light into a space to make it seem more open and clean. Thanks!


Hi Jamie!

Thank you so much for your love and support!

Yeah, that can be a challenge. The thing that I don’t love about Christmas lights is they often come on a dark green cord. If you do really want to use them, I would recommend using the ones that come on a white cord, so it blends in more seamlessly with your walls, and the focus is on the lights, not the cord.

I think the best use for twinkle lights is to hang them in or around a window – that way you have some architectural element to anchor them to and they won’t look as haphazard. They can also be successful if used as an art installment wrapped around a branch and propped in a corner or hung over a bed or couch. Kinda like this…

Twinkle lights also look good if they’re behind some kind of sheer fabric – like behind a bed or along a wall.

If all you’re needing is more lighting in a room, I think lamps are a better way to go. If you want a clean, decorated look. Go to the thrift store and get two or three lamps and some clean white shades at Kmart or Target, etc. Then paint the lamp bases all the same color for a cohesive look that won’t attract too much attention but will supply much needed light!

Last, but not least, you could turn twinkle lights into their own lamp by displaying them in a glass jar – like i did here for my winter home decor (but use white ones for year-round use) – or like this pic…

Hope that helps! …and most important, have fun and make sure YOU like it!


- kate