How To Organize and Decorate A Small Space?

Molly writes: “Hi…I’m redoing my room. It’s pretty small. Do you have any tips for organization or ways to make a small room look larger? Thanks!”

From: Annonymous: “I’m redoing my room and was wondering how to make a small room look bigger than it is. Any suggestions?”

Liv writes: “Hi!!! I have a pretty small room, how do you think that I should decorate all of my messy or empty spaces? And I don’t have too much storage space, so… answer PLEASE?!”

Hi Everyone! Yes, small spaces can be a challenge, especially because they usually have to function in multiple ways; bedroom, office, living room, etc. Here are a few decorating tips to maximize space, make a small space look bigger and more organized….

  • Mirrors! Add the optical illusion of extra space…


It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book but mirrors are a great asset to any small space. Reflecting light and colors in the room can add to the ambiance and add the optical illusion of added space…plus, they only take up space on a wall, not the floor! Accent mirrors look great over a couch, an entry table, a fireplace, hung on a door, etc. Try a cluster of mirrors to get the look and more of a vintage, eclectic vibe.

  • Multifunctional Furniture. One piece of furniture to function in different ways to save space and increase functionality for storage, extra surface area, etc…


A storage trunk doubles as a coffee table or side table.

A coffee table doubles as a dining table when you have friends over. Throw down some pillows and you’re eating Moroccan style!

There is also furniture built specifically to transform and be used for multiple purposes like this 3 in 1 folding table from 3styletable which converts from coffee table to desk to dining table.


This industrial-style table from Augusthaven has a crank system that raises from coffee table to dining table height!

Floating shelves are a great way to add a surface on any wall. Hang it at table or counter height and use it as a breakfast bar, vanity, etc. I like how this one uses both the top and bottom of the shelf surface area for storage!

For  more on multi-purpose furniture check out the Four Rooms In One post.

  • Dividers. If you live in a studio apartment or dorm room, you can use curtains or other decorative elements as functional partitions to section off your space…

Love the use of wood pallets upcycled into a room divider. What’s great is it also gives you extra wall space to hang decorative art, frames, or mirrors!

Curtains are a great way to divide a space. Use them to bring in more color and pattern in a space. You can also tie them back, it’s like a movable wall!

From the DIYable design: hanging plants post this sheer curtain divides the room while keeping it open and airy.

Those are some ideas to hopefully make your small space look more organized and designed. Here are some closing tips:

  1. Make sure everything has a purpose. Don’t overload your small space with decorative items that don’t have another purpose. Instead, decorate with functional elements i.e. a patterned chair, a colorful bedspread, a vintage trunk as a coffee table. Then use your wall space for decoration.
  2. Buy furniture with storage capabilities! Don’t buy bedside tables that don’t have drawers or shelves, it’s a lost storage opportunity!
  3. Use rugs to designate areas.
  4. Have repetitive color schemes to make the whole space feel like one unit even if you have separate areas. A decorated space always has at least 3 moments of the same color repeated so it makes sense to the eye.

Good luck!


- kate

images via atticmag, myfriendstaci, etsy, lambertnyc, thebuzzinteriors, inspirebohemia, homebunch, apartmenttherapy