What Is A Pretty Way to Organize Nail Polish?

Mr. Kate, do you have any ideas on how to organize nail polish at home? In a way that you can see every nail polish color you have, and won’t take a lot of room? – Gabriela

Hi Gabriela!

This is a great question because little bottles of things can quickly look cluttered if they are not contained or displayed purposefully. So here is an easy, DIY idea I came up with that contains/organizes nail polish bottles so you can see them in a useful and pretty way!…

Prep It:

  • an empty picture frame (without the glass) – i got this pretty one at the Goodwill for $1.99! you can use a smaller or larger frame, depending on how many bottles of polish you have.
  • a cotton swab
  • your bottles of nail polish!


  1. use a cotton swab to paint a drop of color on the top of each nail polish bottle so you know what color is which when it’s arranged in the frame.
  2. lay your empty frame on your surface (dresser, vanity, bathroom counter) and arrange your polish bottles within the frame. arrange according to brand and shape and don’t worry if the color is hidden, you’ll be able to tell which one is which by the dot of color on the top of the cap!

Other ideas to organize your nail polish…

  • use pretty glass candy jars to organize your colorful polish bottles.

  • a spice rack mounted on the wall is a cute way to display all of your bottles – i’d do it in rainbow order!

  • or you could opt to buy a rack made to store nail polish and display it on your dresser or mount it on your wall. this rack is $35 from Amazon.

Hope that helps Gabriela! thanks for your question and good luck with your organizing!


- kate

additional photos via: tumblr, ariannabelle.com, orchishouse.blogspot and amazon